Happy Places

Happy Places

Mainly featuring desserts, cakes, icecream, sweet stuff 🎂

This is going to be one of the best starbucks experience
Staff here are very friendly and cheerful
• food and drinks were prepared very promptly
• nice and soft music in the background
• great place to chill


First time trying Yomie, wanted to get the Hot Pumpkin Fresh Milk with Pistachio, it sounds so good but they ran out of Pumpkin. Will definitely come back and try it

Purple Rice Yogurt (recommended by the staff)
- drink is really thick and rich
- they blend/mix the drink upon ordering
- felt that it can be a meal replacement since the portion is generous and the thick texture

- simple shop layout with music
- not many tables to sit (maybe due to covid)

Very friendly and efficient staff at this outlet
- one of the best liho experience where redemption of deal was easy and staff know exactly the redemption process
- drink was prepared according to preference and done within seconds after ordering
- staff also greeted every customer with well wishes 🤗


Ordered Pu-er and earl lavender icecream
• both flavours taste great and went very well with the crispy-on-the-outside-soft-on-the-inside waffles
• highly recommend to try all different ice cream flavours


The sweetness of this cake is just nice, not too sweet and it has a rich chocolate taste.

We placed the cake in the fridge before consuming and became solid (not too sure if it is our fridge or it is how the cake is like) But the moment it enters our mouth, it melts instantly.

Highly recommend this cake and outlet as the staff were very friendly. Reserved the cake by calling them in advance and the purchase of the cake was easy and fast


Brewed coffee
• aromatic
The smell of the coffee is so strong, almost the whole bus was filled with it
• very efficient
Got my order ready within minutes after ordering
• friendly staff

Earl Grey Milk Tea with Honey Pearls ($3.40)

Strong earl grey taste and mixes very well with the honey pearls!! Great combination, but will like to have more pearls, not enough 😅🤣

Using Burpple 1-for-1, strictly cash payment
While without Burpple 1-for-1, we can use Grabpay and there is a loyalty card programme

$3.90 (Tall size)

Freshly brewed coffee, very shiok
Taste is just right, light and one tall cup is just nice to last for a day
Spacious space, chill place and nice music

Redeemed the Klook Milk Tea with Pearl (M)
$2.15 each cup
• easy to redeem and outlet staff was well versed in the redemption process
• drink was promptly prepared and can be customised (no pearls, no sugar, no ice for me!)
• friendly staff
• easy to find outlet (near mrt station)

Bought the klook promotional milk tea with pearls (great deal with klook credits)
• $2.15 each cup
• staff is very polite and friendly, managed to alter the drink without pearls to my liking
• drinks were prepared very promptly even though only one person manning the whole shop with a few orders
• very creative cup plastic
• plastic straws were plant-made and 100% compostable

Venti ($8.20)

Not only the drink looks good, the taste is great too! Satisfying caffeine craving.
Friendly service and fast preparation of drinks.

1-for-1 Beyond Redemption($6.30 for 2 Large drinks)
Great place, at a hidden corner of Singpost Centre, near the taxi stand
• greatly appreciate for their friendly staff who recommends their drinks to us very patiently, as we are first timers there
• as a fan of mung bean, this drink really has the mung bean taste and really recommended!!
• drinks were prepared promptly after order, so we didn’t have to wait very long
• the shop decorations were also very cute and pleasing


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