Love making wraps for lunch too ???
They’re so simple and fuss free

And the best thing is you can get to customize what goes into that wrap hahaha for me it’s always cheese and egg and chicken… I’ve heard of ppl adding otah in as well.

My really colourful lunch
Salmon’s still one of my fave fish other than cod fish

Another day, another home-cooked meal

Finally found the joy in cooking esp since we are all stuck at home for a considerable amount of time…

Udon is actually pretty easy to handle. We cooked the chicken first but do not cook for too long since it will be added to the udon subsequently and stir fried together.

After the chicken is cooked, add oil and garlic to the pan. Stir fry garlic until golden brown. Add udon in and abit of water. I think the water helps
to soften the udon? After most of the water have evaporated, add in the chicken and season it with dark sauce, light sauce and sesame oil. Evenly coat the udon w the sauce and it’s time to add in the eggs. We used 3 eggs but it’s entirely up to you. Beat the egg, pour the egg at the corner of the pan. Fold the egg to prevent it fr being burnt then stir in the udon and mix well. TADA and you’re done !!

Love it when the potatos turn brown at its edges while retaining its soft bite to it

Salmon was seasoned with lemon and black pepper herb and olive oil.

A good estimate would be ard 30-40 mins of roasting the potatoes and 15 mins for the salmon to retain it’s moistness

Finally trying those one pan recipe and I must say it’s fuss free and delicious !!!

The ingredients used were salmon, potato, olive oil, garlic butter for the salmon and lemon black pepper to season the potatoes

Preheat oven at 230 Celsius for 20 mins

Pop the potatoes into oven first for around 15 mins before adding in the salmon to cook for another 15 mins. It’s that simple ◡̈

The results is a super moist and flakey salmon and soft potato w some charred edges.

17 May lunch

Amidst the CB period, there’s always something fun to do w your fam ! How abt trying some simple cooking. Made egg mayo sandwich today with just 3 ingredients - egg , mayo and pepper.

You could add in some sliced ham or maybe lettuce for a crunchy texture ! It’s all up to your preference, have fun and explore your creativity

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i love pastas and pizzas!

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