Stopped by this small town for 1 hour for lunch and we chanced upon Eggscrepes next to Wei Wah buffet that the tour group went to. Service was extremely brisk, yet friendly. The sole waitress in the restaurant was extremely efficient, spoke fluent English, but was never rude.

The menu is very extensive, and comes with both French and English translations. It took a bit of time to look through the menu because there’s just so many options, but we finally decided on these three. It’s amazing that such a huge spread only cost us CAD42 with tax. The food was prepared very quickly as well as we received everything within 5 minutes of ordering, all piping hot!

Wish we had more time to look through the menu, but this was an awesome local meal. For those who can’t make up their mind like myself, I recommend the Brunch Populaire which comes with a bit of everything.