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Doreen T
Doreen T

Still didn’t get the hype for this shop.
It’s definitely taste less sweeter than I expected but you could taste the unforgivable level of sugar that throws the recommended daily off the board.

Coffee taste is distinctive and nice but it could be stronger.
Do note that no option for purely coffee jelly topping without pearl is available.

I cringed a little when I verbally ordered this.

A delicious antioxidant-rich cup of smoothie that might be just on the fence of being a carb-filled junk drink.

Never exactly found açai smoothies healthy due to the high sugar content.

Will I order this again? Sure, only if someone if willing to share with me. $8.50 is way too expensive for smoothies.

A step into this cafe hidden among the industrial building threw me back to the good o’ days in New Zealand where I #coffeealldayerrday.

My ice latte was robust. In fact, a little too strong for my liking. Had to mix in my fiancé’s iced mocha ($6.90) towards the end which was on a diluted and milkier side.

25% off with entertainers.
Despite all the bad reviews floating around, I went ahead and order.
This is exactly how a diluted milk tea taste like. Heng I got it under promo price.

Pricy for a small drink but it serves well as a meal replacement. Delicious, tangy and chewy purple rice. Will try no sugar version in future.

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No sugar.
Sweetness just nice. Extremely refreshing on a hot sunny day. Will rebuy again if I’m feeling rich. Not a cheap cup of beverage.

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A gorgeous drinking hole well decorated with handing cherry blossom and whimsical lamps. Perfect night out with girlfriends or a date! I was so busy taking photos of the whole place, I had to crop out a photo of the drinks from one of my selfies for this entry.

My yuzu fruity beer taste rather normal until you get to the bottom where you can taste a mild sweetness of yuzu and nom on the yuzu bits. However I prefer their lychee fruity beer (ordered by a friend) as the flavouring is more prominent.

Took a dip out of another friend’s lychee kreams somaek which is their signature. It consist of a shot of soju which elevated the taste of the beer.

Every table comes with free flow crackers and pistachio. Attentive staffs auto refill the moment they saw our empty plates.

Would go back for the somaek series on my next visit.

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Pack a punch! Very good coffee but I had heart palpitations from it. 😖

The Kopi that started my coffee journey and caffeine addiction. Buy until the aunties recognise me. Thick and milky local coffee. I’ve not been able to find any other Coffeeshop that offers coffee as good as this!

Sometimes, this hopeless millennial wished that she can ask for toppings in this drink.

Edit 12/9/2020; the morning shift aunties brew it a lot better than the evening shift ones. A lot of diff!

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Chance upon their first outlet outside Far East plaza and I’m so glad they opened one near my place. They have the nicest coconut shake hands down and trust me, I’ve tried a lot locally and overseas.

Love at first sip. I usually only take flat white or latte unadulterated with any syrup but decided to order their best seller. It’s creamy, milky and flavourful without being cloyingly or artificially sweet. My must buy whenever I’m in the vicinity.

Doreen T

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That’s my dog, Pancake. He’s a Japanese soufflé pancake with butter if you can see it. ;)

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