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Shun Teoh
Shun Teoh

Carnivores look away! This place in Fahrenheit88 serves meatless hot meals (only), but doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t equally as delicious (no meat no problem aye).
Simple and satisfying, just what I need to fill my belly.
PS. They also serve great coffee!

Perhaps I have been utterly spoiled by Ebony & Ivory’s scrambled eggs, so I was expecting my eggs to be creamy and uber flavourful.
It was good, not great, but average at best.
Though I loved the sourdough.


Confessions of a foodie/cafe enthusiast/bread lover from Puchong: we are in need of more cafes like these!
Menu is still limited as of now, but I quickly became a fan after I’ve had a taste of their signature drink, the Matcha Matcha Sakura.
It’s basically matcha latte with watermelon popsicle-like cubes, then garnished with Sakura petals. As elegant as it looks (and sounds), it sure does taste good!
Absolutely adored the richness and umami-ness of the matcha.
I’m lactose intolerant but boy would I tolerate the pain for this glass again.


They come in a set so if you’re a sucker for scones, you’re in luck. I like that it’s not dry at all and was moist (although some might deem it to be TOO moist).
Served with strawberry jam and butter, definitely order this is you want something to nibble on.

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Sandwiched between the crusty sourdough were thick slices of beef and pickles. Sadly the mustard smeared on the inner surface of the bread turned it into wet toast which was.. unfortunate.

Not sure what a sourdough croissant is supposed to taste like, nor do I know what makes it any different from a normal croissant, but I think I prefer a normal croissant if all sourdough editions of the buttery and flaky pastry taste just like this.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s not terrible, it’s just not amazing.
Expected more but this was a little too dense for my taste.

Gal pals and fur-pals are all welcome here!
This was a mighty gorgeous cheese sandwich. Happy to announce that we achieved the cheese pull with this one! What sets this apart from other typical grilled cheese is the use of chutney, giving the sandwich a spicy kick to balance off all the cheese!

Was confused what they meant by fried potatoes but it turned out to be crispy hash browns, which worked brilliantly with the gooey egg.
The sandwiches here are huge so prepare to make a mess!
PS. They provide gloves so make use of that to avoid getting your hands dirty.

If only I work near Pudu, I’ll be stopping by this cute little shack every morning for a wholesome breakfast.
Fluffy charcoal toasts stuffed to the brim with sweet and spicy chicken floss, omelette, cheese and vegetables. I can have this for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Creamy scrambled eggs, fluffy charcoal toast, crispy hash browns and regular ham slice & sausages. Overall a pretty mediocre plate. Would recommend to dive straight for their sandwiches instead.

My only regret was not having enough tummy space to fit four of these scrumptious babies in me.
It was so sinfully-delicious; a flavourful pork patty sandwiched between two thin slices of bread and pan fried (?) till an even colour is achieved, then drizzled with chilli mayo!
Do yourself a favour and get this as a side. You may be too full to talk properly after the meal but it’s worth it!

The secret to this mouthwatering, lip-smacking, dopamine-inducing dish is.. the fluffy milk bread and the juicy (not to mention THICC) spam.
Doesn’t look like it’s a filling dish, but trust me, the meaty spam is enough to fill you up.
But if you’re brave and if you’re dying for another plate of these babies, go ahead and order another one for yourself. It’s worth it.

Pictures capture the fondest memories. A foodie and a fattie.

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