Novena/Toa Payoh/ Balestier / Farrer Park

Novena/Toa Payoh/ Balestier / Farrer Park

Featuring Pek Kio Market & Food Centre, Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak (Boon Lay Place Food Village), White Restaurant (Toa Payoh), The Talad Drink & Thai Kitchen, Mr YouTiao (Square 2), OldTown White Coffee (Square 2), DON DON DONKI (Square 2), Dink Dink Thai Street Cafe, GRUB (Balestier), Siamese Cat (Velocity)
Spoons Of Delights
Spoons Of Delights

This is my THIRD time eating Xin Mei Xiang Lor Mee in just 5 months! First two times were at old airport road outlet. This time round i went to their balestier outlet!

The prices seems to be the same as the old airport original outlet, even though the balestier outlet has more items like drinks and has air con too!

Got the $7 small bowl for double fish, which came with the cod fish nuggets and fried fish meat. Not a hugeee fan of the fried fish meat but i was afraid the $6 cod fish nugget lor mee wont keep me full 🤣. In the end, this $7 double fish portion kept me full even past dinner time! And for some reason, the cod fish nugget reminds me of macs fillet o fish taste 😂

Really love the added dimension taste that cilantro adds to the starchy soup! Yellow flat noodle for lor mee all the way!

Local flavours gelato from !

Dropped a visit to this place as we were in Novena area. They serve pretty unique singapore gelato flavours like this Shan Zha and lemon puffs! Pretty interesting and unique! Between the two, i preferred the lemon puff flavour! Though i grew up eating Shan Zha, this gelato version took me some time to get accustomed to. I like that the gelato had bites of the shan zha and lemon puff biscuit in it to have more bite to it.

Finalled tried SUKIYA! They opened another outlet at Square 2 a few months ago, and I finally paid a visit! The queue on a weekday lunch early 12+pm timing was still moderately alright. Around 10 ppl infront of us, and the queue did move quite fast! This is because they only allow a 30 mins dining in time!

The food was also served pretty fast, japanese standard!

In case you do not eat beef like me, they do have alot of chicken and unagi options as well! For chicken, there is charcoal grilled yakitori or fried chicken karage. Was trying to avoid fried food, hence I opted for the Half Boiled Egg Yakitori Bowl ($6.90 for medium bowl; price is nett)!

Was quite surprised when the egg was served still in its shell. Thought that it would be cracked into the bowl nicely for us. But cracking the egg by yourself enhanced the experience for me LOL!

Initially thought that the chicken portions were too little, but it turned out to be just right if you ration out your rice with chicken portions nicely.

Do ask the staff for chilli powder if you need it! I have no idea why they dont just place it on every table for use though.

I was also quite pleasantly surprised that the complimentary water served was not plain water, but a warm 麦茶(mugi-cha; barley tea)! Really completes the experience!

Felt transported to Japan for the quick 30mins lunch! Recommend to give this place a try, if the queues are not too long!

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One of my favourite meal places at novena - kazoku japanese cuisine at togather cafe!

I have been eating this for at least 6 years bow ever since i got introduced to this plate! This bowl of unagi down only costs $10.90! Already a very affordable price by itself!

My other favourite don here is the tori chicken don! They also sell katsu curry rice, soba and udon!

However due to “inflation”, this bowl used to have egg strips! Now no more :(

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I have been eating Once Upon a Thyme Spicy Meatball Penne for years (almost 4 years, from the clarke quay outlet to the novena outlet)! For the first time, decided to try out another item off their menu - seared salmon pesto pasta ($13)! Featured here is also their new packaging! (used to be in white boxes without a logo haha)

Comes with a very well seared and black peppered seasoned salmon, shiitake mushrooms, tomato cream, basil pesto and parmesan! There is a choice of penne or linguine. I am always for penne! Easier to eat!

The pasta portions were also very filling, it kept me full for 5 hours! I would have preferred the spicy tomato cream sauce instead though! And I actually thought the combination of tomato cream with basil pesto was kinda weird. I actually didnt mix them up much as I didnt want the tomato cream sauce taste to be disturbed.

Decided to get a @taicheongsg char siew polo bun ($2.80) as a meal today because everywhere had ridiculously long queuesss (and not like say the food is fantastic I really wanted to get). Wandered around the novena malls for a while before I decided why not try the savoury food from tai Cheong! Heng there wasn’t any long queue and the queue only formed after I ordered. Was having a hard time deciding between the chicken pie ($3) or the char siew polo bun and went for the latter instead because cheaper haha. Was wondering why the pie smaller but more expensive. But now I realised why because polo bun may look big but it is airy hollow inside hahaha!

The polo bun was packed nicely in a box and it was recommended for same day consumption or to heat up at 160 degrees for 10 mins the next day. But since the bun wasn’t hot already, I decided to just warm it up for around 4-5mins.

Either I was famished or too stressed with work, but this charsiew polo bun tasted heavenly. Especially love the buttery polo crust! Although charsiew was slightly fatty cut.

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📍Bee Kia Restaurant!

I have known this place since 3 years ago while looking for food around the Novena area, but never got around to try it as it was too far a walk away from office area; not near MRT; and not along the way of my direction to home. Finally tried it during Phase 2 (HA) period! Haha what the irony!

Decided to finally give it a go after seeing people post about it on the hawker heroes FB group. And the plus point about this place - can call ahead to give orders and just go there to collect! They dont have a menu, but you can google / scroll through IG or burpple to see what others are ordering to have a sense of what they sell!

Food that my family tried:
-Har Cheong Gai (prawn paste chicken) ($10 version): This was supposedly the HIGHLIGHT. They are known for this chicken wings and beef hor fan. While it was good, i thought the prawn paste taste could be even more pronounced. So far, the best prawn paste chicken are the ones at Yishun Park Hawker Ah Tan chicken wings.

-Beef Hor Fan (small): Reserve my comments for this as I am not really a beef eater. But my family members enjoyed it!

-Seafood bean paste hor fan (medium): Fret not if you dont take beef, because there are non-beef options for all items as well. Be very specific to order the BLACK BEAN SAUCE horfan for this, if not you may end up with the typical lighter hue hor fan, which is not what you want. Haha up till now, i still cant pronounce the chinese words for BLACK BEAN SAUCE. It just doesnt go into my brain lol

-Fried rice (medium): Load up with carbs! I think there are many different types of fried rice, but we specifically got the ones with prawns and char siew!

Back at City Donuts again and trying another flavour this time round!

Tried the orh nee yam ($2.6) previously. This time round I got the pandan ondeh ondeh ($2.90). Chewy donuts filled with gula melaka soaked shredded coconut! 🌴

New City Donut outlet at novena velocity mall! (Taking over workspace espresso bar previous outlet location)

Read reviews before heading down and decided to try the orh nee yam ($2.6). Thought it was quite a pricey $2.6 donuts. But then again it is the same price as Krispy kreme original donuts, but this has fillings in the middle. I thought it was quite interesting to eat a donut with fillings in the middle rather than a sugar glaze coated top with fillings on the top. However, I found this donut was slightly not sweet at all, such that it didn’t feel like I was eating a donut but a yam bread instead? 😅 will be back again to try the other flavours before I confirm my verdict for city donut 😉

The only brand of laksa that I eat is 328 katong laksa. Was feeling super cold in the office (isit lesser people in office so air con feels colder?❄️❄️) and hence needed something to warm up my body.

Usually I feel paiseh to request for special order for my laksa bowl. But on this trip, the customer right infront of me had the exact same order request. So this time round, I wasn't shy at all to loudly say "no hum no beansprouts"🤣 haha. and also, following from previous customer request, I boldly asked for chopsticks (lol this novena branch has disposable chopsticks! Not sure about the other branches), something which I'm always paiseh to ask for coz this brand promotes themselves as the laksa bowl which doesn't require chopsticks but only spoons 🤣

Too long never eat laksa, till I forgot how qiang the laksa soup broth could be. So I didn't even needed the added chilli in the first place!

Featured here is the small bowl ($5.5)! Which was a good enough portion for me

Did you know that Han's cafe sell tausarpiah! Gave it a second try again and got the chicken meat floss, pandan and taro tausarpiah. My favourite is still the yam one! It is only slightly dry, though the yam taste could be stronger. I almost chickened out from getting the chicken meat floss because I was afraid that it will taste weird. But at the same time, I wanted to try how it tasted like. Alas, this savoury option was actually not bad? But it is dryer than the taro yam one and it jus flosses out everywhere quite messy to eat. And surprisingly, the pandan paste one was my least favourite

My weird combination of food for a meal at Mei Heong Yuen Desserts! I recall eating the 3-colour cakes (essential yam cake, carrot cake and pumpkin cake) at the chinatown branch years ago and I remembered that I was so unsatisfied with it because it was cold and not appetising. But this time round, it was served pipping hot and I enjoyed it so much! (Maybe also because I was famished haha) amongst the 3 I liked the pumpkin cake the most! Followed by the yam cake and then the carrot cake. It went well with both the sambal chilli and the sour spicy chilli (self service the second chilli from the counter). End off this meal with a mango roll ($3.5), something that I have eyed for a long time but always can't bear to pay $3.5. essentially a coconut jelly wrapped around fresh mango slices. Thumbs up for this meal!!

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