Chillout Drinks

Chillout Drinks

My bbt collection, matcha lattes and more #
Cherie Heng
Cherie Heng

For a $5.50 brew, seems pretty good and intense and especially enjoyed the vibes here. More matcha than milk, and love the powdery matcha bits too.

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Been intending to try this exotic whale bbt for awhile, especially how that Blue signature tinge is from a Superfood algae spirulina (which is nutritious, has antioxidant and helps with pain relief e.g.). This transforms bbt into something healthy, taking away the guilt. Matched with peach gums. ($5)

A new bbt chain opened and it has cute otters and refreshing ice slushies.

We had the tea jelly coconut shake 💯💯, which was a good mix of fragrance and coconut bits & the peach yoghurt drink that's both thick and sweet. Both are refreshing!

Welcome to the Bishan Hood

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Nestled in Laselle is one chill cafe where everyone seem so engrossed in books and laptops on a Saturday afternoon, plus their drinks are also great - $3.80 for honey green tea and $5.80 for a really thick hojicha latte. You can also find really cosy sofas and warm lighting here. Plus wifi!

🌿 this glasshouse of a cafe draws us in with all it's plants and chill vibes - it's buzzing with people at tea time, and got quieter nearer the evenings - perf for reading with it's soft lofi beats in the background.

🍵 I enjoyed my cup of matcha latte, with it being a creamy balance of matcha powder and milk, and topped with some beautiful latte art. ($6)

The strawberry kombucha was great too ($8), fizzy, sour and everything good.

Coming from Hunan and popular in china is this creative brand that grinds all the soy milk in house with gmo beans. The result is a consistently creamy drink topped with chewy mochi!

What I enjoyed:
- the mild sweetness and rich sesame of the Sesame Soy milk tea (my fave)
- the slightly salty layer of soy foam together with the mochi chunks!
- the fragrant earl gray-ish flavoured soy tofu at the bottom of the drink

$5.90 may be a tad pricey, but maybe a healthier alternative to bbt?

Always with snaking long queues, it's no wonder with this rich and refreshing Mr Coconut freeze. Feels healthy too :-)

25%, $5.40 for the large Coconut Shake (700ml). Will be about 15-20mins for your drink

The most fragrant milk tea I've tried across all the brands, and now my favourite go-to. The depth of it's tealeaves tastes perfect with the chewy pearls at 50%. Ps don't add coconut jelly, it makes the tea tastes weird

And hollin got my favourite drink - grapefruit green tea. This bittersweet drink is soothing and revitalising. Love the unique honey pearls too! (~$4.50)

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Avocado juice with hints of gula melaka makes for a refresuing treat for $4.90, it has many nutritious, filling and healthy drinks about $5. No additional charges for no ice!

At Partea OUE gallery walkway, its easy to cave in to just getting a chill drink. I had the oolong tea + fresh milk and while it taste quite mild, it grows on you and aint too sweet like most bubbletea (i chose 25%, $4.90)

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Finally got my hands on these famous BBT from Taiwan, and its an indulgence that feels healthier than most bubbletea. Highly effective in keeping me up too.

The matcha milk tastes v fresh with the qq pearls. Also, the taro milk exceeded our expextations. Its not too sweet, and nostalgic in the old school dessert taste.

~$5.60 for the matcha milk, and $6.60 for taro milk with golden pearls!

Ps. 30% sugar is just nice


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