Exploring Burpple Beyond Deals 🆓

Exploring Burpple Beyond Deals 🆓

Featuring One Man Coffee (Upper Thomson), The Coffee Academics (Scotts Square), Matchaya (The Cathay), Nesuto (Tras St), Toby's Estate, Fuel Plus+, [CLOSED] Mad For Garlic, The Coffee Academics (Raffles City), L'éclair Pâtisserie (Dhoby Ghaut), Kogane Yama (Bugis Junction)
Hiew Sisters ✨
Hiew Sisters ✨

$6.50 | Basically an ice blended green bean soup. A refreshing drink that’s not too sweet which is perfect for a hot day!

$39.90++ | Requested for takeaway and everything including the sauce was nicely packed in its own individual packaging.

All sets comes with pickles, shredded cabbage and tonjiru soup. For choice of rice, I love that they provide both options of white and brown rice. Pork Tonkatsu was fried to golden brown and coated well with breadcrumbs. Pork loin is juicy and doesn’t have an unpleasant pork stench. It’s still crispy even after a period of time and surprisingly light that it doesn’t feel greasy at all. Tonjiru soup was so flavourful! Will definitely be back again!

$32 / $34 | Love that the pizza had thin crust and you can taste the homemade tomato sauce so vividly. Truffle fragrance was really strong and you can tell they are definitely not stingy with the truffle pesto. The burrata had a very nice creamy texture and well balanced with the pizza. Doesn’t feel greasy at all when eating! Perfect for 3-4 pax to share.

One of the best pizza in town! So worth it with the Burpple 1-1 deal. Will definitely be back to try other food. Only downside is that they don’t serve water at all and the cheapest drink is around $6++.

Brekkie Champions
$24.50 | Great variety however brioche toast was too thick and super dry. Maple bacon was a tad too sweet. Love the mushroom and tomato though! Super juicy and generous portion! Nothing too special over the homemade baked beans.

Rodyk Style Eggs Benedict
$21.50 | Poached eggs was not runny at all and definitely overcooked.

Coffee was bad. Real bad. It’s very sour and a pretty small cup considering the price. Do give it a miss if you are not a fan of sour coffee. No idea what’s the hype over their coffee.

It’s not convenient to come here if you’re driving as there’s not much parking around this area except for hotel parking. Honestly, if not for the Burpple 1-1 deal, I wouldn’t consider stepping in at all. Food was mediocre and doesn’t justify the steep price. There are better cafes out there that serves better food and coffee at a cheaper price. Don’t understand the hype over this cafe. Definitely won’t be returning again though the service was great.

$7.30 | A very surprising combination yet it taste super amazing! Strong oolong tea aroma and oats topping were very chewy! Great alternative to people like me that doesn’t like pearls. Would totally be back for more next time!

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$23 | Wow. It’s so good. Both crispy thin crust pizza was served piping hot! We love the truffle pizza as it’s very flavourful and the truffle was so fragrant! Honestly, would love to have it everyday if I can!

Do take note that menu is slightly different, they do not have Okonomiyaki Pizza anymore. It was changed to Hawaiian. Ambience was really nice and staffs were really friendly.

We used the Burpple 1-1 however they do have in stores promotion. OCBC Cardholders can have 1-1 for their mains too.


$15 | Possibly one of the best French Toast that I’ve tried - really generous with the portion. Bread was so fluffy and soft. When matched with the caramel sauce and fruits, it’s divine!

Matcha Latte ($6) was quite disappointing. It wasn’t hot at all when served - just slightly warm. Matcha taste not too strong as well.

Will I patronise again next time? Probably no. Food were pretty good but the service was below average. Staffs were not friendly at all, I would say kinda hostile. Seems like they’re only more friendly if you’re a regular at the cafe. (Seen them chit chatting at the counter)

$6.60 | Requested for no sugar added in at all and it was delightful! The tea that they used was really fragrant and it was SO smooth. Will definitely be back for more!

$5.20 | Really soft bun with generous amount of custard. Soy milk were smooth but would have been better if there were no sugar option for it. Got it using Burpple 1-1 deal!

$14.90++ | Affordable and delicious! Even more worth it with the Burpple Beyond app.

Love that we can swap out the carbs for healthier choice (eg. Quinoa Brown Rice, Cauliflower Rice) with additional cost. Generous amount of tuna and salmon cubes and onsen egg was perfect! Truffle fries were pretty good too. Overall, a great place to catch up with friends or just to drink after work.

$16 | It would have been better if the rosti was more crispy, prepared in shorter potato strips and less greasy. Felt like I was having potato noodles dipped in oil instead. It’s still barely acceptable when paired with smoked salmon and sour cream.

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Le Omm
$9 | Needless to say, Matcha and Azuki red bean paste always goes well together! Cake is very moist and soft. Azuki red bean paste was spread between the layers of the cake and it’s not too sweet. Slightly disappointed at how the matcha taste is not very strong.

C3 Cheesecake
$9 | Delightfully light. The salted caramel chocolate base was a good touch as it takes away the rather cloying nature of most cheesecakes we usually think about.

If you are a cheesecake fanatics, then you might be disappointed with this as it does not have very strong cream cheese taste. For people who are neutral with it or dislike cheesecake for the jelak-ness, then this is a good alternative.

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