With the current covid-19, it makes me feel slightly blessed that I could "travel around the world" while still in Singapore. 🗺
Tiffany Lim
Tiffany Lim

I fell in love with the great mischief even before they relocated to the national gallery, but I must say the vibe in the national gallery is much more vibrant.

As always, the food did not disappoint, especially their tocino pasta, which is similar to carbonara. I always enjoy how the raw yolk blends into my cheesy pasta. Their battered pargo, commonly known as fish & chips, is exceptional. Unlike the typical thick layer of batter with very little flesh, theirs is the opposite.

The Great Mischief offers truly authentic Spanish dishes, such as the seafood paella, which is a sharing portion. I tried it at their previous location and still love it to this day.

Drool: 4.5/5
Cost: ~$25 per person
Location: The Great Mischief

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If you are someone who likes to try something out of your usual comfort, then Blue Kouzina is for you! Blue Kouzina is your quick getaway to Greece as the vibe and overall atmosphere makes you feel like you're in Greece, specially their food which has a distinct Mediterranean flavours!

It was our first time heading over and playing it quite safe by ordering Beef Kalamaki which is beef skewer and Kotopoulo Yiro which is wrapped with fries.

For Beef Kalamaki, I loveee the tzatziki dip which is made out of Greek yogurt with cucumber, garlic and mint (I hate cucumber but can't taste it from this dip), while the meat is slightly on the tough side but no complain as it is flavourful especially together with the grilled onion. While I tried having the pita with just the dip, and with both the beef and the dip,either way tasted so so good.

For the kotopoulo which means Chicken and Yiro is wrap, for this it tastes quite like burrito but they used pita to wrap it instead. For this dish, it is mouthful, super duper huge and definitely I can't finish it all by myself. But I still perfer Beef Kalamaki as compared to this one.

While we also ordered the Greek Coffee which is cream + americano, not my style of coffee but it isn't too bad to drink it anyway.

🤤 3.5/5
💸 ~$30/pax

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A colourful and bite-size taco place located in the CBD area, definitely worth going after working hours! BOOKMARK IT!

Firstly, I have to say that their service is top-notch, because the staff will consistently come over to ask if all is good and asked about the food. Out of everything, my favourite has to be their tacos de suadero (which is slow cooked beef brisket). It is a soft taco shell while the juice of the beef oozes out, really savoury and flavourful with lots of ingredients to match with like lime and red onion.

We had a starter of chips + pico de gallo (tomato salsa) and another main of chicken quesadilla which also tasted amazing~ (drool emoji) With that we cheers with frozen margarita

🤤 4.5/5
💸 $39/pax
📍 @Papi’s Taco
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$5 for a Thailand Kway Chap?? Yes please!!

Signature Thai Kway Chap ($5) - It tastes really like Peppery Bak Kut Teh, but the ingredients and the silky smooth curled up kway makes it very different from anything available in Singapore. While there are thai fish sasuages, roasted pork and pig offal with no gamey taste! I love eating the pig offal with their thai chili which isn’t way too spicy yet cover up any gamey taste.

While the Fried Large Intestines (small - $8), used to be so madly delicious, crispy on the outside and a soft texture on the inside. A plate of Thai delicacies, but it is saltier now ☹ So order at your own risk!

Satisfaction: 🤤 🤤 🤤 🤤 🤤 (for their noodles)
Price: $5 Kway Chap + $3 Thai Milk Tea
Location: @yaowaratthaikwaychap

After trying tons and tons of Mexican food, now I can announce that I do love taco and beers!! 🤪 It is like the easiest way to my heart and this one is simple yet with amazing view as it is located right in front of Jewel Rain Vortex.

@tonito.Singapore pricetag might sound costly but it's probably one of the most affordable options in @jewelchangiairport !!

Also, when we head there, there is beer promotion! Ordered my usual fav dishes in Mexican restaurant; taco and quesadilla! Both portions are slightly smaller, so it is more like a tapas size.

What I really love is the pineapple salsa for the quesadilla and the slow cooked marinated beef for the taco!

Satisfaction: 🤤 🤤 🤤 🤤
Price: About $34 (for two pax)
Location: @tonito.singapore

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Having a really cute classroom theme that is inspired by 那些年,我们一起追的女孩, however, I am a little disappointed with the dishes served.

We only ordered their signature 3 Bowls with Drink set, which is 3 petit-sized bowls (Braised Pork Rice, Oyster Intestine Mee Sua and Chicken Floss Mee Sua) with home-made milk tea. This set can feed two girls, because both of us couldn’t finish all three dishes.

My favourite has to be the braised pork rice, it is more towards the sweet side than savoury. While the Oyster intestine Mee Sua was fairly good as well! As for the Chicken Floss Mee Sua and the Boba Milk Tea didn’t catch my taste bud as the chicken floss mee sua is quite blend, so as the milk tea.

Satisfaction: 🤤 🤤
Price: $13+
Location: @eat3bowls

It's my first time trying Spanish dishes and I'm definitely not disappointed with it ❤️ We ordered some tapas to share, and to my surprise, my favourite is the honey coated fried aubergine (berenjenas con miel) 🤤

They cut the squid ink pasta into bite size, imagine fusilli but in the form of spaghetti! It has this crispy texture like wok burned feel. Also the mild seafood taste! (Fideua de marisc)

Berenjenas con miel = $ 7
Fideua de marisc = $22

I'm in so love with one of the mains, slow stewed beef!

The stew is comprises pasta tasting tomato sauce with thinly sliced beef! Matches so damn well with the crispy buttery bread 🤤

An affordable place for your Thai craving! Every dishes featured here is about $6+, so you can just share it with your friends!

The clear Seafood Tom Yum is indeed spicy despite it totally looks harmless!!!

The pineapple fried rice isn't my type, as it uses the mixed veg packet.

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