High Life

High Life

Featuring mezza9 (Grand Hyatt Singapore), Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant, SKAI, Madame Fan, Hua Ting Steamboat, Mezza9, Four Leaves (ION Orchard), Mezza9, 10 Scotts @ Grand Hyatt Singapore, Szechuan Court, Fairmont Singapore
MichelleLIN  T
MichelleLIN T

One of the best freshly made mashed potatoes -not buttered .

Creamy and clean tasting.

Nicely roasted chicken , tender and just well seasoned .

The side of watercress was a lovely accompaniment and a squeeze of the grilled lemon accentuates the flavour of the chicken .

Seasonal dish of white asparagus with fresh prawns in xo sauce.

Sweet and crunchy white asparagus.

Probably the freshest cut of sashimi I have eaten .

Amazing .

By no means cheap at 40 dollars and won’t say it is in my “ value for money “ radar.

Only for special occasions once in a pink moon 🤣 ( rarer than blue moon ) .

Duck was tender and well seasoned - but nothing spectacular to warrant such a price .

The imperial group of restaurants have gone way too expensive .

Miss the old dim sum concept when the dim sums were so much more affordable and value for money .

The perils of rising rents .

Pretty good scallion and ginger noodles but steep at 15 dollars 🤣.

Aromatics were used well here and the noodles were cooked just right with a nice bite.

How I wish this place was a little more affordable .


One of the few places that you can find this dish.

Not as authentic as I would like it to be - the exterior of the beancurd Skin is typically pan fried till crips but this was deep fried - losing some of that finesse in the dish .

The mushroom fillings are nonetheless tasty .

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Not a place I would go usually but just for a lunar new year meal to start the year with a bang 🌈

Extremely expensive dishes but this was executed really well - pronounced Sichuan spices but not too greasy. One of the better mapo toufus around .


This is the best kept secret of papa roti look a like .

If you haven’t tried one of these - you are missing out loads .

It’s moist and buttery inside and not as sweet as it looks .

Amazing - especially when fresh from oven

Better still ? 80 cents only .


How often do you find a fishball noodle with thick kwey Teow and a homemade savoury chilli that is so addictive.

The fishcakes at Thye Hong are especially flavourful ( typically fried ) but mine was white because the fried ones were sold out .

Still very very good .


Probably the best rendition of lobster crispy noodles I have had.

It is a party of fresh lobster chunks , fresh sautéed vegetables and lots and lots of velvety egg sauce over a high quality egg noodles with a nice texture.

Really enjoying this beetroot soup from the Sunday brunch .

Good texture and interesting blend of flavours with bits of Candied ginger .

Mezza9 never disappoints .

I dream of food .

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