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The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium

The food:
Tastes like how it looks. Fish sauce which was thin and citrus and had no body, with no body. W instant noodles, the pork collar was tender but not crispy and not well marinated. Plus it's really really spicy, I alr asked for less heat but there's still a lot of birds eye

The service:
It's really terrible. They're all crowded near the counter playing their phones, I'm not sure why I'm paying service charge. Can't answer phone calls too lol

This place is a gem. For this type of Thai street stir fry, I haven't had better ever.

Thick layer of jelly, I love the slight chewiness. Sweet strong coconut milk well infused w jackfruit aroma. Generous portion


Thick, rich, really just a textbook version. Nothing to fault at all

Intense, intense seasoning. The noodles are similar to mee pok so not entirely authentic, it has a bit of al dente bite actl. But still overall it's brilliant

I haven't had good pad Thai this time in Bangkok so I have to say this beats all the pad thai ive had in thailand lmao.

Possibly one of the best in Singapore. I havent had better yet

Has a little heat, but the umami and seasoning wasn't intense enough


Very legit. The sourness and heat were on point. Ingredients were cheap esp fishballs but the overall flavour profile is good enough

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Less spicy is spicy enough. The meatballs and beef were all good, and beef tendons and rice noodles were great. Broth was complex as ever.

But idk if it's the chili or sth else in this dish, I always get diarrhea after having boat noodles here. Im sure it's a me thing because everyone else I dine with is always fine

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Coconut milk was quite sweet and well infused w jackfruit aromas, the red ruby itself was not the best but overall it's passable

A light version, with egg, more like omelette than curry cos it's quite mild, the point was to have the crab flavours come through. Very homely and comforting, not intense at all but still likable


It's on the hard side, difficult to cut through with spoon, but the texture works with thin sauces like the dry curry crab.

Not sure if it's just a one-off or always this hard, because the sweet one wasn't this hard

Less spicy, but still very very spicy to me. Otherwise it's passable

Only the most annoyingly accurate, the most painfully truthful reviews.

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