Places I’ve Visited

Places I’ve Visited

Featuring Glasshouse by DHM, FIRST GRILL Gastronomic, Myung Ga II (Bukit Timah Plaza), Dunkin’ Donuts (HarbourFront Centre)
Daniel Wong
Daniel Wong

I don’t typically go out of my way to write a review, but the baby lamb rack (half) that I ordered left us with such an impression that we had to. Cooked to a perfect medium, seasoned with just the right amount of salt, and crusted on the edges, it may just be the best you can get for the price - coming so, so close to the experience you’d get at barbecue places and family restaurants overseas.

The Iberico pork ribs impressed too, however, closer to the bone, there were some traces of ‘fridge flavour’, that fortunately dissipated towards the tip - which was a display of soft & tender meat and the juiciest of fats that, when savoured, melted and filled our mouths with incredible flavour.

The servers were really friendly, polite, and prompt as well. In many ways, the experience mirrored that of what you’d receive in an American diner - expect prompt service, regular check-ups on your well-being and happiness, and plenty of smiles.

We polished the meat off the bones for both dishes. If you’re looking for a place that serves up a faithful rendition of American barbecue fare, it would only be fair to say that First Grill lives up to the expectation and standard of one.

Being one of the few places locally that serve this Korean dish, they spare no expense in their portions and taste. It’s exactly what I hoped it to be, and my sister who lives in Korea agreed on its authenticity too.

We also ordered the Kimchi pancake, along with the Jjamppong. The jjamppong was excellent for Singaporean standards (and good by Korean standards), but the Kimchi pancake surprised us all with its light yet flavourful profile. We devoured that in minutes.

Overall, a great Korean restaurant. Will be back again.


…the coffee wasn’t filled to the cup despite me ordering a large, unlike at their other outlets. Overall still a steal, but a bit of a bummer.

As a group of 5, we had 4 of their signature steaks and one of their NY Bacon Burgers. Do note that the free items will be of the lowest values.

The food, overall, was good, but not outstanding. The sauce is reminiscent of a mushroom soup infused with aged cheese and does have its appeal. Most of us enjoyed the sauce. The steak, on the other hand, is perhaps the most divisive part of our meal. It just wasn’t great - a little on the stiff side, and inconsistent in the done-ness (my friend who ordered medium got a medium rare, and another got medium rare when they ordered medium. Perhaps they had a miscommunication?)

The burger - tough bacon, stiff bun, but good meat.

Overall, it’s a mix. I can’t say I was disappointed overall (there were upsides) but there were just one too many transgressions.

Food - 3.5/5
Ambience - 4/5 (the view is supposedly nice but the curved glass distorts it)
Service - 2.5 (this hurts, really. It is true that they turn to a black face the moment that you mention Burpple Beyond)
Value - 4/5 if you have Beyond, but otherwise, only if you really want to try the steak.

As my friend put, “the 1-1 saved the place.”

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