Michelin Starsssss

Michelin Starsssss

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The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium

Chef very graciously gifted me w this dish after he had learnt that there was a small hair in the manchego. Really appreciate the gesture

They use Amalfi lemons which are fragrant, juicy and sweet. There's lemon flavours coming from all directions, be it the ice cream, the foam, the cake or the zest. It is sour, but it isnt overpoweringly so due to a layer of white chocolate underneath the lemon ice cream which is barely perceptible.

The "rocks" were white chocolate as well if I understood the staff correctly, and the cake was brushed w vodka giving it an additional pleasurable dimension.

Overall, very safe option and nothing too crazy.

What u expect actl. Nothing special, dark chocolate was not v sweet. Bread was v crunchy. I guess it's more a surprise if u didn't know what the ingredients are

Beer ice cream, banana textures, (salted)caramel

I don't take alcohol so it was changed to malt ice cream for me. The ice cream itself had a nice depth of flavour, tho the malt taste wasn't super obvious

Banana cake was okay, I like the banana foam as I love burnt banana. Salted caramel was delicious too

Overall it's the satisfying dessert you expect

Look up at the board for the special!!
Can't believe I was sitting right underneath it for an entire hour and didn't understand how they keep bringing out dishes not on the menu LOL

First time trying carabinero and absolutely blown away. The sweet flesh had a superb bounce, it's as sweet as amaebi I had recently but it's savoury as well. The head is so full of flavour, it's condensed clean prawniness. There isnt the bitterness and/or fishiness that most prawn heads have. Something to behold, really so good that you wanna mop up the entire bowl of oil.

Ridiculously value for money, I can't believe I'm having a legit carabinero for 14++. They're almost a charity, can't imagine the profit margin on this dish >< >

CHOICE OF MAIN, the other was octopus. For the starters u get all 4, no need to choose

To me, another absolute winner. The lamb jus looks clear but it's actl v thick. The lamb itself was special, tasted like chicken/fish the first 2 bites. I definitely wouldn't think it's lamb if you didn't tell me, before the familiar aroma came thru in a few more bites.

The pickled shimeji was another stunner. I expected a more one dimensional taste, and it contributing only texture, but it's so much more than that due to the full flavours.

What's most stunning is the new sparks that arise when you eat different combinations of the various components. The jus and the cous cous actl reminded me of xiaolongbao, not sure why(probably cos of the baby chives). The cous cous and the aubergine actually produced a very clean flavour, even tho the aubergine was simply grilled and scraped off. It's really as if any two components produced a new taste that's unexpected.

The sauce was curry-esque, and it's quite aptly put by the side as it doesn't fall into the theme of the dish, though the strong cumin taste does go well with lamb expectedly. I would advise simply pairing the sauce w the lamb only, after you're halfway thru the meat and basically done with the other things on the plate.

The pork jowl was basically perfect. It was ridiculously tender, it's barely solid and waiting to explode in your mouth. Crispy skin as well. It's so full of flavour from the brining I really didn't understand why it needs a sauce. Alas, my fear came thru and I found the sauce very strong, overpowering the pork jowl. My advice is to just pick up the pork jowl and put it in your mouth, the side that touches the sauce brings just enough sauce to accompany the meat(rather than dump and coat pork with the sauce as I'm so used to doing)

The pickled pear was v juicy and there's probably some alcohol. Really good, especially coming from someone who doesn't like pears.

However, the flavours were very similar to the previous dish. The heat(chipotle), the umami sauce, the tanginess, the sweetness. On their own each is deserving of a star for the restaurant and representative of the standard of the restaurant, however when served back to back make them seem like a one trick pony(when they're obviously not)

The restaurant week menu is really very worth it, because the individual plates would be almost double this price(no doubt with possibly bigger portions, but their portions are tiny apparently anyway)

The aji amarillo(yellow pepper sauce) was stunning, boasting complexity and tanginess. There were so many flavours going on, including the supreme sweetness of the sweet potato and the heat from the paprika which left my mouth tingling at the end of this dish. The puffed rice provided umami and textural contrast as well. This dish really shows why they are one Michelin star, there's so much going on and it's so good.

However I feel the quail egg is out of place. While I understand that there needs to be another texture, the quail egg seems to be an odd choice as it doesn't really add much to the dish. Wasn't smoky either.

Other than that, the dish is very very good and definitely a must try

Supposed to be croqueta but I don't take deep fried food so I requested a change. Usually they only change for religious reasons btw, so take note it's a little bit of trouble

Not the biggest fan of manchego, tho the bread was super super crispy and the olive oil+tomato combination was q interesting, tastes v fruity

Supposed to be thyme and onion bread but they ran out. The sourdough was good, nice crust and soft, kinda cake-like in the chewiness. The paprika butter though was full of umami and had a nice tang, I tot there was tomato in there at first. From the description there's onion? In the butter even tho the cook told me there's just paprika. Would like to believe the menu tho, because of the well rounded flavour

The flatbread was very crispy even after the journey, but the taramasalata here was very plain. The greens couldn't be tasted as well. Truthfully I feel if it was replaced with mayo I wouldn't taste the difference. Everyone else had a good experience with the creamy roe tho so I'm pretty sure it's a one-off.

Pork isn't those that is slathered in a strong dark sauce, rather, it's kept quite "plain". Delicious and well-executed, and rather worth it for its price. Don't expect anything life-changing and you're good to go

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Airy and cake-like exterior, without the bite. However taking away is not recommended, the crust becomes difficult to tear apart and chew. Butter could be abit more salted

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