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Jolie 🥑
Jolie 🥑

The cake's concept is simple - sweet honey with tangy yogurt, and it does the job. The graham crust be looking a bit like cardboard though. Great place to chill on a weekday.

She's a thing of beauty. Bites with a fantastic crisp and yet super easy to pull apart, with fat lumps of cream cheese stuffed between generous slices of baked fig (though personally I prefer more cheese than fruit).

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After seeing the reviews I had very low expectations for this, maybe that's why it was actually pretty tasty. Has zero structural integrity, couldn't get a nice pic of that cross-section :(

Apparently red velvet is the least sweet out of all their options (2/5 on their scale) and yeah, it feels about right. I think anything above 3 will be uncomfortably diabetic for most of us.

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Not a single Flourish review on burpple?! I'll bite. Here is the salted caramel apple tart & mushroom quiche. Pretty solid overall, fairly pricey, and some bakes are better than others. You can 200% taste the butter in everything. Despite that, somehow the savoury quiches manage to have a really hard base. Coffee is normal. Gorgeous place but also inaccessible location, I would recommend only if you live nearby.

It's hard to tell that this is vegan! Sweetened oatmilk & thick sweet potato is a gelato combination made in heaven, and this crunchy, bitter-burnt waffle looks scary dusted with matcha, but trust me you will love the crispiness. The folks at Hvala never miss somehow.

There are so many bakeshops in SG but this one still retains a unique charm. You can tell that this cozy, unassuming HDB corner shop is a labour of love, everything from the decor to the food is thoughtfully put together.

The carrot walnut cake ($6.5) is the fluffy kind, not dense. Can easily feel the butter. The nut & seed mix on the top is a VERY clever touch.

Everything on display looks incredible, I'll be back for more!


...is Dillydeli's slogan, and they deliver. Today's teatime companion was a salted caramel cronut & passionfruit jasmine tea. Though small, what surprised me is that there is filling WITHIN the flaky layers of the cronut; a rich sweet-salty combo with a distinct burnt taste. Practically licked the plate dry. The tea is supplied by Imperfect Drinks, a local brand. Plainly decorated but very spacious cafe, a great place to pass the time however you wish.

My first bomboloni experience. Picked the one with the cutest name and I'm not disappointed. It's rich, it's thicc, it's bursting with that oozy dalgona espresso cream. The dough is soft and moist, dusted with sugary specks. Wish I were more of a chocolate person so I could enjoy this more. The fun stops at the bombos; coffee is super meh and they don't serve water.

Miss Popular was packed full when we arrived on Tuesday afternoon, but we were able to get our hands on the S'mores Pie and Raspberry Tart ($8 each) and boy, it took me on a JOURNEY that even Chris Columbus would envy. The solid cookie crust of the S'mores vs the crumbly tart base. The thick, rich choccy with caramelised graham chunks vs a fairy-light, tangy sponge. The hug of marshmallow fluff vs the elegant blueberry topping. Different like sky and sea, night and day, yet completing each other in their own divine way. ✨

I just wanted to sit pretty and do some cute 2022 planning but the bill gave me a heart attack. One scoop of their seasonal Gingerbread Vanilla gelato + mochi waffle came up to $16?!

Waffle's crunchy outside and chewy in as promised, but a tad thin and served cold. Gingerbread was good, rich and creamy with chunks of gingerbread cookie (plus a huuuge one that was impossible to break with my teeth). At this price though, I won't get the waffle again.

New kid on the block @ SMU and my first ever "croffle" (croissant waffle). They've got about 6-8 flavours, all nicely plated. Tiny blistered blueberries, whip and condensed milk -- it's serving looks alright, but taste-wise, it's similar to $1.50 neighbourhood blueberry cheese waffle you can get from the bakery downstairs.

Hello again, pricey sugar fix. What's unique about Randy's offerings: you can build your own bowl starting from $9.90, and they offer a dragonfruit pitaya base which is the first I've seen. What's not so hot: regrettably, the fruits weren't particularly fresh, and the acai base was a tad too iced up for my liking. And there's no seating! The other acai joints just do it better.

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