Western Dining

Western Dining

Featuring The Coffee Academics (Scotts Square), Fuel Plus+, db Bistro & Oyster Bar (MBS), The Grumpy Bear (Thomson Plaza), Chico Loco, The Malayan Council (Bussorah Street), Jack's Place (Ang Mo Kio), Molten Diners (Upper Thomson), Maneko Japanese Restaurant, Genki Sushi
Cherise <3
Cherise <3

Seasonal oysters:
From Ireland & France. Ireland's oysters were juicy. France's oysters were very smooth. Both types glides down your throat and were amazingly fresh! Score: 9/10

Burgundy Escargots:
The garlic & herb was not as strong as I would like it to be compared to other places I have tried. The pastry puffs were a novelty and a delight, but this dish is not something I will reorder.
Score: 5/10

Seared foie gras:
This dish melts in your mouth! Firm on the outside & soft on the inside. Paired well with walnuts and onion jam that gave it just the right amount of crunch, nutty flavour and sweetness.
Score: 6.5/10

Maine lobster roll:
Soft and buttery roll, packed full of lobster. Good for what you pay for, however I do know a place with equally good taste at a far better value.
Score: 5/10

Tasmanian sea trout:
Very nicely done. Firm on the outside and still tender & juicy on the inside. Paired well with Haricots Verts(French green beans) to balance out the saltiness.
Score: 7/10

Overall: 8/10. Will return because of the excellent service, amazing staff and great ambience!

One word. Amazing. Yes, amazing as usual which is great considering how the quality of great restaurant food tend to dimish over time.

The mentaiko salmon sauce is splendid, just creamy & full of flavour. The salmon, was a little bit on the dry side, but the sauce more than made up for it.

Rating: 9/10. This is a hidden gem.

Delicious, great mouth feel, freshly baked. Great cheese; hot on arrival.

7.5/10. Will reorder. 1 con is that you tend to get thirsty after pizzas.

Taste: both bowls tasted really good. However portion size of meat was small.

Taste: 7.5/10.
Portion size: 6/10.

The Impossible Burger has done it! If you're feeling skeptical about the Impossible Burger after watching reviews on YouTube, come here and try it to believe. It's THAT good.

Burger & sweet potato fries: 8/10. Will reorder no doubt. It's a huge portion, great for the hungry eaters!

3 Meat Pizza has the thinnest crust I've came across. Filled full of yummy mozzarella cheese and toppings, this is a pizza worth re-ordering. That said, it's a tad on the salty side, so watch out for that.

Pizza: 7.5/10.

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Food is 9.5/10. Pasta here is even better than the pasta I make, will return!

Tom yum seafood pasta is just the right amount of creamy & the right amount of sauce without being too much. You can eat the whole plate without getting sick of it. White clams were fresh, however the prawns though large, were mushy. If the prawns were fresher, the dish would have been 10/10. Pasta was very flavourful & not overly spicy, so for people who are afraid of spice, you can give this dish a try. Interesting mix of flavours in this pasta alone. Definitely a must try!

Truffle Salmon Mac & Cheese Pasta.
Flavourful & fragrant. Cheesy & yet not too much such that you'll feel too full after a typical meal with cheese. It's a creamy well-balanced tomato based pasta. Downside is that you don't taste any truffle at all! However, the dish is delicious on it's own.

Food- 9.5/10
Ambience - 7/10.
And the price stated is nett!
Will I return? Yes!

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Barramundi dish was delish. Succulent flesh accompanied with a creamy potato mash. Potato mash was seasoned with something lemony to take away the oiliness of the fish.
Score: 8/10

Salmon dish was a let down. Sides were overdone and slightly dry. Skin was a little too salty for my liking. Potato mash that accompanied was a little stale. It kind of gave the feeling that the mash was plated slightly too early before the salmon was placed on the dish for serving. Too oily, will not re-order.

Wild mushroom soup:
Not bad, but mushrooms in the soup seemed to have been placed in a blender and blended before being served. Truffle flavour mainly came from the the bread in the soup. Soup itself did not impress, have tasted better homemade mushroom soup elsewhere. Reminded me of baby food.
Score: 5/10.

Though food is just a mere pass, service left a lot to be desired.
Waited more than 1 hour before food came. Water only came after being seated for half an hour. And when food was served, it came in the wrong order.

Will I return? Perhaps, but only if you've plenty of patience and time to spare.

Went to The Malayan Council, the one near to ACS junior.

Grilled chicken done well. Juicy on the inside, flavourful throughout. However, it could have been less oily. Meat was tasty enough to savour on it's own without the sauce. The side of sauteed mushrooms was a nice addition, they were tasty but the serving size was too small to make an impact. The fries were done well, fresh and not too salty. Ordered Decadent hot chocolate, think there was some chocolate milk in there with chocolate sauce. Rating 4/5. Will return for the chicken.

Tender juicy steak done just right. Medium steak that's tender, not chewy or rubbery despite being a thick cut. Flavourful throughout entire steak not just the seared parts on the exterior. Butter truffle topping was flavourful and fragrant, though falling a tad on the salty side, but somehow the combination works well. Couldn't taste the truffle however. Will I return? Yes, steak quality is good!

Tender, fragrant chicken with meat that falls off the bones. Meat is juicy, not dry. Yogurt sauce was delicious! Cost with burple 1 for 1 was about $25. Order their ice tea!

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Fish was done well, very fragrant, crispy skin and succulent flesh, not overdone. Yuzu sauce accompanies the fish brilliantly. Had the Mac & cheese and Ratatouille for sides. Ratatouille is kinda "meh" to me, unless you're a big fan of tomato based pasta. Though you can tell that effort has been placed in this side, with probably mixed herbs and it still has some sweetness to it. It still falls pretty flat, so it's not a side I will be reordering. Mac & cheese was well presented, an improvement from the last time. Taste wise seems a bit mellowed down, but passably good enough.

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Had King Salmon, Sea Bass for mains, followed by Spiced Catalan for dessert. Salmon was tender and flavorful, not overly done. The skin was crispy. Great ambience being situated in the Flower Dome.

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