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Diana Su
Diana Su

Order in for 3 pax. Food came in decently pack. Loves the 生煎包 it was crispy on the outside n oozing with soup with every bites. The 糯米烧麦was also good. Noodle texture was nice as well. 抄手was huggggeeee. Braised duck n cutlet was so so for me. The Mushroom面筋a tad too sweet maybe just not used to that taste. Overall will go again just for the 生煎包.

Pls try their beef broth Mala Tang. I had their medium spicy one with beef broth. Slurped up all the soup. It's that good. The color is milk white and not dark clear soup that I seen from lotsa stalls outside. Ard $13 for this takeaway portion in their very aesthetic packaging. Recommends to my colleagues n everyone can't stop raving about it.
Oh, and on a side note. I do think beef broth taste better than the pork broth.

My goes to Biang Biang Mian despite the distance. The noodle springy texture is what lures me there again and again. Be sure to add on heaps of the oil chilli for enhanced fragrance.

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Saw this new menu after alternating between their 麻辣and 清汤 couple times weekly. Now this shall add into my trio weekly menu. The 鸭珍 was a good combi with the spicy smooth noodle.

I had the米线from this stall here about 3times a week. I detoured on my way to office couple times a week just to pack this. I'll finished up the soup everytime. Noodle was slippery good with the hot sweet comforting soup. The portion is big too n can last me from brunch till dinner.

Somehow it's not as good as I remembered. Even my commented that it's not as spicy or flavourful thou I ordered 大辣. Just plain salty. Hmmm, they no longer have the shredded kelp which I like. Will think twice bout coming back again.

Ordered the 香辣烤鱼 (中辣), there's no 水果鱼 today so ordered the 金目鲁. Still prefer the prior for its bouncy texture. Adds 3 sides of 粉丝, 冻豆腐 and 金针菇 to the grill fish, no free sides this time round. Ordered the fried Mantou, stir fry 油麦菜 and the mutton skewer. The mutton skewer is highly recommended. It's tender with some fats in between and comes much bigger than what we usually ordered outside.

Came hear after hearing my colleague repeated praises of the food here. Ordered
1. 羊肉串 x2 $1.80
2. 鲜羊腰 x1 $6
3. 牛蹄筋 x2 $1.80
4. 香辣虾 x1 $16.80
5. 蒜蓉油麦菜 x1 $8.80
6. 猪肉韭菜水饺啊 x1 $6 (Recommended, fresh and juicy)
7. 猪皮 x2 $1.80 (Missed, abit tough to chew)
8. 猪大肠 x2 $1.80
9. 烤羊排大串 x1 $3
10. 白饭 x1 $1
11. 饮料 x3 $5.50
Paid $59.70 in all for 2 Pax with lotsa leftover. Was a good meal. Will come back again for sure. P/S: They gave us a complimented cold dish of spicy chicken.

Went to and fro to so many hot pot places but still came back to this. Everything was great. Had a good time. $125 for 2 Pax.

Was a good meal that even the kids enjoyed. Enjoyed almost every dish.

1. Braised pork intestine $16.90 - kids fav
2. Drunken cockles $10.90
3. Braised bitter gourd $11.90
4. Stir fried Yam $14.90 - all time Fav
5. Oyster coated with bee hoon promo set $16.90 ($33.80)
6. Sweet sour pork with lychee $14.90
7. Pan fried egg with oyster and laver promo set $18. 90 ($33.80) - dun recommend
8. Shredded pork with sesame bun x4 $19.60
9. White rice x4 $4
10. Tidbits x2 $6
11. Da hong pso tea x2 $15.80
12. Wet towel x5 $2.50

Total - $177.95

Came here cos there's an hr of waiting time at Haidilao. There's only 3 table of customers. Service, cleanliness was all good. Ordered tomato soup base, wasn't as flavourful as the one at Haidilao. Options on the menu wasn't much as well, didn't see stuff like pig's brain liver, cow stomach, etc that we usually sees in other Chinese hotpot restaurant.

1. Tomato soup base $16
2. Signature Premium beef Selection x2 $18/plate
3. Kurobuta Pork x2 $10/plate
4. Beef ball $8 (very hard, not nice at all)
5. Quail egg $6
6. Fried beancurd roll $8
7. Potato $5
8. Toufu $4.50
9. Sweet potato noodle (宽粉) $4. 50
10. Tang O $3.50
11. Deep fried you tiao $4.50 ( thick floured n not crispy, dun recommend)
12. Beverage x2 $8.80
13. Condiment x1 $4
Total - $151.72 for 2 pax.

Don't think I'll come back. Will go to Da Long Yi @orchardcentral if there's crowd. 同心如意@boatquay and 海底捞 still the better choice.

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Ordered thesefor my son for $8, frankly it's not much so I feel that it's abit ex. The taste is also abit tame down, not full-flavoured.

Diana Su

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