my first (and probably only) true love 🍞🥐🥖🥯
Chew Sher Mein
Chew Sher Mein

I tried going down to Bugis at 5PM to get this viral bun ($3.80), only to be told that it’s sold out. So this time I booked an earlier Bugis spin class so I could come after and buy this bun. Thankfully still had stock.

It comes with a taro flavored crust of some sort. I can’t see any lava inside, maybe it would be flowy if I heated it up. There’s mochi, taro paste and salted egg paste in the bun, so there’s quite a lot going on, but everything balanced each other out. Salty-sweet perfection yums! And of course between stretchy chewy mochi and chunky yam paste, the texture component is down ☺️ the mochi is also rly good, like I got so many good mochi pull shots even with one hand 🖐️

The bread itself is soft and fluffy, but it’s definitely the complex and nuanced filling that takes the spotlight here! Also idk why but there was some flour thing that fell all over my black clothes haha. Still deffos worth a try but do rmb to head down early!

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Crusty in the right parts, soft and fluffy in the right parts, and just tangy and sour enough. Warm steam rose as I tore open the gluten strands, ready to accept its accompaniment, a ridiculously flavourful whipped kombu butter. Yes. This is certainly bread at its very finest.

This is so good!!

I had this warm and straight from the oven. It’s so soft and fluffy, with generous chunks of sundried tomato and feta cheese embedded in the lightly flavoured bread with an incredibly light, tender crumb. I wanted to try this fresh so I didn’t toast or butter it, but I can imagine how good it’s go on a cheese board or with a hummus or avocado dip! The sourish tang is extremely muted, so it’s kid-friendly.

You can have it sliced on the spot, and that’s so convenient! <3

I loved this bread. Its not sourdough based and definitely isn't cheap at $9 but it's just bursting with almonds and cranberries embedded in the dough. You get the crunch and earthiness of the nuts and the sweet, tart flavor of the cranberries. I'm sure it would be good toasted and with butter but I couldn't wait for it to be done so I just ate it by itself every time I walked past the bag haha. It fills me up perfectly and is just really good with coffee.

It's been so so so long since I ate a proper donut. Was so excited to try these fluffy dough rings from Korio since they appeared on Instagram sometime last year.
Managed to try most of their flavors, pre-ordered through their Oddle website:
😋Pandan Gula Melaka
😋White Chocolate with Hazelnut and Coconut
😋Dark Choc with Oreo Crumbles
😋Peanut Butter and Chocolate Drizzle
😋Original glazed
😋Peanut Butter and Jam
They're all so good, it's super hard to choose a favorite. But if I had to, I'd go for the peanut butter with choc drizzle, with is definitely strange cause I'm usually not a fan of peanut butter. But the balance of the salty peanut butter versus the chocolate is irresistible.
A close second is the pandan gula melaka. The pandan flavors come through so strongly and is so unique

Their Easter special, I made sure I pre-ordered this (1 for $5, came in 3 or 9) so I could try my very first hot cross bun.

And yes. It was everything I expected and more. On sourdough brioche dough, there were dates and valrhona milk chocolate and a sticky orange glaze on top. I popped it in the microwave for a couple of seconds to heat it up, and out emerged from the oven the fluffiest, warmest pillow of joy.

The sweetness of the dates paired with the glaze perfectly and there's that slight tanginess from the sourdough base. It's just so, so good.


Having tried and fallen in love with the sourdough at other well-known bakeries, I had high expectations for Fine Dining Bakery. Unfortunately, they were not met.

The bread is kinda chewy and very dense. It's really moist in the center as well. Which is fine, but it just didn't have that airy crumb which I expected sourdough to have. Nor did it have that classic fermented sourdough taste which I was hoping for.

I did like the sweet pop of the raisins and the crunchiness of the pumpkin seeds. But it tasted kinda like a roll form of Gardenia raisin bread. Which is delicious, but not worth $4.50 😅


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Look at the cross section of that egg mayo soaking into the bread! This was the epitome of Japanese taitai indulgence; two super fluffy bread slices with egg mayo jam-packed between them. ($8.50 ala carte)

I love how the egg is not evenly smashed...there are still large chunks of egg yolk and the egg white chunks is chopped into uneven chunks which give it such a homemade feel and taste. The bread isn't soggy and the egg mayo to bread ratio is generous yet proportionate. It's just so comforting biting into one of these super fluffy babies.


Yet another incredibly satisfying post-workout refueling ❤️

This sandwich ($10) is a sourdough burger bun instead of their sourdough roll, and I like it just as much. It's much softer but with the same tanginess and fluffiness.

It's stuffed with a large omelette, avocado, lettuce leaf and tomato slice. I really liked how all the simple ingredients came together in the bun. They were definitely generous with the ingredients. There's also a smear of spicy mayo inside which elevated the sandwich from 'nice but boring' into 'delicious and flavorful'. Especially when paired with their fantastic sourdough.


I know I shouldn't fill up on their bread service. But this is so good and ya girl just loves her bread too much. Fresh and warmed to order with a perfect ratio of soft and fluffy to crunchy and crusty, exactly how I like it. :) it's flavored with some rosemary among other herbs and finished with a sprinkle of cheese.

And the marinara sauce is obviously home-made, it is delightfully tangy and there is none of that artificial syrupy sweetness to it. I spread the sauce like butter and it just gets soaked up by the delicious. 🤤

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This soft, flaky bun ($3.50) is filled to the brim with thick and milky Hokkaido cream.

The bun itself is really pillowy and delightfully layered, like an Asian version of a croissaint. The cream literally erupts out of the bun with every bite, and is sweet and rich but not overly so. I like how the cream harmoniously balances out the airiness of the pastry.

It's quite big too, but doesn't fill you up too much cause of how airy it is.

This is their February weekend toastie ($14) and consists of two slices of sourdough, one spread with cheese and the other with homemade tomato chilli jam, sandwiching some arugula.

Now I love my sourdough generously buttered and toasted as much as the person next door, but the sandwich was a little too greasy for me with the cheese and butter. I loved the chilli jam though. Sweet and mildly spicy, it went perfectly with the sharpness of the cheese.

I wasn't too impressed by the sourdough though, it's got a nice texture but hmm. I feel like I have had better 🤔 Maybe I just prefer a denser, more chewy sourdough.


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I lift 💪🏻 I eat 🍩 I science 🤓

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