Build your own breakfast is always a good idea. I was pleasantly impressed at each individual element of the breakfast, especially the thick cut bacon!

Hardly do you come across thick cut bacon on breakfast menu, but Five Oars does provide. The thick cut bacon was satisfying thick, had a satisfying crunchy bite to it. There’s just something about sinking your teeth into a thick slab of bacon as opposed to typical thin bacon slices. Might just be hyping this up because I’m a bacon fan...

Scrambled eggs were very creamy and well-cooked. I also enjoyed the sourdough bread. Overall a good plate of breakfast, would revisit when I’m craving for a good breakfast!

Lip smacking BBQ sauce slathered over the ginormous chunk of ribs did not disappoint. Ribs were tender off the bone, succulent and moist. I must say, the portion was huge! I was so full after this. And super worth the money with Burpple Beyond.

My only gripe would be the lack of sauce IN the ribs itself. The rub weren’t marinated such that it penetrates into the meat. But the BBQ sauce, in my opinion, did make it pretty enjoyable still! Flavour wasn’t that lacking still.

Wedges were very crispy and hot, even till the end of my meal. Very generous serving of wedges too.

This set comes with a choice of eggs, bread, 2 greens and 1 protein. Easily one of my favourite breakfast place in SG.

Piece this together: well-toasted sourdough; runny and eggy scrambled eggs; juicy and thick slab of bacon (the thickest I’ve ever seen!); fresh avocados; decent mushrooms. Very comforting and heartwarming breakfast set. Goes so well with coffee i must say!

These plump scallops were slightly charred, and drizzled with the seaweed miso butter, were so so decadent. The scallops were juicy and thick, and not your neighborhood tiny scallops. Definitely worth a try and that burn in your pocket if you’re a fan of scallops!

These babies were seriously crunchy. The meat is tender and juicy. Definitely a good snack to go with drinks! Wished it was a tad more marinated and salty, but it may just be me since I’m very used to the Chinese style of Sio Bak! Definitely a good pork belly nonetheless.. the super CRUNCHY SKIN itself is worth a try!


The prawn paste smell enveloped us upon its introduction to our table. These wings were bite-sized and a great pairing for drinks definitely. They were crispy and well-flavored, yet not overly oily. My only gripe was that the chilli wasn’t spicy and tasty enough for me, but I reckon it made an edible chilli for everyone, including the non-spicy eaters!

Thoroughly enjoyed these lips-smacking ribs. These were fall-off-the-bones goodness glazed with sweet and salty barbecue and fragrant garnishes. Super tender, juicy and bursting porky flavors. Very very good 🤤

This pasta is surely very aesthetically pleasing. The garlic flavor coated every strand of pasta evenly, and boy it was very satisfying. Even though the pasta was so tasty, it wasn’t overly oily.

The Ebi definitely introduced a different texture to the pasta, but it wasn’t really noticeable. But it’s definitely still a gold ol plate of pasta!

The chicken was really tender and juicy. Quite a rare find in my opinion since this is usually the kind of dish that tastes lackluster and it’s usually there on the menu for variety. However, not this.

The chicken by itself was tasty, but in my opinion, complementing it with the mashed potatoes and roasted pumpkins bring the dish to a next level. The mashed potatoes were delicately soft and creamy. What really surprised me was the pronounced potato taste, which convinced me that this wasn’t some sort of artificial powdered mash potato. Definitely would recommend this dish!!

The soft shell crabs were the first thing that caught my attention. They were deep fried and extremely crunchy. It’s pretty well battered and tasty. My only gripe was that it’ll get soggy after getting soaked with the sauce! So tips to chomp these babies down first while it’s still hot and crispy!

The sauce was legit. Perhaps the cafe skeptic in me had low expectations of an Asian twist on pasta, but this chilli crab sauce satisfied my Asian taste bud. Eggy, spicy, and tangy from the lime — it was just the right balance. Especially appreciated the generous lather of eggs. Wished I had some mantous to go along with this sauce (this view was echoed by several of my friends)

Pasta was average, al-dente.

Would recommend if you’re into chilli crab and spice!

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What a fun dessert! Had to drop this ball from a height onto the bowl to crack open this “piñata” dessert. While the richness of the blue colour of the icecream startled me initially, the ice cream was not as artificial tasting as I expected. It was reminiscent of earl grey and was surprisingly delicious! (Note: later found out that it was lavender custard! And realised that it does remind me of lavender... but perhaps more earl grey still) And it goes really well with the chocolate bites, and a little honeycomb. (Just a little will do — these honeycombs are really screaming diabetes!)

Definitely a good treat for some birthday celebrations or any sort of celebrations!!! They even offer you gloves to break open this piñata - how thoughtful.

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The pancakes stole the show. It was undoubtedly the most beautiful piece of dish we had. They were really FLUFFY and SOFT. Drizzle some honey atop of these beauties, pair it with a berry or two with these soft pillows. The batter of the pancakes were also fragrant and not too floury - you can taste the hints of egg ones. Reminiscent of Japanese ones!!!

Would definitely recommend this stack for dessert.

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