Bakery Cafe

Bakery Cafe

Featuring Mother Dough Bakery, 108 Matcha Saro (Suntec City), Paris Baguette (Jem), Nayuki (VivoCity), Starbucks (Rochester Park), Duke Bakery (CityLink Mall), Duke Bakery (IMM), The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (Jem), BreadTalk (Bugis Junction), Roti Mum (IMM)
Brewed Eats
Brewed Eats

One bun ($1.80)
Mixed 5+1 ($9)

The aroma of freshly baked buns never fail to attract me! Absolute favorite will be the coffee bun - crispy on the top and inside was so soft and fluffy.
They tasted best while it's hot!!!

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Walnut with cream cheese ($4.5)

Got deceived by how pretty the bread was.
However the texture of the bread was really dry and tasteless with dry cream cheese filling.
Totally not worth the money.

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Fish and Chips ($13.50)
Was quite surprised that CBTL do serve good fish and chips with refreshing salad as the side.

Egg white wrap ($5.80)

The usual order : Melted cheese, mushroom and egg white...
Simple and delicious combination!

Mushroom soup in Cup ($5.30)
Korean garlic Baguette ($4.80)

Best combination - well toasted baguette with hot creamy mushroom soup!
Their garlic baguette was one of the favorite in the cafe! It was so crispy on the outside and soft on the inside when it was toasted then dipped it in the mushroom soup! Yum!

That night the mushroom soup was sweeter... Perhaps it was the last few bowls left 😋

Egg O'clock ($1.70)
An innovative combination of Cheddar cheese, an egg in between of chiffon cake which taste very much like egg sponge cake.

Quite tasty but not my cup of tea 😅

Potato Mushroom Chicken w Cheddar Quiche ($6.9)

Yay!! Back to Mother dough for their delicious Quiche!
This quiche was filled with generous mushroom and chicken sausages !

Warning : LONG Q even before 11am (operating hour)!
All worth it for delicious bakes!

Cream cheese Lemon ($4.80)
2nd favorite choice whenever there's craving for Duke.
Soft texture bread filled with generous amount of cream cheeeeese!

Hot Matcha Latte (4.90)
First time trying it with milk...
It will be better if the milk was not so strong as I am unable to taste the matcha
But overall, it was a present cuppa and I will def go back again for a cup of classic hot matcha !

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Golden Mountain black pearl Less sweet ($5.2)
Sweet treat of the day!
Not a fan of bbt but really enjoyed the combination, taste and strong aroma of the tea and milk.

Kimchi Cheese ($4)
One of my favorite in Duke bakery.
Soft texture of the bread with Generous filling.

Mao shan Wang Durian Supreme ($7.80)

Can't resist the strong aroma of the bread !!
Taste good but recommend to share as it feels jelak after awhile.

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