Local Delights, Fast Food

Local Delights, Fast Food

Featuring Dumpling Darlings (Amoy Street), Lai Lai Taiwan Casual Dining (City Square Mall), Wild Market, Orh Gao Taproom (Serene Centre), Nishiki Tako (ION Orchard), BigBrand Satay & Grill
Zhengyu Chua
Zhengyu Chua

As the name suggest, this came right after the mediocre Satay we had. Its a Nasi Lemak. I would personally choose this over their Satay any time.
Huge thighs, well marinated. After slicing through, steam came out and the meat are juicy, succulent and flavourful. What more can I ask for to end the day with it.

Damage: $19.80

As we used burpple deal, we were charged the mediocre Satay on price instead.

Unsure if I would return for the Satay, but if I'm around here and famished, I would order this only.


They have 3 types here. Namely Signature, Special & Singapore (Fruity).
Signature are separated pieces of lean and fat pierce onto the sticks.
Special are lean & fatty blended.
Signature are sweet type supposedly for Singaporean tastebud. Hmm really?

Anyway we had the Pork Special ($26.80) and all I could say was meh~ Paying premium but each stick was small and taste average. Not something I would go back specifically for. I personally believe lau pat sat or even some hawkers satay might taste much better.

I would skip this if I ever come back here.

With the 1-1, I recommend the fried chicken nasi lemak instead, really.

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For such an ordinary bowl of noodles, it is not worth it even with Burrple Beyond.

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Nestled nearby our SG UNESCO heritage site and chanced upon this nifty hangout place.

Before 6pm and you get Killiney kopitiam food like fishball noodle and comes night it turns into a bar, so let's talk about food!

Cajun roasted chicken leg: nice charred roasted chicken leg and comes with salad and fries. Personally finds the chicken worth the money compare to pasta. Its moist on the inside as well. Slightly oily on the base though.

Aglio olio: Definitely smaller portion. I could order another portion if not for the extreme long wait for our food when its actually quite empty there with us the only one ordering food. Taste wise, its average to me. Added bits of bacon at $2 and they don't add any element of touch to tastebud. Disappointed with this dish.

Sticky date & toffee pudding: Good but we find it too sweet

Dirty mantou: Fried mantou but pairing with condensed milk, its still for the sweet tooth. We prefer dipping fried mantou into chili crab sauce instead.

Overall, had an average meal albeit comes with a quiet scene and nice ambient good for dates looking to chill out and chit chat or anyone looking to try their brews.

High point: service is attentive and serves you with their patience and smiles. Brightens up your day.

Low point: Food serves extremely slow. We were the only one ordering food and it still took like eternity (almost 20mins before the mains is ready) and another 15mins (with prompting) for desserts to be served. If you don't mind the wait with your date, I guess it works. But probably not for us who went in starving and have to wait even longer.

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Typical standard, average meal but huge portion especially on rice department. Cost $8.90, its worth the price when going with beyond 1-1

Average noodles tossed in oil. Just go for the dumplings.

Aburi Cheese - Takos served on a bed of melty cheese! Perfect for cheese lovers!

Chilli Crab - Spicy yet unique combination! Generous serving of Chilli Crab topping was a plus! Worth a try!


Fat is flavour

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