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The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium

Top left the custard was alright but the ratio was abit off. The beans in the rice was interesting though

Top right the coconut milk was damn salty, more salty than sweet so abit weird

Bottom left was serikaya w corn base. The corn custard could have been stronger

Bottom right was pandan custard basically. Not v strong either

Overall their nasi Padang really is quite well executed, esp certain dishes. No wonder they deserve the accolades they receive, this is the only nasi Padang I've had that left an impression so far

The light savoury gravy is good but the veggies have too much bite

Sundanese style grilled ckn

Nothing to complain about, except it's cold :((

It's cheaper cos the ckn is tinier but still very worth, the sauce isn't too spicy but it's terrible well balanced and very addictive and drinkable

Incredibly delicious. Theres at least 2 kinda of lung texture, one hard and one soft, and they combine wonderfully. The rempah is super savoury too, from dried shrimp I believe

Unbelievable, I couldn't stop

Very thick, very tender, but the sambal is rlly mild, almost watery

Quite pricey, portion is reasonably generous though

The beef rendang was quite decent, squid ink squid had a rather light lime taste compared to normal, and rather well cooked too.

Jackfruit curry was alright as well, but the highlight was definitely the tripe that's in it, supremely tender and very beefy.

Their chili is very soft and not v spicy, it's quite comforting really and very enjoyable

Overall quite tame and easily accessible to most, decent execution

I won't make a special trip, the good news is that the price keeps the crowd volume low, at 1130am on a weekday it's not even half filled

Weak fire, and the meats were of slightly below avg quality

Prices are reasonable for the quality

Mee rebus is sold out at 11am on a weekday, quite ridiculous

Beef was tough

Curry ckn was alright, the sauce was good but not mind-blowing

Cuttlefish was abit tough and quite spicy

Sambal goreng was surprisingly quite mild

Overall it's alright, worth a try if you're in the area. Also thr queue gets crazy so only if you avoid peak hours(before 11)

Ayam merah was alright

The satay sauce/ curry sauce beef was abit weird, the sauce was tangy or sth I can't quite recall but I just rmbed it being very unconventional, but edible it's not particularly bad

Beef lung was good! Nice chew and flavour was pleasant, no stench

Only the most annoyingly accurate, the most painfully truthful reviews.

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