📍Quebec City, Canada

📍Quebec City, Canada

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Melissa Chee
Melissa Chee

From the favourites menu - the intermediaire is served with 2 eggs, 2 bacons, 2 sausages, 1 ham or 1 bologna together with potatoes, toast, and coffee or tea.

Nothing fancy about this breakfast, just good ol’ comforting breakfast staples with fried potatoes!

Best choice for those who really can’t make up their minds - the Brunch Populaire comes with 2 eggs (done any style), 2 bacons, 2 sausages, ham or bologna, beans, creton, crepe and french toast. All egg plates come with coffee or tea, potatoes and toast unless otherwise stated.

For CAD13.20, this is a real huge spread and comes with both savoury and sweet options! While nothing in the plate was particularly outstanding, everything was a solid breakfast/brunch offering though the crepe was more of a pancake and the French Toast was quite soft. We ordered the eggs scrambled, but they were cooked through, still good anyway. The beans were quite sweet, but smelt delicious. The fried potatoes are so crispy and addictive, but they fill you up really fast. The creton seemed like a chicken pate, but I’m not sure what it was. It was served cold, soft and paste-like, with some chunks of meat. Not my favourite, but also not unbearable.

Nothing mind blowing here, just good comforting breakfast food in a small town at very affordable prices.

Freshly toasted bread with a choice of white or brown bread served in a bread basket. All the toasts are buttered on one side, and are delightfully crispy.

These are perfect with the spreads below (jam, peanut butter, caramel), or for you to construct your own sandwich with your order.

Hidden at the bottom of the bread basket, I found this lone little gem of a spread. I was worried it’d be too sweet since it was caramel, but it went surprisingly well with the toast. The spread is super thick, so you probably would require some effort to spread it on bread, but it’s worth it especially on Eggscrepes’ hot toast!

Stopped by this small town for 1 hour for lunch and we chanced upon Eggscrepes next to Wei Wah buffet that the tour group went to. Service was extremely brisk, yet friendly. The sole waitress in the restaurant was extremely efficient, spoke fluent English, but was never rude.

The menu is very extensive, and comes with both French and English translations. It took a bit of time to look through the menu because there’s just so many options, but we finally decided on these three. It’s amazing that such a huge spread only cost us CAD42 with tax. The food was prepared very quickly as well as we received everything within 5 minutes of ordering, all piping hot!

Wish we had more time to look through the menu, but this was an awesome local meal. For those who can’t make up their mind like myself, I recommend the Brunch Populaire which comes with a bit of everything.

I didn’t order this but our lovely barista was apologetic for making us wait 5 minutes for the wrap and egg bites, she added this in FOC when delivering the food to us in the parlour area! How amazing is that? I really love Starbucks service (in most places), and this is just another shining example of how well-trained and customer-oriented the baristas are.

I’m not a fan of cake pops because they’re really sweet, especially with the chocolate coating but I made an exception for this one thanks to the service. The interior of the chocolate coated cake pop was fudgey and super chocolatey, there was even some caramel in there. It wasn’t as sweet as I’d feared, though it did crumble and fall off the stick after our second bite. Not too bad! Would buy for an occasional bite-sized sweet treat!

I’ve been wanting to try this wrap for a while and finally managed to do so! The friendly staff gave us a heads up that the sandwiches and wraps would take at least 5 minutes as their grill was still heating up (it was 6am and they had just opened) before we ordered, but we were pleasantly told to take a seat in the parlour next door.

The friendly wait staff came to deliver the food to us personally and the wrap was piping hot! The first bite was amazing as the wrap was crispy, and the fillings were super flavourful. They are salty when eaten on their own, but perfect to go with the wrap. The macros and nutrition on this wrap are not too shabby either, so if you’re looking for a light and healthy meal or snack, Starbucks has your back.

I’m loving that Starbucks USA & Canada carry Greek Yogurt cups in addition to their own yogurt parfaits. These make Greek Yogurt accessible at most hours, especially when supermarkets aren’t open at 6am.

My first time having this brand of yogurt and I didn’t realise that all the blueberry was actually right at the bottom of the cup until I reached the bottom. I guess you’re supposed to mix everything well together, but this cup also works great for those that just want plain yogurt - just avoid the base with all the fruit purée. The blueberry layer was very sweet, which would have balanced the tart yogurt, but I’m used to eating my Greek yogurt plain, and this brand didn’t taste that sour, so I was happy for that separation and enjoyed the yogurt on its own. Pick this up at a Starbucks or in the supermarket, not the healthiest brand with the best macros out there, but good enough for a quick fix.

This Starbucks outlet is located right at the base of Fairmont hotel chateau in old Quebec. They’re open from 6am to 5pm, but you aren’t getting a quick entry into the Fairmont from here as you need a card key to unlock the double doors to the hotel.

Ordered a cappuccino and some food for an early start to the day at 6.10am. The female staff were cheery and spoke some English (one was much better than the other). We were instructed to wait in the saloon next door, which was beautifully decorated with antique furnishings and portraits. The cappuccino was prepared promptly and served directly to our table by the friendly barista.

Despite the great service, the beverage was lacklustre. My first impression of it was good due to the light and creamy foam, but the coffee was weak and didn’t have much of a roast. I do like Starbucks coffee usually, so maybe it’s just an outlet or opening timing issue.

A new variant of the Sous Vide Egg Bites sweeping Canada and USA is the Ham & Cheddar combination, it’s slightly less sinful than the bacon and Gruyere egg bites so it caters to those who want some eggs without having to settle for the egg whites only. I love how crusty the egg bites are when they’re freshly prepared and hot! They have a slight crunch outside which gives way to a soft, cheesy interior. It’s not too salty, and can be eaten on its own, or on a piece of bread or cracker if you like. They aren’t stingy with the cubed pieces of ham, which are soft and flavourful. I’ve been loving the sous vide egg bites on this side of the world and really really hope they bring these to Singapore soon!

Located along the boardwalk in old town Quebec City, Au 1884 is a quaint and lovely place to stop for a sandwich, pastry, drink, or dessert. In addition to soft serves and sundaes, they have a small selection of gelatos available. When we visited, there was pistachio, dark chocolate, chocolate hazelnut, lemon and salted caramel. There are many dessert shops in the lower town, and I entered many of them, but ultimately walked back to this one because it was the only shop with pistachio gelato. It’s definitely cheaper to order the large cup, as the petite comes with only one flavour for CAD4, whereas the medium comes with two flavours for CAD5, and the large comes with three flavours for CAD6.50. All prices are tax-inclusive.

Service is almost non-existent, you’re instructed to head to the cashier counter to place your order. The staff just pretends you’re invisible until you’re right in front of them. Anyhow, we were promptly given a messily scooped cup of gelato with our three flavours of choice - pistachio, chocolate hazelnut and salted caramel. The texture of the gelato was lusciously smooth and creamy, and the pistachio flavour was positively delicious. So much nuttiness, and not too sweet. While the chocolate hazelnut was not bad too, it did become a little too sweet after a few bites. What none of us enjoyed was the salted caramel which had chunks of solid caramel in it as it was just a load of sugar, and no hint of salt at all. Perhaps more suitable for a true caramel lover with a sweet tooth, but not for us.

If you’re looking for a place to stop or grab something to munch or drink while walking the boardwalk in beautiful Quebec City, I definitely recommend Au 1884 as you get a gorgeous river view whether you’re seated in the cafe, at the river front, or in the pavilion above the cafe.

Quite a wide selection of pastries available at this beautiful cafe - there’s a choice of savoury or sweet scones. We went for the savoury scone which comes with spinach and cheese. Love how crusty it is on the outside, and the biscuit-like texture on the inside. I did feel it could’ve been better with more moisture, but the taste was good and my mom enjoyed this a lot so it just depends how you like your scones.

Always biding my time to my next meal. Everything in between just serves to kill time.

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