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Serene Toh
Serene Toh

Their food are really good but the price wise is quite expensive. Once in a while visit for special occasions maybe will be okay

Tastes good but quite expensive. Just a bowl of ban mee and a bowl of fish balls cost me $9.20
The fish balls is really good. I ordered ice Milo too which cost $2+. Total up to $10+ for a lunch which is out of my budget. Blame myself for not looking at the price first before ordering but never expect the price of a ban mee to be this expensive.

Booked reservation first. Item came quite fast. Tastes quite good their food. Add on another $33 for Moet Mini. Is their high tea promotion for 2 pax. Service are well too. Recommended to visit. I'll definitely visit them again. 👍🏻

Came here with company for CNY lunch. Buffet style. Not bad. Their service is good. Food tastes not bad. Price is affordable too. Will be back again another time.

We ordered the panda baos in chocolate custard and red bean both, the garlic potato wedges and the club sandwiches to share. Surprisingly, it didn't cost us a $50 😅
It tastes good. Not too bad for a once in a while. 👍🏻

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Always come here for this dish. Really delicious and yummy. A definite must try if you are around the area

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Always a must eat at dim sum restaurant. The liu sha baos. Xin wang isn't cheap although it looks like it. Their food also don't really taste any special.

Their cha siew and roasted meat rice is really good. And affordable price at changi here. Definitely will come here to eat again when I am at jewel. Hahaha! My friend ordered a chilli ban mee here and its overly spicy till he have to go washroom to wash off his sweat. The ban mee here is from KL Damansara Chilli Ban mee. If anyone is a chilli lover and dare to try, definitely must go for it :D

First try. Lunch with colleagues here and I've chosen this dish. It is good. Their service is fast too. Their menu have Western and Chinese local cuisine. Quite a surprise but there's a lot to choose from. Great!


Love this! Came here twice for this dish. Yummy! The soup is nice and the beef is juicy. Warms you up on a cold weather ^^
Cost around $15
Definitely be back for more!

Ordered their liu sha bao and mushroom cheese with tomato sauce baked rice. Friend ordered their luncheon meat and spring rolls and their bee hoon with tomato and corn. Taste not bad. Affordable price.

Having our mother's day celebration here. It's crowded. Our reservation are early booked. We ordered quite a number of dishes here. Their noodle is good. We also ordered yam, baos and vegetables. Duck meat too. It is really filling. Not bad.


Someone who love food 😁

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