As a group of 5, we had 4 of their signature steaks and one of their NY Bacon Burgers. Do note that the free items will be of the lowest values.

The food, overall, was good, but not outstanding. The sauce is reminiscent of a mushroom soup infused with aged cheese and does have its appeal. Most of us enjoyed the sauce. The steak, on the other hand, is perhaps the most divisive part of our meal. It just wasn’t great - a little on the stiff side, and inconsistent in the done-ness (my friend who ordered medium got a medium rare, and another got medium rare when they ordered medium. Perhaps they had a miscommunication?)

The burger - tough bacon, stiff bun, but good meat.

Overall, it’s a mix. I can’t say I was disappointed overall (there were upsides) but there were just one too many transgressions.

Food - 3.5/5
Ambience - 4/5 (the view is supposedly nice but the curved glass distorts it)
Service - 2.5 (this hurts, really. It is true that they turn to a black face the moment that you mention Burpple Beyond)
Value - 4/5 if you have Beyond, but otherwise, only if you really want to try the steak.

As my friend put, “the 1-1 saved the place.”