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The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium

This is very good picanha. Quite meaty, there's some inevitable chew but only a reasonable amount, and quite meaty

Props to the super sweet amazingly roasted garlic, that really added to the experience

Perfect medium rare too. No complaints at all for this picanha

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Well I'm not very sure what's the hype about this, it's soft and creamy and decent but is it really crazy memorable?

Idk why this is a starter, it's basically a main. The wagyu beef was basically melt in your mouth, as stewed beef should be, and it's flavourful overall too but there's cognac and that kind of dominates the overall flavour

Too oily and the flavour from the toppings wasn't enough

The elements come tgt well, the basil wasn't too strong after you combine everything and eat in one bite. Rockmelon sorbet was quite pleb, a bit sour and not v sweet, and actl taste like a slightly icy sorbet.

I'm sure there's no additives but there's also no mindblowingness

Not overly salty anymore. The original price was way too much anyway for the quality.

This was more medium well, it's quite a bit more cooked than the previous one. Surprisingly the edges are less charred, only the edges have the nice charred lamb flavour, again the rest of the lamb didn't have any particular flavour.

The black olive sauce the dish came w didn't really pair well either

Asked for medium rare and they delivered, but the centre is chewy still so probably medium is better

Te mana is high overrated, it's not particularly tender and there isn't any particular flavour really.

Also this was too salty but they were very nice and offered a new portion

Can barely taste the herbs. Butter is good on its own, very clean tasting and the saltiness was pleasant.

Bread was slightly charred but it's too dense, not good

Eel on cracker

Avg, even tho they gave a lot of descriptors about wtv the cracker was made of and such

A very very simple dessert, exactly as it sounds

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Consists of choice of starter, donburi, and choice of dessert

The pork collar was somewhat tough, but otherwise it's okay, has a little bit of that fatty crunch and some char as well. Kimchi was sharp and nice, shrooms had wok hei. Mixing everything w the egg really works pretty well, the kimchi's heat takes over but is suppressed by the egg

Overall it's alright, the meat being the main didn't impress as much as it should have. Plus it's only 100g, guess it's alright for the price tho

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It's very creamy, not too special tbh, maybe except that there's a lot of toppings. However it's served seriously hot, I finished my donburi and this still wasn't cool enough to drink properly

Only the most annoyingly accurate, the most painfully truthful reviews.

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