Featuring One Man Coffee (Upper Thomson), The Coffee Academics (Scotts Square), Porta, Breko Café, Sideways, The Mad Sailors, Casa Roma (The Grandstand), Spicy Rock
Haychoo Eats
Haychoo Eats

YAY to Burpple Beyond 1-for-1!
This 3 course set meal was super worth it!!! You get to choose an appetiser, a main and dessert.
Top set:
1. Spanish Octopus. Nice and succulent!
2. Rib-eye steak (Medium rare). Quite normal.
3. Spiced Apple Tarte Tatin. Interesting flavours with the candied bacon and apples. Rum and rasin ice cream was good!!

Bottom set:
1. Prawn & Avocado with corn chips. Love the sauces!
2. Porta burger. Meat was a bit dry but the flavours were there.
3. Not-Your-Usual Tiramisu. I really liked this broken down version of a Tiramisu!!


Thanks to Burpple Beyond, we got to try the Truffle Portobello Mushroom Pizza ($24) and the Spicy Crabmeat Pasta ($24)! Pizza was good! Nice cripsy thin crust with big pieces of mushrooms and cheese in each bite. It was a bit small though. Pasta had a strong seafood taste with chunks of crabmeat but it was slightly too soft.

We also ordered the Korean Fried Chicken Bites ($15) which tasted like it came from a Korean restaurant!!

- Iced Flat White ($6.50)
- Pink Lemonade ($7)

Lastly, we also had the Academics Pancake Tower ($20) for dessert (not in photo). It's not the light fluffy kind of pancakes so it was quite filling. I like that they had to flexibility to change the ice cream flavour!

Overall, good! Will go back again!

Featuring the 1. Blackened Barramudi $28 (with Squid Ink, Pistachio Pesto and Spiced Sprout Salad)! Fish was cooked perfectly and it was a great combination with the sauce and mushrooms!

As I was using #burpplebeyond, we paired this with the 2. Smoked Lamb Ribs ($26) plus another 1-for-1 of the stuffed pitas.

We got the 3. Veggie Dreams Eggplant ($15) and 4. Steak and Cheese ($18). Both were delicious as well!

We had to be seated outside because it was full. It's a small place so it's better to make a reservation. The service was great too, so no complains.

The only thing to note when claiming the 1-for-1 deal is that they will deduct the dishes with the lower prices! It doesn't matter how u want to pair them! I thought they would deduct the $26 and $15, but instead they deducted $15 and $18. Now I know!


Trying this new place just cuz I'm in the area and cuz there's 1-for-1! ✌️

Featuring the Pesto Cream Dory Fish ($17.90), as it was the best dish! Texture of the fish was not like the usual Dory we have in Fish & Chips, it was firmer and it still had the skin on which allowed it to be crispy! The sauce had a very light Pesto taste which we cleaned off the plate with the extra fries we had.

Paired the deal with the Haddock Fish & Chips ($18.90). It was okayyy...

Also tried the Masala Fish & Chips ($17.90) as it seemed to be featured. This was excluded from the deal and it can stay that way, because we didn't really like it. We had a problem with the green sauce, so it was kind of weird.

Overall, not super impressed with the food, but since it was right in the middle of Haji Lane, the place will get points soely because it was pretty happening!

Had the Pizza California (Bacon Onions Egg) $20.50 and Linguine al Cartoccio (Spicy Tomato Seafood) $24.50 @ 1-for-1. We liked that the pizza had a thin crust, but nothing else. Pasta wasn't al dente and the sauce was not very flavourful, but the we thought the seafood was fresh. Also ordered a Mushroom Soup and Calamari. Again, not very flavourful and soup was watery, but the squid was fresh.

Overall, the food was disappointing and it would have been expensive without the 1-for-1.

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Spicy Rock Super Spicy Ramen - eh, not really that spicy la. We paired it with a Mentaiko Beef Curry Rice for the 1-for-1 deal but that's not really worth mentioning. Ramen was decent but not fantastic. Guess it was a seafood ramen cuz there were Prawns and Sotong and then we got really confused cuz there was some Kimchi inside.

Would not have known about Spicy Rock if not for Burpple Beyond and would not have walked in if it wasn't for the deal.

Will I go back again? Nah, unless I was in the area and redeeming the deal again.

Salmon Mac & Cheese $15.50

Good Meatless comfort food. It wasn't as cheesy as I thought it would be, so not really mac and cheesy enough. On the bright side, we could finish it without stuffing ourselves! Pasta is Al dente, just the way I like it 👍

Anyway, YAY to Burpple Beyond 1-for-1! Redeemed 2 deals, saved $34.

Miso Baked Salmon! $16.50

A good refueling meal after a workout, not too heavy but yet satisfying! Good balance of protein, carbs and veggies. Will definitely go for this again and again!

Anyway, YAY to Burpple Beyond 1-for-1! Redeemed 2 deals, saved $34.

Baked Eggs Cocotte with Sourdough.
Eggs were poached nicely and the sauce was nice too. Could have liked licked it all up!

Anyway, YAY to Beyond 1-for-1!

Bacon Carbonara with Onsen Egg!!
Taste was good but it was wayyy too rich towards the end. Maybe I shouldn't have mixed in the onsen egg. Maybe it should be a raw egg instead 🤔

Anyway, YAY to Beyond 1-for-1!

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