Local Chinese food

Local Chinese food

Featuring New Station Snack Bar (Far East Plaza), Xin Yuan Ji Fish Soup 新源记 (Bugis), Nan Hwa Chong Fish Head Steamboat Corner, Loo's Hainanese Curry Rice (Tiong Bahru Market), AH LOCK & Co. (Guoco Tower), MEET Noodles (Grantral Mall), Ba Guo Grilled Fish (West Coast Plaza)
Zoey  Belle
Zoey Belle

Braised Pig Intestine
The braised pig intestine is chewy, extreme flavourful, and well braised.

Special Homemade beancurd
This is another MUST get item! The crispiness of the exterior mixed with the softness of the interior of this dish makes it stand out from the rest of the beancurd I have tried. I can have the entire plate to myself. This is a must try!!

Four Heavenly King
It is always essential to have greens with every meal. With name of Four Heavenly King naturally this dish come in 4 different type of vegetable. Love how they not overly stir-fried and thus not oily in excess. The greens are well-seasoned too.

Signature Pork Belly
A slice of it, is filled with the aroma flavour and the right chewy texture. Unlike most pork belly outside, that are usually tough and hard to chew, this is nicely fried till crispiness on the outer layer and tender on the inside. The meat is very tasty and succulent. This is definitely one of my favourite dish, apart from their signature Fishboat

Very traditional fish soup steamboat as unlike other contemporary gas-stove steamboats, every steamboat at @nanhwachong1927 uses charcoal and is prepared freshly upon order. They surely won my heart with their silky smooth, totally slurp-worthy broth that incorporates rich and sweet tastes with all the good companions like mushrooms, fried yam, chye sim, white cabbage and beancurd. Added no milk, the fish soup is pure just like the way it is in a traditional Teochew version. With four fishes to choose from – pomfret, song fish, snapper and grouper. Do inform them if you prefer in slices, I make a mistake not informing my preferred and the fish are serve in chunks which has quite alot of bones. Otherwise the experience could have been 200% if it has been in fish slices without bone. Nevertheless the freshness of the fish and the broth makes up for it.

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I'm so glad able to get @munchipancakes min jiang kueh here which is their collaboration with @ahlocknco
The MJK is thicc, fluffy, with soft chewy texture & is very moist. They are super generous with the fillings & the fillings all not overly sweet! The Red Bean is super smooth, Peanut is chunky, savoury & creamy, Black Sesame is very earthy & the Coconut is moist.

For any Hakka Bowl ordered, can top up $1 for their Ala carte sides.

I tried

Homemade coleslaw.
Very refreshing. Great appetizer to go with mains

For any Hakka Bowl ordered, can top up $1 for their Ala carte sides.

I tried
Homemade potato salad.

Hakka Salmon Rice Bowl
Salmon, Broccoli, Homemade Potato Salad.

Salmon come in huge slab is cook to perfection. Crisp on the outside & moist on the inside.

The rice are moist & cook to a perfect fluffiness.

Hakka Signature Rice Bowl
Hakka Tofu (Chicken), Hakka Meatball (Chicken), Mani Cai, Long Beans with Special Mayo on Japanese short grain rice.

I enjoy all the different components all gel together well, creating a bowl of comfort.

Hakka Chicken Meatball is meaty, moist, perfectly seasoned with a crisp bite from the crusted exterior.

Hakka tofu is bouncy & come with right amount of chicken meat at side for a meaty bite.

The rice are moist & cook to a perfect fluffiness.

Manicai & the other greens provide a good break amidst all the meatiness that gives a better contrast of flavour.

Hakka Black Beef Rice Bowl
Beef Slice, Shimeji Mushrooms, Sousvide Egg on Japanese Rice.
The generous portion of tender pork slices is the key ingredient & is super tender, well seasoned with strong aburi flavour.

Hakka Crispy Chicken Bowl
Hakka Crispy Chicken, Crispy Broccoli, Sous vide Egg with Ah Lock's Special Mayo on Japanese Short Grain Rice.

I enjoy all the different components all gel together well, creating a bowl of comfort.

Chicken cutlet fried perfectly, light & crispy on the outside & juicy on the inside.

The rice are moist & cook to a perfect fluffiness.

Sous-vide egg is super runny! Adding creaminess to the rice

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