Food I Ate (Okay But Probably Won't Eat Again)

Food I Ate (Okay But Probably Won't Eat Again)

Featuring Creamier (Toa Payoh Central), Poulet (Bugis+), Nana's Green Tea (Plaza Singapura), Ice Edge Cafe (Simon Plaza), 88 Hong Kong Roast Meat Specialist (Tyrwhitt Road), Hainanese Village Centre, Homeground Grill & Bar, LUNA (Amoy), Cookhouse by Koufu (Marina Square), Poke Doke (Millenia Walk)
Athena Khoo
Athena Khoo

Heard good reviews of this new pie launched recently and decided to try it. Took a while to reach home but it was still warm and crispy. Apple pie still takes the number 1 spot but this was not bad. Worth a try

Ordered via Grab as I had a promo code to use. The siobak skin was still crispy and tasty. Char siew was a bit burnt at the ends and salty. Duck was tender and i love the skin! Not sure if I will eat it again though.

Better than the beef tendon bowl that I had previously. Just a usual fast food restaurant that is quiet enough to enjoy your food

Guess i kind of understand the hype over the popiah at Qi Ji. It is packed full of ingredients, tasty and served warm. Quite good and worth a try. My favourite is still the one at lor 7 toa payoh 😋

Only two different choices of meat (beef and pork) with different vegetables/mushrooms to choose from. 3 soup bases (shabu shabu, pork broth, sukiyaki) and we chose the pork broth. Surprisingly quite filling. Pork was tender and recommended. Beef was a little gamey and tough, even though it wasn't cooked for long - probably because of the cut. Almost full house on weekend. Bought the voucher on fave but it seems like there was a more worth it deal on shopback at $34.90 for 2 pax with calpis drink. Soup became extremely salty after that though. Had to drink lots of water after that. Seems like a lot of items (eggs, other jap side dishes) in the previous reviews are also not there anymore :(

Quite crowded during lunch. Bowl was filled to the brim filled with 2 poke (ordered original salmon and wasabi salmon), base (white rice) and 4 toppings (nori seaweed, flying roe, fried onions, beancurd skin). It was also filled with lots of lettuce.

Wasn't expecting so much salad in the bowl (my fault, thought it was similar to poke theory.) but was pleasantly surprised with the portion of sashimi in the bowl and I was quite satisfied with it. I think the fried onions paired nicely with the whole bowl.

Remember to claim the $5 shopback voucher (pay $1 or use your cashback to offset) and get the bowl for $10.40. Worth it at $10.40 but not really at $15.40. Eat also more shiok when you know you saved $5.

Fresh out after frying. The flavour sounds interesting and taste interesting too. Pastry wise it is not bad though the whole thing is nothing to shout about. They have other interesting flavours too, maybe can try the others instead. Unit #02-64

Sweet sour pork was good. Uncle recommended to come for dinner instead as the spread will be more. Fish was quite overcooked and probably contributed to the scary price we had to pay. Broccoli was quite saltish. Eat the porridge together with the peanut sauce placed together with the utensils. It was good. Won't come again though, there are cheaper options out there.

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Ordered the waffles with 2 scoops of ice cream (chose belgium dark and snickers flavour). No tasting of flavours allowed due to covid restrictions so tried the safe flavours instead. Snickers flavour was good. The chocolate flavour was ordinary and a little too "dark" for my liking. The waffles were crispy and airy. Another table who ordered the same thing had 3 pax and it was nicely cut into 3 instead for easier sharing. Thought that was a nice service.

Friend bought the whole cake for housewarming after watching Food King by NOC. Super gao cake that might be just too heaty if you eat too much of it. It is alright but not the best chocolate cake i had.

Hmm was a little disappointed at this because didn't expect it to be so small. Taste was alright but probably won't order again

The price of the dessert isn't cheap but i wanted something cold after my meal. Haven't eaten ice jelly in a long while too. The portion of ice and jelly was quite large (already stirred slightly in the photo). Extremely full after that.

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