Featuring Two Men Bagel House (Royal Square at Novena), Bakery Cuisine ([email protected]), Proofer Boulangerie (Northpoint City), KenGee (Our Tampines Hub), Bakery Cuisine (Rivervale Mall)
mad yums
mad yums

another bread from Kengee Bakery at Our Tampines Hub! this bun was pretty big for its price tag 😍 there were crushed oreo bits sprinkled on its top which enhanced the milky, chocolatey taste of the bun. its cream cheese filling was very substantially portioned and was not too sweet unlike some other bakeries’! it was slightly tangy and also not cloying so I was able to finish this bread happily. ☺️


the bun had a thin buttery crust on the top which gave a nice fragrant crunch when bitten into. its salted egg filling was warm and oozy, enough to last through the whole soft bun!

4/5 :D

the new Kengee Bakery at Our Tampines Hub (I can’t find a location tag for this :(() was having a buy 3 get 1 free sale, and their bakes looked really good so I had to try it!

the chicken was juicy and tender - and at quite a large size too! I was expecting a smaller serving so this pleasantly surprised me. a mild spice also accompanied the whole bun.


for my brunch, i chose a mix of smoked brisket, spam and sunny side egg on a cheddar bagel. the result was a deliciously hearty and wholesome meal! i almost couldn’t fit the whole bagel into my mouth but when i did everything came together so nicely. the contrasting soft texture of spam against the thick brisket went so well with the heartiness of the egg and cheddar. the cheddar bagel was fluffy and soaked up any broken yolk.

though it was slightly on the more expensive side (for a student like me 😿), i think switching your bagel with a friend to try different flavours would be a fun option!

the people there was also very friendly and made my visit more enjoyable and chill 😊

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generous portions, good vibes and a multitude of choices for everyone - what’s there not to love 😋
i’d recommend going with a group of friends so everyone can get different flavours & combinations to share around and try!!! 🙌🏻


i dont know why they put “cream cheese” in its name because there was absolutely no cream cheese when i tore open the bread :(((( still, the blueberry jam was thick and substantial to pair with the bun while the sugar dusting complemented the jam and enhanced its sweetness.

rating: 4.5/10 (because its name is misleading)

the bread was generously stuffed with cranberries but there wasn’t much cheese except for a cheese crust topping. however the bread was infused with a cranberry fragrance and fluffy so that was nice.

rating: 6/10

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bread was fluffy and chicken had a balanced black pepper seasoning and was also portioned pretty generously as the ratio of meat to bun was decent. the crust was topped off with more black pepper which completed the bun.

rating: 7/10

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