Indonesian Food😍

Indonesian Food😍

Featuring Shake Shack (Jewel Changi Airport), HEYTEA (ION Orchard), Nakhon Kitchen (Holland Village), Bebek Goreng Pak Ndut (Lucky Plaza)
Fillthecraves ✨
Fillthecraves ✨

Indonesian food ❤❤❤

The duck was crispy on the outside but the meat was tender and flavourful. The portion was surprisingly big (not as small as i thought).

The queue was lit🔥

I like that the bun is super fluffy.

Here it is what we've tried, and what you need to get your hands on:
♡ SmokeShack
The meat was super tender, so easy to eat, and the applewood bacon was crispy. It was a perfect combination. The red pepper add a little bit of nice kick, however the shack sauce didn't really sound for me.
♡ 'Shroom Burger
Mushroom was super delicious!! It was fried, but did not taste oily. Trytry!

We tried also the shakeshack burger, but that was just meh, it was only a classic burger and that's when you'll feel that it is overpriced.

Cheesefries was so so. The cheese amount is quite generous, i like their type of fries, the good thing is that the fries is not soggy.

For drinks. The lemonade was not recommended by me. I also tried the classic hand-spun shack with salted caramel. The drink was quite heavy i must say. It's sweet as well. But if u really like caramel then i must say that this is a drink for you. || Check review 👇🏼

I came here Thursday night around 7 pm. The line is already long. I think we waited here around 20 minutes less or more. They gave us the menu while queueing.

So here it is what we ordered:

- The Tom Yum Seafood is a must eat if you go to the Thailand restaurant, I think. This is definitely a champion. Nothing was wrong. It’s quite spicy in your throat, but that’s what ‘thai food’ supposed to bring the feel to you. Inside got 1 cherry tomato, 1 prawns, 1 long fish meat, 3 or more (idk) squid. We ordered clear soup one. The taste was good.

- Green Curry Chicken ($8) is quite unique for me, maybe because I’ve never taste it before. The coconut milk is really overpowering the taste for me. Chicken was tender and they gave quite a portion.

- Phad Thai ($6) was surprisingly good. Usually I didn’t like kuetiaw type and so called, but this one has the feel that makes me want to eat and eat again. The portion is also quite worth it.

- Another one was Stir-Fried Minced Pork with Basil ($6), it’s a little bit salty but I like it, the meat and the onion with a little bit of veggie, it’s good if you eat it with rice, or without (for me) hehehe.

- We also tried Sticky Rice Mango ($3), I feel for the price it is super worth it. The mango is not sweet, also the coconut milk, but with the sticky rice, they became a perfect pair. I actually never tried it before, but this one quite make a standard for me.

- Thai Iced Lemongrass ($3) was just so so for me. The taste of lemongrass is not really strong, hmm. Idk if I’m going to purchase again or not. Better try the iced tea

We ordered :
• Berry Bang Cheezo
The blueberries taste did a great job in covering the sourness of strawberry. But no one said that this is too sweet? Actually for me it's quite taste like an artificial. But that didn't stop me from enjoying it though. When u drink it together with the cheese, it's a perfect combination. I really like the cheese🔥

• Lemon Boom
I really like it. It's refreshing, not sweet and not sour. It is just perfect.
Especially on a hot day!

• Grapefruit Boom
The taste is quite sour for my liking, but this is one of the popular drinks to pick!

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