Ordered so much naan hahahha tried the butter,garlic and cheese($5). all not bad but had to wait quite a while for them to serve

Also tried the paneer butter masala ($14) and mixed veg curry ($12) with Burpple 1 for 1.
its good but the portions q small hahaha

overall damage $48.40

shld have stuck w their rice bowls (looks v good). slightly disappointed esp cus 1hr wait even tho we went at 5+ but the place is pretty huge cldnt tell while waiting outside hahahah

Sweet but fun to peel the layers apart to eat this; just share it if not DIABETES HAHAHA heated this on the pan but the insides aint warm whoops but still almost cldnt stop myswlf from eating this all


not too bad but as compared to 49 seats its alot lighter and might not fill u up if u r a big eater. also ordered their truffle bacon pasta dish but actly the pasta dishes q smoll

overall their food is better than the usual meh cafe food but the service is abit slowwww altho the lady serving was v polite

q heavy dish hahah share it!!! doesnt rly taste like miso cream just mainly a cream dish. the salmon does get abit fishy. the mashed potato is v creamy but not super flavourful prob cus this dish is alr so heavy

we kinda devoured this dish hahaha super shiok sia but cant imagine theres so much sauce alr n the wasabi mayo is supposed to be on top ?!?!? its abit soggy kind of fries MY FAVE

meat falls off pretty easily~ its ok not mindblowing but pretty worth it w burpple 1 for 1. just take note they will take the pricier dishes even tho i used one pasta deal and one main dish deal

earl grey pancakes ($14) were a tad too aroma oil for me
miso cream pasta ($16) was pretty good! not a fan of the steak don ($18). but the portions here are quite small with its price tag :( the honey wings ($12) were q good!!!

Got the mango cream cheese and pandan ($10.90)! it was not bad but didnt taste like cream cheese hahaha tbh only got it cus 1 for 1 to try! but they got pretty interesting flavours :)

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told the person we using burpple beyond then it seemed like the lady serving us wasnt v happy bout it. according to the menu in the app they say main dish only (minus rice noodle dish) but when we ordered they were saying nope we just gonna take the cheaper one as freeee - ok la i geddit but i feel like the person was v pagro to us and only towards the end her attitude was better. maybe cus they busy? idk man but overall food is pretty good - servings were q small tho at such high prices its like at least 20 bucks per dish cus we ordered mostly large but they came to be q ok sized HAHA saved q a bit w burpple beyond!!

looks good, smells good, tastes good! 16 pcs of chicken for 45 bucks which is more worth it than 8pcs for 35. reminded me of the honey butter chix i had at pizza maru (cheaper there too!!) and yes this chix also reminded me of the honey butter chips. its good but damn korean fried chix in sg why do u have to be so exp?!?

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