#burpplebeyond Journey

#burpplebeyond Journey

All 1-for-1 !! Yum & great deal!! 🤓😊🤟
Kugel Kaffee
Kugel Kaffee

This Thai eatery in the food allay Toa Payoh kept us wait for 1 hour in total for these dishes. 😱

The whole experience has been a let down from start to finish. The staff keeps ignoring when you check with them after 45 mins wait and when we get our order at 1 hour (no cutlery on the table)🍴

We know that Burpple Beyond deal might make it attractive in price point ($12 in total for 2 dish and rice) but there are other Thai food stalls in hawker center that serve tastier and more authentic Thai food PLUS you don’t have to lose your cool.🤓

You might have better luck than us. We would give it a miss next time we are in the Food Alley.

A classic Mazesoba for those who are not into the minced pork. It comes with bamboo shoot, spring onion and seaweed too. 7% GST & 10% service charge applied. Gotta try this place if you are in
Novena area

This is the second place that we used up all Burpple Beyond deals (4 deals). The first place is “Wow Tako” a takoyaki stall in Ion Orchard basement. It means that we love the taste of food in these places so much! The spring onion is generous and so as the minced pork. The Soba noodle is upsized at no cost. The ambience is great. We can’t ask for anything more only perhaps more deals please! 🙏😅

Not as bold in spice level as Chai tea (as it is a honeybush with Vanilla). It is a mild sweet scent that make us forget the moment for a while. 🤓 Pity that the staff gave us wrong order as we ordered African Sunrise tea ‘latte’ not tea but we didn’t send it back. The tea pot bottom has some tea stain but we will give it a benefit of doubt. Overall a nice experience but staff’s small attention to detail could improve the experience.

Just been here last month and we are back here again cos the ambience is perfect for a quick catch up before holidays! 😇
The nitro cold brew flavour is not as intense as Starbucks but refreshing enough! No complain at all and we use #burpplebeyond so we are not charged for this lower valued drink. 🤘

It might look like any other club sandwich at a glance. This is a friend’s order so we just do a point click and shoot! 😆 When you look for CLUB “Chicken Lettuce Under Bacon” 🥓, you got it and perhaps more! (We don’t mean only tomato, mayo). One happy friend who has this doesn’t regret her unusual choice for breakfast! 😁
💰 Using Burpple Beyond, we pay for all food & drink just $20 for 2 persons.
🤘 Surprised that they only charged GST but no service charge given their better than elsewhere friendly service.
⏰ Open hour 9:30 am-7 pm
🥺 Looking for Supreme Court wing not to get lost in the museum (we got a museum staff who helps pointing out)

A good honey lemon that is neither too sweet Nor too sour. Served either hot or cold. Healthy choice!! 💪
P.S. place order at their counter

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After having Malay food at Penang culture, we look for this ice cream place to cleanse our palette. The location is a bit tricky (just walk towards the end of food corner and you shall find them). The matcha soft serve is nice though not very strong matcha scent coming out.
Note that Burpple deal (1 for 1) includes soft-serve (3 flavours): Hokkaido milk 100%, matcha and strawberry | creme brûlée but not include gelato.


‘Ngo Hiang’ (Five spice pork roll) Penang version: meat (minced pork & prawn) & vegetable rolled in bean curd skin. We enjoy this dish the most compared to the other 2 dishes we have here. It is moist & aromatic. Served with cucumber, fried tofu and 2 types of sauce: sweet chilli and dark sauce.
💰 For Fave first time user, can get $2 off
💸 7% GST and 10% service charge

Another sweet spot to check out after meal in Bishan. It’s a bit tricky to locate the place as the shop is tucked behind the CPF Bishan. However once you can locate it, you can enjoy the so called “Best Gelato in Singapore”.
As usual, we sample their gelato ice-cream in
various flavours and settled with ‘Persian Prince’ and ‘Mango, Blood Orange and Kombucha’. Originally we want to go for ‘Whisky & Salted peacan Brittle’ 🥃 Pitifully, we were told that this flavour is not included in the BurppleBeyond 1for1.
Nonetheless the 2 flavours we picked are so refreshing, so natural and we did really enjoy the flavour combination (sweet saffron & almond VS sour from mango/orange)🥭 We couldn’t find water nearby but we are pretty sure they have it somewhere.
Tips: Empty shop at early lunch time. 🤘

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✔️ Comfy seating
✔️ Nice ambience
✔️ Cozy drinks (the matcha latte is on point plus the Chai & Rooibos blend is 🌟)
This coffee bean & tea leaf plaza Singapura outlet ticks all the right box with a 💯 score that we can use Beyond 1-for-1. Happy Friday foodie pals!

Those who prefer classic dry ramen will go for this one. The char siew, onsen egg, sliced seaweed and bamboo shoot are similar to the soupy one. As usual, there is a miso soup side and upsize is free. 👌
NOTE: 7% GST and 10% service charge applies. Using Burpple beyond, we normally pay $15 for 2 persons | 2 bowls (when we don’t order any drinks) 🤑

Healthy foodie obsessed w/ ☕️ 🍫 Instagram: @kugelkaffee Follow our Live! Food journey on IG!! 🎊

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