staCey: 7.68/11 ~ for me!!! we ordered takeaway for special bday celeb~ the loBster was jUicyyyy n meats were flavourful!! food need to be heated uP for maxiMUM YUMMMinest!!! excellent serviCe bY deliVery people too :~)

ethEL: 8.2/12 ! thnx 2 stacey’s fam 4 providing me dinner <3 variety of meat was plentiful and lobster meat was sooo sweet n juicY ! rly efficient and meticulous delivery service ! overall was suuuper y0ms hope 2 try d restaurant irl soon ~~

we got the bowl w steak n the other w PUlled pork~~ (7$ each afT burppppPppPpler!)

8/11 licia r8s; IT IS DAMN YUMZ luv the kale muShcrrom n steak blend n the egg all tGt was damn worTh w 141, tried a lil of ninGs the pullEd pork n it was suPz soft but still goT resistance u gets n was rly well marinated also! coffees grEEeAt! chill plaCe to be in too :~)

8.5/11 ningS r9s; lovovov d well seasoned pulled puRk !!!! suPr tender & didn’t think tht d avo wld go well w rICE ?? but it actl complements d disH p well hehe and can eat w d breD like croissant like thiNG ~ rly reccomD esp w burpple 1fur1 wah sibei wortH !!

lasellacafella sem rating as last timE cox ordered same ting but dis time w drinGk honestly i think thAt aliciu’s meal p worth so mayb next time can trY d rice bowls instead of D brunch menus ~~

omG yeet didn’t know burpple had 1-1 here LMAOZ rice bowls here made cheaper with butpple and also near the mrt so conveniENT! ~~ we got d brunch muffin and the surf n turf which was p yumZ! xdxd good study spot!


beli sTrong coffee but datS how i liek it hehe xd loV burpple 1for1 4r makin diS affordable <33


got 2x cafe latte; stronk coffee loV d mix between coffee n miLk not bad q worth location convenient againZzz!!!!!

NINGZ: supr gyud d beef ohmYmyMy d wagyu portion was so generouSly given & and the sauce w the rice and beef wah oooOmph honestly nothin myCh speciAl abt the salmon don but oveRaLL truly damn worth leyh ~~

LEE: the beef one was supER GUD I love bEef cooked righT and was chewy n soft at the same timeright combi n aMt of d sauces also hehe wouLD COME BACK 4 d bEEF BOWL AGAIN (1-1 makes it Super worth iT!!!!) the salmon was okkkk thought would b the sashimi rice but iZ normal rice instead!! but alls swiKkKk is worth it n damn ez to find the location :—) can fiTe w rakki

liU 7/11

seaFud carbonara p creamy & cheesy but not until will eaT until gelat so alls gUd !!!!! rly tasty and honestly plate a lil big 4 d pasta lMaU but it’s actl more filling than i thOt !!! drinks that the 1-1 deal is p restricted but can’t complain when u have a discount !!!! noice plAze wld com bak 2 chill ~~

Lii 7.3/11
I like d bAlanCe the tomatO sauCE CFUD PASTA GAVE AND THEY ALSO HV aLllLllLlOt of Liao! rt ningz abt d drinks hehe buT server wUs q a joke so made expEriencE more yEETZ :~)

LEE! 8/11.,!)(
lUvlouVLuv1!!1!1!!!!! rakki fricking loml truly goto, sashimi was silkY n q fatty miluV! also good liao:rice ratio! supEr satisfieS! wuLd come here with or wo buRppLE buT huRPPLE MAKES IT SO! MUCH! MORE! WORTH 🤩🤩🤩

LIEW?¿ 9/11

baK here aft soh lonG mm much missUs ~ salmon like lighTy cUked suuuper tender much feels like cleansing my souL from sKooLz alSo rly liked d variety of sashimi one of D buolZ heh much lUv 2 burpple 4 making it sOh affordable leyh !!!

llLllLlLlong awaiiiited! but we got there mentaiko pasta n salmoN bowwwlll at dual near Bugis!

would give it a 8/11!! the bowl was really filling w Super a lot of liao n a generous portion of salmon, salmon was well cooked n mooooiST N the other Liaos were Super well seasoned esp the carrots n potTatZ : ) also got choice of white/ brOwn ris so HEALTH! would liken this to pickleville buT is cheaper here n location more accessible~~~

5.6/11 for mi !! mentaiko taste iS nice and also w d extra lil red stUf in top complements d pasta !! but honestly it was a lil gelaT towards d end as d taste of mentaiko rly p strong mm v filling meal but nOt v satisfactory as it made my tumtum a lil weird aft eating tHat HAHAH but still worth a try !!!

we got the holEe gUacc n cheer n whiSkers!

xiao hUi!
8/11 4 mi!!!! the whiskErs was p good imo!! beef quite juicy n tender n right amt of cheese so ilove!!! frieS were crispy w the right amtZ hehe and it’s halal too!!! the place has rly gUuUd vibes n staffthat served us was noiice wuLD COME Bck again ~~~

xiau ninGx!
7/11 !! jalapeño in d burger was lil spicY 4 mi mm grilled chix cld b a lil less buRnt !! normally don’t eat fries but i must say d fries are actl q nice - not too solty but not tasteless HAHAH tried xiaohui’s beef buRg which was not bad as d patty wasn’t too dry but not tOo oily either !! buT if u like guacamole or meXican tastes , d guacamole burG is right 4 u !!!!!

we got the banana dance scrunch n mango delight!

would give it a 6.9/11! the portion isn’t that big and it isn’t too icy but wasn’t too creamy either, wouldn’t have it as a go to because of the toppings (for the mango) I rly liked the nutty one doe bcos the macadamia goes well w the açai : ) the cranberries w the mango delight were abit too much : ( But other than that quaint little place and not too crowded! so pre cute

gave my lil review in my list alr hehe this was mi second time havin it !!! :-)

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got d muchacho wrap & salmon wikiwiki

xiao ninja :

p big portion !!! there was like 99% of veg inside so kinDa felt like i was a cOw moo chixken was p well seasoned and sauce drizzled in the wrap was p tasty tOoO !! d mung beans and corn trulyY complemented d other flavors mmhm a lil spicY tho but overall is not bad :-)

不错! but like ^ sUuUuuUper biiig portion for mi 2! the jalapeño was a lil spice plus the kimchi wahhh abit over powering but generous portion of well seasoned salmon n brown rice made it worth it hehe

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OK BEFORE WE START THIS REVIEW,: may i just say thAT limbu was 1xdistracted fretting over whether they accepted cashless payment mtds (which they do) bcos guy in front of me changed mode of payment SO DIDNT NOTIFY THE CASHIER THAT WAS USING 1-1 but ok we still doing the review bcos bcos xx

We got the teriyaki chix n mala pork! (Wanted the smoked salmon but they ran out so the earlier u go the better I Guess!)

7/11!!! the bowls are of the right portion so won’t eat until burst u feel the chicken was soft (like well cooked) n tasty loVvVvV! the mala was rly mala sia like i thought would be tamer n didn’t prep my heart but all’s gOod! flavourful bowls at @ vvvVvV affordable prices (even wo the 1-1 :/( ) HEHE also a short walk frm mrt so convenient! rECImmEnd!

7.2/11 hehe d teriyaKi chix was v tender and wellcOoked and plus d egg mmhMmm d mala pork was p spici 2 mi but at least it lived up 2 it’s name right !!! honestly isn’t rly worth d 10 over dollas and would b more affoRdable w d 1for1 but it’s oki it’s still worth a trY !!!!


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