Thai Food

Thai Food

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Gerald Chai
Gerald Chai

Highly recommended by a friend to try, the best mookata she ever had. Thai Hao Chi Mookata is just next to Springleaf MRT station exit. So convenient.

Thai Hao Chi mookata uses charcoal, one of the few in Singapore that does. Tables were big and spacious.

Ingredients were all fresh and I really enjoyed their marinated meats that were a burst of flavours, I enjoyed the chicken and pork more than the beef.

What's rather unique here is that they serve bak hwa, which was very good and is a must try when u come here.

Another must try side-dish when u are here, is the Thai style abalone.

Can get very crowded on weekends, so please make reservations prior to arriving.

Recently Opened at my old backyard, with a few good reviews from my mum. Decided to give it a try.

For a location so ulu, I was expecting lots of empty tables, to my surprise, it was about 75% filled.

The thai food here was reasonably priced, thus alot of single person eaters here, like me.

Had the Tom yam milk red, and really had no regrets, soup was a burst of flavours. It wasn't too spicy and the taste was just right. Fair amount of ingredients with 1 prawn and about 3-4 sotongs, a few fish slices and lots of white mushrooms.

I almost finished the entire bowl of soup too. Yums.

Skip the fried tang hoon, it wasn't very good. Was expecting phad Thai style, but turn out that it was the soy sauce type, which I am not a fan of.

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Tom Yam soup have to be good for any Thai restaurants, and it's certainly very good here at warm up cafe.

Seafood is rather fresh. Soup hit all the right notes on my tongue, its wasn't too sour or too spicy. My only complain,is that it's not enough soup!

Nice outdoor seating, for it's very ulu location, there seems be a steady stream of guests entering, so food here must be excellent.

Location is about 7-10mins walk from little India station.

This dish recently very trendy. So was quite happy that this was served here.

It looks very good, the Omelette was indeed very good, but inside, is just plain rice. So as a whole, this dish was quite bland. It will be nicer if inside is fried rice.

Crab meat is quite good, doesn't taste bad whatsoever.

Quite expensive also, $12 before GST.

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Phad Kee Mao - basically that style fried kway teow.

Total only $8.90 after GST!! Simply value for money.

The lunch set is only on weekdays until 3pm.

The lunch set comes with
- Phad Kee Mao
- Small bowl tom yam soup with praws, sotong & fish
- drink(small cup) thai milk tea/ green tea/ lemongrass
- Thai chendol

Really value for money.

Tom Yam soup here is really good, tasty and spicy.

The Phad kee Mao also very generous amount of ingredients, and it's quite good also.

There are many many options for their weekday lunch promo. All at $8.90 only.

The fried garlic pork is very very good here.

Crispy, tasty and just taste so good.

The crackers were "lao hong" or soggy, just like the other dish I had.

The establishment here is the original nakhon outlet before more franchise open up all around sg.

My go-to dish at all thai food establishment.

The basil pork here is quite ok, feels like too much basil leaf though, not enough minced meat.

Food here at nakhon is more affordable then other Thai restaurants.


The tom yam boran noodle is quite a popular dish here at TMTBN. Tom yam was not so spicy and tasted a little sweet. Not so filling though. Still feel hungry after.

The mini bowl pork boat [email protected]$1.80 was flavourful. But not worth it leh. Like very very small portion. 1 piece of pork and 1/2 a meatball.

Plenty of noodles choices to choose from:
- thai vermicelli
- glass noodles
- egg noodle
- thick noodles(like kway teow

Conveniently located near hougang mrt.

The one place u can be sure to find a whole array of Thai food, is golden mile. And diandin is one of the more popular Thai restaurants here.

A must try dish here at diandin, is the steamed Squid In spicy lemon sauce. The sotong was fresh and chewy. The portion is quite huge, so this is better for sharing.

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Surprisingly good. Portion a little small though.

Just your usual thai zhi char stall. Nothing really special.

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Everytime I passby tampines, always tempted to come back here. To me, this is the best thai food I ever had in Singapore.

Very packed on a weekday dinner time.

They have vert excellent red tom yam soup as well.

This is the dish I always order whenever I visit a Thai restaurant the first time. If this cannot make it, I wont return again.

Suk's Thai kitchen has a quiet ambience, a good place for someone like me that like to eat good food and in a not so crowded setting.

This basil pork is quite good. But meat portion a bit not feeling.

Taste the food. Don’t just swallow them

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