Featuring Poulet (Bugis+), PS.Cafe (Ann Siang Hill), Seasonal Tastes (The Westin Singapore), Good Bites, Le Shrimp Ramen 乐虾拉面家 (Paragon), Chongqing Grilled Fish 重庆烤鱼 (Chinatown), Honeymill (Paragon), Siam Kitchen (Lot One), Prata Alley (321 Clementi), Mandarin hotel orchard
Zoey  Belle
Zoey Belle

The star of Poulét is still that classic amazingly tender Poulet Roti. The chicken is extremely tender and succulent, every single bit of the chicken is a pure joy to eat. The cream sauce served with the roast chicken exceed expectation. Creamy with a generous serving of juicy mushroom and not too salty. It's good enough to eat on its own!
Baked Seabass, steam-baked in parchment paper and placed on a bed of vegetables and potatoes that fully absorbed the essence of the fish. The seabass was very fresh, tender and flavourful, pairing well with the vegetables and zesty lemon. The only complain was the potion too small even for lady.
Love the dessert milk pudding with a wobbly melty panna cotta texture. It’s filled with rich, creamy goodness and not too sweet. Once you dig in, the milk will explode in your mouth.

Missing this!!! Throw back meal before CB.

Love the aromatic broth with premium ingredients that bring out the natural sweetness and can't wait to go back dine again.

Good Bites SG a cozy Cafe. It's a good place to chill with friends, family, birthday celebration, as well as having your own me-time. Their service is top notch too and they're very friendly!

Fried Chicken & Waffle with maple syrup at the side, which you can drizzle to your own preference. The Fried Chicken was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Despite it being a really thick slab, the meat within was not overcook and remain moist. After drizzle a generous amount of maple syrup, the combination of fried chicken, waffle and maple syrup was simply heavenly. They perfectly complements each other like heaven made. What blew me away was the waffle. To be honest, I didn’t expect much from the waffle, but the waffle was baked to the perfect level of crispiness, fluffy and airy.

Baked Salmon with generous serving of salmon and baked to perfection, served alongside cherry tomatoes, broccoli, sweetcorn and mushrooms, paired with their special herb cream sauce which elevate the dish further. A very simple dish that’s tasty and healthy.

Molten Chocolate Lava Cake which came in a cute heart shape! The cake was also served with a scoop of ice-cream. Love how perfectly crusty on the outside of the cake is, and how generously the chocolate fudge centre oozes out as you slice through the cake. The best thing about their lava cake? It's rich and not overly-sweet.

Double Chocolate Mighty Milkshake which is ice cream blended with milk. Came in gigantic size which is perfect for sharing for 2.

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Prata Alley, an Indian Muslim restaurant. Ambience was nice plus with air conditioned added comfort. Service was impeccable and staffs were friendly, always greet with a smile when step in. The Combo Chop comes with generous amount of maggi, chicken chops, criss-cut fries and a sunny-side up. The maggi has a good "wok hei" and taste pretty good. The fried chicken chop itself was crispy beyond belief without being oily. Overall the potion is good with price also reasonable. The menu was extensive so you definitely have something you enjoy.

Having my honey drink prepare by Honeybot from start to finish at Honeymill.

There are a couple of Signature Honey Drinks or you can have option to create your own honey drink.

Choose from an assortment of honey ranging from floral, fruity, herbal, nutty and woody flavours.

Add toppings such as honey jelly, coffee jelly and calamansi.

Select your drink to be served iced, warm or sparkling.

Thanks to burpple beyond deal, got my 1 for 1 drink. Order the signature Manuka Mystic ($6.80) of Manuka honey added with basil seeds, calamansi and aloe vera. And customised my own warm honey drink, Manuku Honey with Goji Berry (Wolfberry) topping.

Overall I enjoyed the refreshing good quality honey drink.

First time dining at Siam Kitchen. The menu is authentic but the food is just decent and in my opinion I feel lack the usual Thai ommph factor. The dishes were just either too salty or too sweet and very oily. There wasn't much customers in the restaurant but the food took so long to be serve. Overall the food wasn't awful but I definitely won't be going back there again.

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Some of the dishes I enjoyed at PS Cafe. Truffle shoestring fries drizzled with truffle oil and parmesan cheese come in gigantic serving. Is crispy golden that is not overly greasy, which helped to give the fries a good crunch and great for sharing. Beer battered Fish & Chips, crispy batter that coated the delicate fish and more importantly, it felt clean and fresh, without leaving that stale oil after taste nor greasy lips. They also does a wonderful Aglio Olio. The garlic flavour shines through, and with the use of some good quality olive oil, the sauce is perfect. The pasta is served with really fresh seafood too, making this dish a delight to eat. The crispy garlic bits on top provides a nice crunch as well. Overall PS Cafe is a place that I will go for great ambience. Is utterly serene and cosy atmosphere. Their mains are okay but consider the price, which to be honest, is a rip-off. It is the kind of place you would go for a date night with love ones for its quiet ambience or with your favourite girls.

Mandarin Orchard Singapore signature, Honey Glazed Gammon Ham boneless. An all time Christmas favourite. It's golden brown and gorgeous on the outside, succulent and decadent on the inside. Juicy, moist, sweet and aromatic. Not at all fatty and just salty enough. This mouth watering goodness is definitely a delectable delight in my party! A crowd pleaser. I’m saving my remaining portion to make Cheesy Ham and Broccoli Frittat as well as homemade pizza and pasta!
Did I mention their service was excellent as well? Thumbs up for the customer service.

Buffet with a modest variety. There's about maybe 4 to 5 selections only per station which are really very limited choice. I can easily count them with 2 hands. You won’t find premium items like oysters or snow crab or parma ham which the other same priced buffet dinner will have. The quality of food was quite good and most are well seasoned and delectable. Seafood on ice are fresh. I love the dessert bar most, is like a candy store for adults and children. Dessert bar has wider selection and all so delicately make and definitely appetizing. Service wise needs improvement. Clearing of plates was slow and most times. The buffet suppose to be till 10pm but around 9pm, the service staffs actually start packing and clearing the food which is still full on tray. Personally feel is quite rude to clear so early when there's still plenty of guest still dining. For the price and service don't think I will visit again.

Chongqing grilled fish is a popular Sichuan cuisine by which charcoal grilled fish is served in a spicy mala gravy on a simmering hot pot. 

Ordering is easy. After you choose the fish, you choose the hotpot broth then you pick the ingredients add-on that go into the hotpot. The majority of food in the menu is naturally savoury, salty and spicy. Personally think that the price is slightly high for add-on options. 

Order my broth Mushroom Herbs that come with Willow Mushroom, Dried Porcini Mushroom and
Fresh Mushroom and selected Grilled Seabass fish. The fresh, meaty, seabass fish with sweet, succulent white meat has been charcoal grilled, making the skin savoury salty, with a hint of smoky flavour.

The Salted Egg Yolk Calamari cooked just right and batter that’s crisp and well-coated, you can’t really get wrong with this snack.

Stir-Fried Tomato Scrambled Eggs, this has soft, juicy textures and with delicate vegetal eggy sweet savoury flavours. Highly recommended

Over all food taste is robust.

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