Featuring Saveur (Purvis Street), The Communal Place, Poulet (Bugis+), Bistro du Vin, Laurent's Cafe & Chocolate Bar, Glasshouse by DHM, Ginett Restaurant & Wine Bar, Merci Marcel (Club Street), Bar-Roque Grill, Johan Paris (Westgate)
The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium

Choose 1 sauce and 1 side: we chose parsley sauce and french pilaf onion rice

The secreto is maybe the best I've had. Juicy, tender, crispy. Well seasoned too, I enjoyed it very much

French pilaf rice was somewhat aromatic and very fluffy. Parsley sauce was quite aromatic and simple


First time trying, people say it tastes like lobster, but it's closer to spongey frog. Not bad, but the chorizo cubes tasted like potato idk why lol.

Ratatouille has too strong an olive smell

Overall it's pretty decent

A good version, but it's more seafood than creamy, which is not what you're used to for lobster bisques. Not as sweet as well

Still a solid version tho, in fact smelling this when I walked past inspired this trip to this restaurant

Good for sharing between 3-4

Cake, yuzu curd and cream were all pleasant, safe choice and nothing particularly stood out. But there was too much plum ice cream at the bottom, the ratio is off, we ended up with just a blob of ice cream at the end


Quite tender, there's still abit of chew. It's not explosively umami in the middle but again, the crust has a very complex aroma that's very unique

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Damn. This was delicious

It's their own brand of unique. Well brined, tender, flavourful, and nice maillard reaction on the crust to produce very complex aromas. Not very crispy but that can be overlooked, this was delicious as it was

The sauce was weird tho, it had other notes and was not completely savoury, doesnt go w the ckn at all

Must try if you're coming here, it's their signature for a good reason

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Very mild and flat(shape) pasta

It's got a very clean flavour overall, so hardly a bourguignon. The wagyu is very tender and meaty, and overall still very pleasant, but lighter than you expect

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It's like liquified pumpkin, not super roasted but it's pretty good, not overly creamy either


Bleu d'auvergne

It's not super funky, but I don't get the conceptualisation of this dish at all. The blue cheese doesn't work with leaves at all

Avoid, the dish doesn't make sense to me

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The choux was crispy for a while only, vanilla ice cream was slightly chewy tho, is it gelato? Simple stuff but it's sinful magic when put tgt, so basic but so irresistible

Share amongst 3 so everyone can dig in immediately, take your time and you're getting soggy profiteroles

Also, ask for extra utensils. Idk why a French restaurant doesn't change utensils before dessert, esp since there's service charge.

Prawn was a tad less cooked than normal, so the texture was about different. This wasn't aglio olio at all, it's kind of soupy w spinach and bacon. Not super impressive

Saw another table's carbonara looks very far from being authentic too

Honestly for 34 and this portion, the walnuts and dried apricots were quite underwhelming.

Clockwise from top right(furthest):
Reblochon: quite soft, rather strong sharpness when u just put it in your mouth but easy to eat afterwards. Slightly salty too
Tomme de Savoie: mild, creamy texture, quite soft, doesn't taste like much
Saint nectaire: it really does have a mild nectarine sweetness and aroma, otherwise like brie without the savoury edge
sainte-maure de touraine: this is damn goaty. Can't taste anything. Smells like goat's piss. Better not to order unless u really experienced w goat cheese
Saint Félicien: as you can tell it's molten even at room temperature. It's as soft and buttery as it looks, extremely salty tho

Overall good to have tried once, order if you are curious about these french cheeses that are not available for retail anywhere else. Unless you're very experienced it's probably not something you're gonna enjoy. If you're new to these and just gonna order the safe options like brie or sth then you're wasting your money, you can get much more for much cheaper if you buy at cheese shop or fairprice finest

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Only the most annoyingly accurate, the most painfully truthful reviews.

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