Michelin Starsssss

Michelin Starsssss

Featuring Burnt Ends, Esquina, Meta Restaurant, Alma by Juan Amador, Shisen Hanten (四川饭店) by Chen Kentaro, Cheek Bistro, Basque Kitchen by Aitor, Imperial Treasure Fine Teochew Cuisine (ION Orchard), The Song of India
The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium

Yeah this was pretty good, the banana cream was strong

Overall, some dishes were good but nothing was great, not very innovative nor was it very Korean even and way too overpriced for the quality. Yes I know they have good reviews but that's before they got their first star and the prices skyrocketed

Makgeolli bread

Nothing special, tasted like Chinese fermented alcohol cake

Corn crisps w corn cream was alright, the crisp lingers in your mouth too long

The main dessert was corn ice cream, caramel, popcorn which was light, raw Hokkaido white corn and corn custard. White corn was juicy and overall it was pleasant

Beetroot w finger lime, beetroot sorbet w shiso

The earthiness of beetroot is strong but the strength of the citrus and the shiso rounded everything nicely. Overall pretty surprising execution and you can sense the thought that went into balancing the flavours

Eggplant puree and burdock rice were both way too buttery

The lamb from Western Australia was utterly tender though. The most tender I've had, it's similar to tenderloin actl. Nice crisp on top as well. Crisp disappears quickly though so you don't have time to waste.

The leaf dumpling w mushroom Ragu was impactful, w the herbaceousness as well as the heat in the mushroom.

Overall pretty good lamb, the sides were weak

Beef tendon/shank was v tender and almost melts in your mouth.

The noodles had a fantastic bite, it's quite chewy and the sauce was nutty even tho no nuts were used. The gochujang and the creaminess were really balanced impeccably and it's a very satisfying bowl of noodles which I wolfed down very quickly

This course pissed me off. In the online menu it's supposed to be kinki, and yes they might change their menu abit but they have nodoguro as well. John dory is the shittiest fish out of the 3 by far, it's multiple leagues down

John dory is worse than dory. It's kinda dry, as in naturally because of the type of fish. Not even tender even tho they alr tried cooking it well.
The zucchini flower mandu is stuffed w japchae and meat, that was decent. The sauce is kinda like bisque but not enough to cover the fish.

A disappointment

Abalone was interesting, it's got a somewhat strong marinade and quite salty on top. Inside is sticky surprisingly and then there's the mild chew. Overall the texture is good and obviously it's quite huge

The abalone liver rice is weak tho, way too buttery cos they know it doesn't have enough flavour otherwise. Also you can hardly taste the lilybulbs, but the garlic chive looking things tasted like garlic chives and were quite good

Marinated amberjack, langoustine, squid, mustard soy milk w chive oil

First time having langoustine and it's really lovely. Just barely grilled outside, inside is still raw basically and so tender with a mild bite. It was great. Squid was nice too. Amberjack is as per usual. Mustard soy milk was innovative but overall it's a dish without much surprises

This was delicious and very very well thought out.

Marinated tuna carried a little bit of heat, on top is a homemade potato chip which was crispy, followed by dashi jelly and avocado cubes and avocado puree. The heat, creaminess and mild umami were all balanced incredibly. What a dish

Fresh ikura, egg yolk sauce, king salmon

Really delicious. The flavours are clean and umami and zero fishiness, super super fresh. U don't rlly taste the egg yolk sauce tho

Not super innovative but the quality of the ingredients stand out

Standard refreshing first bite from the citrus, it's yuba below and capsicum on top

Only the most annoyingly accurate, the most painfully truthful reviews.

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