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The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium

The choux was crispy for a while only, vanilla ice cream was slightly chewy tho, is it gelato? Simple stuff but it's sinful magic when put tgt, so basic but so irresistible

Share amongst 3 so everyone can dig in immediately, take your time and you're getting soggy profiteroles

Also, ask for extra utensils. Idk why a French restaurant doesn't change utensils before dessert, esp since there's service charge.

Prawn was a tad less cooked than normal, so the texture was about different. This wasn't aglio olio at all, it's kind of soupy w spinach and bacon. Not super impressive

Saw another table's carbonara looks very far from being authentic too

Honestly for 34 and this portion, the walnuts and dried apricots were quite underwhelming.

Clockwise from top right(furthest):
Reblochon: quite soft, rather strong sharpness when u just put it in your mouth but easy to eat afterwards. Slightly salty too
Tomme de Savoie: mild, creamy texture, quite soft, doesn't taste like much
Saint nectaire: it really does have a mild nectarine sweetness and aroma, otherwise like brie without the savoury edge
sainte-maure de touraine: this is damn goaty. Can't taste anything. Smells like goat's piss. Better not to order unless u really experienced w goat cheese
Saint Félicien: as you can tell it's molten even at room temperature. It's as soft and buttery as it looks, extremely salty tho

Overall good to have tried once, order if you are curious about these french cheeses that are not available for retail anywhere else. Unless you're very experienced it's probably not something you're gonna enjoy. If you're new to these and just gonna order the safe options like brie or sth then you're wasting your money, you can get much more for much cheaper if you buy at cheese shop or fairprice finest

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Choux was alright but at this price you expect perfect hazelnut cream and that's exactly what you get. Very balanced in every aspect and a joy. There's almost bits of crunch from the shaved nuts.

Perhaps the only problem was the French baguette that's very difficult to bite through. I had a day of lousy bread lol. Vietnamese baguette is so much better usually

They stock many cheeses that seem very tasty and that I haven't seen elsewhere. Whats worse is that they're not for retail so we are definitely coming back for their cheeseboard

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Absolutely delicious. Quintessential red wine braised beef, it's well stewed and full of umami flavours and minimal sweetness. Mushrooms were dope too and the beef cheeks were almost melt in your mouth as they should be. Maybe the best version I've had at this price point.

Only complaint is that the beef itself could be more gelatinous but the execution was perfect. Mash was great too

I'm a convert. This place is great

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Reserve is more aged than the normal Tete De Moine

It's got more flavour too. The flavour was decent but it's very dry, terrible on its own. It goes well with sth which can provide moisture, like salad or in soup I guess. I had it with whipped cream and it's not bad

Take note this place only sells UK and French cheeses

Muted sweetness, and a substantial bitterness. The texture was rlly unique, it's dense as people say but it doesn't mean it's not airy(as contradictory as that sounds), it's still melt in your mouth. Hard to describe fairly but it's quite a treat. I won't say must try simply because not everyone might appreciate it, but those who do will absolutely love it. I'd pair it with ice cream tho

Honestly it's a decent bistro but really expensive for the not super impressive food. Their desserts are bomb.

It's 150% the price of what it used to be

But their desserts really kill so it's a must try. In fact you should come here just for desserts and skip everything else

I have to say I've never been a fan of any apple pie but this one was absolutely delicious. Super airy crispy pastry paired w warm gooey apple and the indulgent ice cream. Idk what's so different from a normal apple pie but I rlly loved it. Must try!

They don't have lobster bisque anymore so instead there's lobster pasta. It's fine, the shellfish taste was good and overall it wasn't too heavy, but the Maine lobster tasted closer to good snappy prawns rather than lobster. Wouldn't get it for the price

Quite tender, but I've had better. It's all dark savoury flavours, barely any sweetness. Mash was as buttery as people say. Fair dish but I think many places now do a better job(more gelatinous, sweeter for balance, more melt in your mouth) for the same price

Their duck confit is slightly salty but not too unbearable. It's very different from any other one I've tasted, the skin is shatteringly crunchy and paper thin from frying, yet there's still fats underneath. Worth a try but don't think of it as the best cos it's so different from the norm

The pork was not bad, esp for grilled loin. White bean cassoulet kinda lacked any pronounced flavour, only the tomatoes impressed(trust Les Amis to source good tomatoes) the tomatoes weren't super sweet but were very bright

Overally it's passable but not impressive nor worth the money at all

Would travel for food

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