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love the omelette with prawns!!! and the honey chicken and kang kong. food items were all reasonably priced. the sweet sour fish which was around $15 was a bit disappointing as it was rather tough to bite into.

lunch time sets were really worth it!

the egg was thick and really fluffy. green curry was really lemak as well!

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simple and no frills eatery just a stone away fr upper thomson mrt!

tried their signature tom yum claypot and i think it’s pretty good. you can choose ur spiciness and sourness levels from 1-3 and we opted for level 1 for both.

there were pork belly slices, 2 prawns, meat ball and a clam? and an egg. noodles were not over cooked either.

enjoyed the basil pork rice too, esp since it was served w the onsen egg

also opted for a less sweet version of the thai green milk tea. could taste the fragrance of it.

prices were pretty reasonable, claypot was around $14 and their rice dishes were priced below $10.

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came with 2 prawns and 2 squids
rice was abit on the wetter side, which i didn’t mind. a tad salty but overall still an edible plate

first time here to try out their boat noodles! you can choose btw 2 soup bases - tom yum and herbal and also the ingredient - pork/ beef ball, pork/ beef slices, prawns. oh and you get to choose the type of noodle as well!

i would say it’s worth a try but their other sides and mains outshone the boat noodles.

Get their roasted pork and green curry rice(not featured here)!!! Green curry was super lemak and prob the best dish of the night !! came with a runny egg as well 👌🏻

Milk green tea had a good balance of sweetness which i enjoyed

Egg noodles were cooked until q soft, not suitable for those who like their noodles qq. Also the bacon that was on top of the noodles were quite hard. I expected it to be crispy... oh and there’s this black pepper taste. I would skip this next time

There were a total of 3 sticks with 2 sets of bacon wrapped w enoki mushrooms per stick!!

Personally I loved this combo. But they actually drizzled the thai sweet sauce over it which I didn’t really enjoy. Shd have it as a dipping instead.

Basil pork was really good with just a tinge of spicyness.

Runny egg would have been better.

Fried rice was moist and slightly spicy.
Had ard 3 prawns inside.

Their prawn omelette was fluffy and they used mini prawns inside.

Green curry was thick, creamy and not very spicy. Pineapple rice was not bad.

Pricing here was quite reasonable, slightly pricier as compared to Nakhon kitchen.

Decent portion and enough wok hey in this dish.


c n

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i love pastas and pizzas!

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