Novena/Toa Payoh/ Balestier / Farrer Park

Novena/Toa Payoh/ Balestier / Farrer Park

Featuring Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak (Boon Lay Place Food Village), White Restaurant (Toa Payoh), The Talad Drink & Thai Kitchen, DON DON DONKI (Square 2), Mr YouTiao (Square 2), Streats Hong Kong Cafe (City Square Mall), OldTown White Coffee (Square 2), Dink Dink Thai Street Cafe, GRUB (Balestier), Siamese Cat (Velocity)
Spoons Of Delights
Spoons Of Delights

‼️Free Food‼️

Finally got the chance to try TIPO STRADA!

Thanks to the free $25 voucher that @theblackholegroup is giving out!

Got myself a duck carbonara with radiatori pasta, and a housemade cold brew tea! Love their very special pasta! There were 3 different pasta choices that you can choose from for my day of visit!

To redeem this free $25 voucher, head to this link:

Use this code “OXE6QM” and get additional free 50 points when you sign up which can be redeemed for more vouchers!

The $25 vouchers can be used at many other restaurants such as popular Tipo Pasta too!

Last date to use is 3 Dec 2023, so act fast!

BBQ Seoul Shokudo is a Korean Style BBQ dining place that sells a variety of Beef and Chicken!

Got the Chicken Breast Set, which was one of the cheaper item on their extensive menu! $8.90++ for a set, which includes free flow sides like kimchi and corn and radish!

Other than grilling, they also have other non-BBQ items like stews, ramen and rice dishes that is able to satisfy your Korean food cravings!

Another one of my must claim birthday freebies is SOUP SPOON!

It used to be a free $5 voucher with no minimum spending, but now there is a required minimum spending of $15 in order to redeem the voucher.

The free $5 birthday voucher can be used for dining in or takeaway. To order, you will need to either order from the mobile app and apply the birthday voucher, or use the kiosk and scan your mobile app e-card.

If you do not wish to order a heavy filling set, best to get a dining buddy along to order 2 ala carte soups!

My favourite soup is the VELVETY MUSHROOM STROGANOFF ($9.10)! Always order this soup 75% of the times! (The other times I will opt for the boston clam chowder soup for the SG Chicken & Mushroom Ragout.)

This time round, decided to be adventurous, and got the new souperchef special Chicken Cacciatore with Portobello and Sage ($9.50)! The only difference between this and SG Chicken and Mushroom Ragout is that the latter has some pasta in it.

But still, all time favourite mushroom soup triumphs!

I used to eat @onceuponathymesg almost once every 2-3 weeks in the pasta! But now the prices have risen so much such that I only eat it once in a blue moon!

Decided to give myself a good treat and got the spicy meatball penne pasta ($11)! Now the ordering is via the self ordering kiosk and you can choose your pasta - linguine or penne, as well as spicy level - no spicy, spicy, extra spicy!

But somehow it tastes slightly different from what I recall it to be. The pasta was not as hot/warm when served even though I has collected the order immediately when it was ready.. the sauce was also not as shiok as before (or maybe I need to get extra spicy level)? And the spicy tomato cream sauce today looked like it wasnt quite mixed well with blobs of white still seen around


Tried one of the newly opened stalls here! Hotplate spicy chicken from the korean food stall was good! Large portions!

If you have missed Wanton Seng's Noodle Bar, be glad to know that they are now back as @riot.sgp !

Culinary Renegades, flavour revolutionaries. At Riot, you get to try something new, instead of the everyday sameness!! Many interesting food menu choices here!

Here is what we had (as part of the dinner menu):
-Aburi Char Siu Noods: This is truly the star! Loved the chewy noodles with flame seared pork belly char siu that is perfecto! Plump boiled pork wantons too! Love it all!
-Baked Malasagna: I quite like this!! Spicy pork ragu with lasagna sheets and filled with lots of mzzarella! It is not super mala spicy!
-Seafood Nasi Lemak: This came with sambal prawn, fried squid, spiced omelette (think otah + omelette), peanuts and anchovies!

-Chilli Cheese Fries: Finally a place that I can eat chilli cheese fries! Most other place serve it with minced beef, but here it is pork ragu!! You even have the option of choosing crispy (default option) or soggy fries!
-Fried Pork Wantons: Love the wantons! Both fried and boiled versions!
-Grilled Crispy Cuttlefish: Great as a snack bite
-Fried Squid: Seasoned with spiced salt!
-Clam Broth: Fresh white clams! The soup is the spicy seafood broth kind!
-Eggplant Hummus: A very interesting dish! This is served with crispy pork skin!

-Drinks: Many alcoholic drink choices available! For non-alcoholic drinks from the "boring corner" lol), we got the iced oolong jasmine tea, honey lemon oolong tea, chrysanthemum drink and the fresh lemonade!

Wholesome dining experience! Come here if you want to try interesting tasty food! Great place for gathering with friends and family!

📍 458 Race Course Rd, Singapore 218699

Have the perfect weekend brunch at @supplydemandnovena!

Supply & Demand Novena has newly launched their Weekend Brunch Small Bites menu! Small Bites start from $8.90 and cocktails start from $7.90!

Featured here are the following food items:
-Garlic Truffle Fries: Signature Fries with Liberal Drizzle of Truffle Oil, Shaved Parmesan, Roasted Garlic, Parsley

-Israeli Spicy Chicken Shakshuka: Oven Baked Spicy Garlic Tomato Stew, Cumin, Bell Peppers, Onion, Tomatoes, Chicken Chunks, Pumpkin, Baked Egg, Crumbled Feta Cheese, Parsley, Balloon Bread

-Pan Dulcis Con Uova with Breaded Chicken: Cinnamon French Toast, Mascarpone Cheese, Scrambled Eggs, Breaded Chicken, Maple Syrup, Mesclun Leaves

-Panzerotto: Golden Fried Dough Puff filled with Mozzarella Cheese, Mushroom, Chorizo, Bacon and Onion. Served with a side of Pizzaiola Sauce, Creme Fraiche and Topped with Parsley

-Tartine Al Salmone E Mascarpone: Sourdough Bread, Mascarpone Cheese, 63°C Egg, Norwegian Smoked Salmon, Fried Capers, Chives, Pickles, Parmesan Cheese, Rucola Leaves

Perfect place to chill for the weekend! Plan your next weekend brunch at to Supply & Demand at Novena now!

📍Supply & Demand Novena LKC
11 Mandalay Road, Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine

Weekend brunch is available only on Sat, Sun & PH; 11.30am - 4pm

Bought @donkisg cream puffs as they were on sale! 1 for $4.90 and 2nd box for $1! Got the original vanilla and strawberry flavours this time!

(The last time when i bought it was at price of 2 for $8.80!)

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Another Hong Kong style egg tarts to try in Singapore - Hong Kong Day!

They have a takeaway counter for their bolo buns ($2.50) and egg tarts ($2). Mouth was feeling itchy after a meal so decided to get some egg tarts for snack!

Loved the buttery crust and smooth egg custard!

The price is also pretty reasonable as compared to the other Hong Kong Egg Tarts brand out there!

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Super Value For Money All Day Meal Sets at Hong Kong Day!

The previous time I took away egg tarts and enjoyed it! This time round, I am back to dine in! Got the All Day Meal Chicken Chop Macaroni in Soup Set A, which costs $11.80+ and consists of a HUGE slab of juicy chicken chop, comforting macaroni soup, as well as scrambled egg, butter toast, and choice of hot coffee/tea drinks! (Add $0.50+ for cold drinks)

So much food for a decent price!

Will be back again to try their other food!

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Finally tried the @kinggrouperfishsoup at united square! This outlet has opened at united square for awhile now, but i was always put off by the price of the fish soup, and also because at first glance there is so many different fish choices available until i cant decide what to get.

At the recommendation from others, i decided to give it a go today! Was still at a loss of what to get, and decided to see what the person of me infront ordered. The customer ordered item 6, which was also what i was considering to get, so i followed suit! Since grouper is clearly better than batang and they are at the same price!

The soup was filled to the brim when the order was prepared! 😂 verdict? 10/10 will eat again despite the slightly higher pricing!✨

Firstly, the fish soup had tofu and tomatoes as well, even though i ordered the thick vermicelli noodle soup option. These two ingredients are typically only given when the soup only version is ordered. The fish soup is the non-milk kind and the addition of the tomatoes gave it a slight sourish tinge now and then which i quite like! They also add in cilantro here to elevate the soup taste further!

As for the fish slices, they were fresh and meaty! And 2 different kind of chilli sauces are given to complete your dining experience!

I also found some minced pork meat in my soup! Not sure if it is leftover from other’s orders or all fish soup come with minced meat too.

Already cant wait to eat this again. This is how good it is!

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First time trying the egg crepe from DaXi!

Got the pork floss cheese egg crepe roll ($5.80)! Opened the takeaway box and I was slightly disappointed by how it looked. Was actually expecting something crispier (think along the lines of shilin crepes). Turns out their version seems to be the soft and floury kind. can’t help but feel slightly disappointed with the meal. Too doughy for me! I prefer crispier crepes like crispy prata that kind. The cheese was also not really melted. But the combination of porkfloss, egg and cheese is good!

But if you will like some affordable takeaway food in the novena area, this is still decent to get la.

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