All About Ice Cream

All About Ice Cream

Featuring Takashimaya Food Hall (Basement 2 Takashimaya), 7-Eleven Singapore, Butterknife Folk (Funan), Tsujiri (The Centrepoint), Swensen's (NEX), McDonald's (NEX), Kane Mochi (Bugis+), McDonald's (Tiong Bahru Plaza), McDonald's (Hougang 1), Unique Dessert Labo Mel Pot

($2.50) I just try for fun but then they don't blended well with together and tasted very weird :") So strawberry jam and Hershey just don't matched well and taste separately.

(Gourmet)($6) my sister always like order mint based dessert lol but this one got strong cucumber taste over mint.

(Gourmet) ($6) it's refreshing and fruity - herb taste especially walking long distance during evening time. I have tried other tea based flavour but this flavour got strong fruit based.

($5.20) by using 1 for 1 burrple deal :") I decided to try it out by using deal. I really enjoyed the flavour that they rotate it out. But yogurt speculoos got light taste compared to peach oolong. I felt that yogurt speculoos got light taste with caramel aftertaste. Peach Oolong got heavy taste especially peach covered up oolong.

Salted Caramel x Hojicha ($9.50) I did proposed to walk there for ice cream lol but it's such a long journey tbh. But then I didn't regretted to do that bc their location was out of the way for trying their ice cream. But their signature flavour (Salted Caramel) just felt me "wow" and savoury taste whereas their tea flavour was just meh like milky and not much roasted tea taste tbh.

($18) I wanted to try their specality flavour that I have tried their other flavour on their stores. I didn't expected that their whisky was quite strong wine flavour tbh when I tried it on first try. But it paired with nutty flavour. So it's quite savoury and nutty aftertaste tbh.

Left: 50 shades of grey lol ; right: tau huey gmk
Pints ($16) ea so they put fresh ice cream inside pints once we order immediately ~ but 50 shades of grey is not that bad but tau huey gmk was quite slightly sweet for tastebub.

($10) I ordered Hojicha w toasted sesame seeds + Cookie Butter Crunch (premium - $1) I literally returned back for their ice cream after 2 years ago? but then my sister suggested to go back for other ice cream flavour and especially her favourite flavour - soursop mint. This round of time, I decided to order two different flavour instead of usual ones. hmmm cookie butter crunch was quite good tbh and savoury taste but also hojicha w toasted black sesame is something that I wanted to try this previously but they didn't come back for a while. But it's kinda weird that hojicha didn't mixed well toasted black sesame tbh. I did managed to taste black sesame towards the end.

($5) remind me how the taste like lime drink lol.

($11.50) Hojicha Mochi & Rocher I decided to order some ice cream at westgate before heading back to home. I know that hojicha mochi was their one of best selling flavour on first outlet at sunset way. But I always passby on their first outlet and then not much chance to try it out. Hojicha Mochi was quite nice roasted taste tbh with mochi infused with tea based ice cream. But it's just good thing that I order Rocher instead of Dark Chocolate Sorbet lol. Rocher was quite nice nutty taste with milk chocolate but not much jelak aftertaste.

(50 Cents) just gotta be quick snacks tbh

Smoked Cognac ($5.80) & Crunchy Genmaicha ($4.20)

I think I left it out for this food reviews :") But I did eat dessert twice on that day ah but then it's quite not worth for calories on first place for dessert in my opinion. So I did expected that their alcoholic ice cream up to the standard as their best selling flavour is mostly like alcoholic series from kahlua cheesecake, crunchy coffee whisky and smoked cognac. I did choose smoked cognac as dark chocolate always be my favourite but then they mixed with ST-REMY VSOP brandy. Crunchy Genmaicha was non-alcoholic flavour so I just preferred non-strong flavour tbh to complement. But I felt that nutty taste was too much over genmaicha (tea flavour) was slightly bland.


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