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COVID-19 Circuit Breaker

Featuring Burnt Ends, Tolido's Espresso Nook (Lavender), The Masses, The Sushi Bar Dining (Ngee Ann City), Enjoy Eating House and Bar (Jalan Besar), Ryo Sushi (Orchid Hotel), Creamery Boutique Ice Creams, En Sushi, NUDE Seafood (Marina Bay Financial Centre), Sanpoutei Ramen (Holland Village)
Jessica imSOHhungry
Jessica imSOHhungry

A cheeseburger that can enter my house.

Not only does this burger contains plant-based patties, the impossible meat burger was also juicy and full of flavour.

I was really impressed by the flavours, like our good old cheese burger, it’s cheesy and filled with taste of pickles. The bun was so soft and pillowy. Overall, the burger is just as their name described, the good burger.

They recommended me their onion rings and it did not disappoint. The tasty onion rings was still crispy when the food arrives.

Delivery: FREE Islandwide Delivery(min. $80)

The Classic Double Patty $22
Onion Rings $6

Pasta’s texture was firm to the bite, not soggy at all and well coated with flavour. I also spotted mini squids in the bowl.

Pulled pork samosa was my favourite, crispy & packed with meat so every bite was meaty & good. Grilled Chicken was tender and tasty.

They having 50% off selected dishes! We love a good pasta even more with discount.

Delivery: Islandwide Delivery

Pulled Pork Samosa $7.80
XO King Prawns Linguine $13.95 (after 50%)
Grilled Chicken $6

Just A Burger post to end my Phase 1 of Post-circuit breaker. Love the humble name but this is seriously not just any burger.

The burger is so sinfully good. First off, the the size of this burger is so huge. The meaty wagyu patty, grilled to juicy medium rare, is so thick and full of flavour.

The shots I captured did not do justice to the burger!

20% off on their online store with promo code at the moment. ApplePay is accepted as well on their online store, I appreciate because I don’t have to take out my card.

Available for takeaway & delivery; Islandwide Delivery(min. 1 main)

Just A Burger $19.80

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Tolido has recently launched on Oddle for islandwide delivery.

I really appreciate the effort they put into the careful packaging. Even the drink & ice were packed separately, but this also amplified the fact that I paid $1 for a cup of ice 😂

Their laksa sauce was thick with a rich coconut taste, wasn’t spicy and smelled great. Prawns were fresh as well but pasta wise, it was alright, I prefer my Chinese noodles.

The brownie was very dense and fudgy, with a hard exterior.

My favourite among these would be the sea salt caramel latte, the name self described itself.

Available for takeaway & delivery; GrabFood, FoodPanda & Islandwide Delivery

Prawn Laksa Pasta $19
Sea Salt Caramel Latte (Iced) $7.50
Homemade Fudgy Brownie $7

You can’t buy happiness but, you can buy Burnt Ends’ Signature Pulled-Pork Sandwich, which is similar to happiness.

This sanger is so good, packed with so much meat, filling meat lover like myself with happiness. Unquestionably deserves the recognition they have as one of the best burger in Singapore.

Pickup’s order could be made through email, that’s how I submitted my order as I could not hit the min.

Available for takeaway & delivery; Deliveroo & Islandwide Delivery(min. $75)

Burnt Ends Sanger $21.40

Unquestionably one of my favourite find during this period.

So good, my mood was instantly lifted after tasting these. I can’t pick a favourite, both bowl were so flavourful and there are so many other items I want to try from their menu.

There was literally nothing that isn’t nice here, all the ingredients and even the wasabi & soy sauce were of quality. I also like that they have small rice portion.

Available for takeaway & delivery; FREE Islandwide Delivery(min. $80) or

Foie Gras Hotate Don $35.80++
Uni Don $37.80++

The ramen flavour surprised me. For the price, their ramen really exceeded the expectation. A comfort food that I can have again. Very flavourful and delicious.

Available for takeaway & delivery; GrabFood Islandwide & $5 for Oddle Islandwide Delivery(min. $40)

Dry Truffle Ramen $6.90+
Takeaway $0.50

This restaurant really needs no introduction, they serve delicious beef bowl at affordable price.

Available for takeaway(10% off) & delivery; GrabFood & FREE Islandwide Delivery(min. $65) or $8 for delivery(min. $30.01)

Yuzu Foie Gras Beef $25.90+
+ Upsize Beef 50% $9+

Hidden gem at bugis is finally back in business! Known for their thick cut Salmon Sashimi, Mentai Don and Ebi Mango Maki, these have been on their menu since the start!

I have been to this place for years, favourite Japanese restaurant to visit for their inexpensive and good quality food. Their fresh succulent salmon sashimi & crispy fried dishes keep me coming back!

Mentai Don, the torched salmon was so soft it slowly break apart when I pick it up with chopsticks.

Ebi Mango Maki, ebi fried upon order so it would be crispy and moist while mango is very sweet and juicy.

Salmon Belly Sashimi, these thick cut salmon is so fresh. Sashimi that is actually worth the price you are paying for.

Islandwide Delivery for Lunchtime, before 3pm only. Minimum order $100, Delivery fee $12.

Available for takeaway; call 96896314 to order

Mentai Don (L) $14
Ebi Mango Maki $12
Salmon Belly Sashimi $15

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Looking like a beautiful mini garden 🌱

This bowl of crazy flavourful goodness contains uni, ikura, caviar, deep-sea crab, blue swimmer crab, sea grapes, wakame, sakura ebi, chive & kombu rice.

Comes with a cup of yuzu broth. Reserve a good portions of the don and finish it off by pouring in the yuzu broth to create an ochazuke pairing.

Enjoyed both before and after adding the yuzu broth, each mouth was flavourful in a different way.

Available for takeaway & delivery; FREE Islandwide Delivery(min. $100) or $10 for delivery(min. $25)

Uni & Crab Ochazuke $39.90

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Simple and satisfying lunch by Bai Nian Group.

Tuckshop Rice, I can eat this everyday. Ideal rice texture with some sauces, topped with a sunny side up. Mix abit, the rice will be thickly coated with sauces and egg yolk, so simple yet tasty. Limited to 1 per order only.

Pig Leg Rice, choice between meat and trotter. Another simple but flavourful bowl of rice.

Cheese Beehoon, always appreciate it when the food are pack appropriately. Pour in the broth and enjoyed a fully soaked beehoon in its light and flavourful cheese broth with fresh prawns.

I didn’t try the Yong Tau Foo, but it sure looks good! My mom didn’t comment so I guess that‘s an Asian parent’s way of saying it’s decent.

Available for takeaway & delivery; GrabFood, Deliveroo, FoodPanda & FREE Islandwide Delivery(min. $35)

Tuckshop Rice $1.90
Long Jiang Pig Leg Rice (Meat) $4.90
Royal Cheese Beehoon $18.90
Bai Nian Yong Tau Foo $5.90

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Bursting Meatball has meat within the meatball, I like this so much! The “soup” will leak out when biting into this, very yum. I decided putting it whole into my mouth would be the better option so I can savour all the soup within.

I like the Pan Mee too, very satisfying. Noodles portion was huge, I can’t really mix in the container it came in. But please mix well as the chilli are at the bottom, otherwise it will be quite spicy later on. Soup with 1 meatball included.

Available for takeaway & delivery; $5 for Islandwide Delivery(min. $35)

Special Spicy Dark Sauce with Onsen Egg Pan Mee $12.50
Signature Bursting Meatball $13.80

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Documenting food that I would eat again My friends use me as a food directory 👇🏻 30% off Beyond

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