Coffee &Cafes!

Coffee &Cafes!

Featuring Wheeler's Yard, The Coffee Academics (Scotts Square), Nesuto (Tras St), NINJA BOWL, Two Men Bagel House (Icon Village), Free The Robot Coffee, Wildseed (The Summerhouse), Anti:dote (Fairmont Singapore), Bao Makers (Amoy Street), The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. (ION Orchard)
Pearlyn Chua
Pearlyn Chua

Got their breakfast box again! Yes, cos i really adore their smashed avocados. They give me so much happiness on a workday morning 😁

This time round, i got them paired with walnut sourdough instead of croissant. The sourdough is lightly toasted and while it's not as chewy, it's easier for you to chomp bites of the sliders. 3 sliders in a box, with an onsen egg &some watercress! Walnut is prominent in the dough and adds that extra solid crunch and nutty goodness. Smashed avocados, sweet cherry tomatoes and tender chicken cubes are generously laid atop.

This box costs $12! It's kinda tough to know the prices beforehand bcos they dont post them on their insta, neither are the prices indicated in the shop 😅


The ambience at this outlet is perfect for afternoon tea! Or even post-dinner catchups with your girlfriends.

They partnered with the Masterchef SG runner up, Genevieve Lee for a few dishes. &I've gotten their Reimagined Kaya Toast to try! Also, ordered their banana chocolate cake, iced latte &crunchy apple tea.

The Kaya Toast was deconstructed - chunks of pistachio chiffon cake, slices of airy bread toast crisps (they're meringue but much more crispy than usual!) and a scoop of gula melaka ice cream. The pistachio flavour hits me first, really pleasant and nutty. I appreciate the more coarse texture of the chiffon, so that the entire flavout profile is more dimensional. It soaks up the coconut cream and gula melaka ice cream well! A bite on the meringue makes you think twice if it's a yakun toast or a meringue 😂 On the sweeter side, so it'll pair well with white tea!

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It's located at The Poiz (postal code 347694), right beside the exit of Potong Pasir MRT. They're newly opened! (soooo many congratulatory flower stands)

When we passed by on a Saturday night, only 3 slices of their durian mousse cake was left, along with their MSW ice cream and puffs. The owner was inviting and let us try their ice cream. It has the durian fibres (REAL DURIAN!) in them! thou the durian flavour could somehow be enriched alittle further. As we wanted to rest our legs, we gt a slice of their mousse cake.

The cake has a 2 layers of sponge which is ohsoolight! The chantilly cream and durian have the perfect marriage - you could taste the durian bits and fibres, yet the cream made it still light on your palate. I've never imagined that a durian cake can be so light, good for after-meals! 😋

&Not to forget, those crumbs-looking thingy on the cake are actually ROASTED MACADAMIAS! SAY WHUTTTT? so atas! They're lightly salted and really provides a good crunch. Added dimension to the cake's texture!

In the foreground is the Bread Board with generous slices of parma ham, 2 thick slices of sourdough toast, 2 poached eggs, marinated goat cheese &half of a fully ripened avocado. The parma ham tasted a little woody and im guessing that it's dry-cured. The texture is more chewy and i love this for a better pairing with sourdough. It's unlike the usual parma ham on your pizzas and those seen in supermarkets as those tend to be thin, moist and taste more on the raw side. The goat cheese has a light fermented taste when you first eat it. Afterwhich, it overpowers your whole mouth with the goat-smell. I can't appreciate this! The avocado is ripe enough to melt in my mouth. A slice of avoc, some parma &a bite of the sourdough = breakfast perfect imo. The sourdough is everythinggg; smoky, lightly crisp on the edges, chewy and a teeny bit sweet.

Oh, i really love their coffee too. The beans have sweet floral notes to them. Prices here are alil steep. Come here and spend your afternoon away to make it more worthwhile.

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There's a hugeeeee variety of bagels here! Or should i say that the varieties are pretty limitless cos there's DIY option available! From the flavours of the bagels, to the spread and the stuffings, you can customise them allllll. If you can't decide on that perfect combination, just try something off the menu! There's an extensive list of fool proof ones 🙂.

Pictured is the Hot Links (chorizo, rockets, sunny side up, cheese and spicy mayo) in onion bagel! The eggs were runny and perfect for soaking by the bread, just like a spongebob. Taste of the chorizo wasn't quite up my alley though. But I've to say that i like the bagel! Bagels are generally on the tough side, but this one made me enjoy chewing it. It's fragrant and if im not wrong, they're lightly grilled on the insides.

The store concept is totally hipster. Order, give them your name and wait for them to call your name for collection. You can call yourself Loki or even Thor 😝 The staff is gamed for it and will even play along! (tried and tested!)

👉 Tilapia, BBQ Chicken, Cheese Cauliflower, Button Shrooms, Egg White, Roasted Almond Flakes, Lettuce & Pesto Vinaigrette.

Got the large bowl featured above at $15. The amount of greens was really too little to call this a salad! ☹ But certainly, the toppings are packed with savoury flavours and tasted good on their own. Wonder if this is still considered a healthy food 😂

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cos I'm definitely one! They start serving breakfast from 7.30am and everyday's brekkie food differs. Just check out the menu on their Instagram page the night before.

I've gotten a smashed avocado croissant w original sous vide chicken. It's topped with some cherry tomatoes which were absolutely sweet and refreshing! (fyi, i dont like raw tomatoes and am rly picky bout them). The chicken was really tender, in small chunks and goes perfectly with the avo. Needless to say, AVO IS THE HIGHLIGHT. so generous, so smooth &creamy!!!! Really worth the buck. The croissant wasn't overly buttery, yet still slightly flaky. This kept me full even till lunch time so highly recommended as a brunch food!

Got it together with a flat white for $13. Not quite sure of the ala carte price for the croissant thou. They didn't quite display the prices for the breakfast food.

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Finally tried the highly raved toastie here!

The bread is crusty on the outside and soft inside! Perfect texture and bite of a good toast. It has cheese and slices of avocado sandwiched between. I added chicken breast for $5. The avocado didnt particularly shine in this. The chicken stole it's limelight with its tenderness and fragrance. I guess the poultry has been marinated with some ginger or sort, as it tasted like hainanese chicken! May try the avocado toastie without any toppings ($10) next time to see how the butter fruit fare on its own.

The Signature coffee has some coconut oil on it! Slowly and subtlely releasing the scent of the coconut. It's pretty alluring.

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The moment i fed a spoonful of the pasta into my mouth, i went MHMMHMMMMM~~ it's so goooood!!! The noodles are coated with a layer of really light cream and has a burst of umami taste (cheese, cream, parsley and this taste 'X' that is just bomb diggity). It's a simple dish but really delightful. The meatballs tasted pretty chinese style, probably due to the way it was marinated and the ingredients that went into it. They're soft and juicy nonetheless! The dish wasn't too heavy and really, is my kind of pasta to have on a sunny saturday! No heavy cream to drown my palates.

Yours truly at $15 (exclud. gst).

On the table: Yuzu swiss roll / Ispahan swiss roll / Honey Iced Lemon Tea / Iced Coconut Espresso

The yuzu notes were light and hits you right at the first bite. It's a perfect pairing with a pot of tea! The cake has quite a texture (not as smooth as the usual delicate cakes. I wouldn't call it rough but there's some slight granular texture to it) but is soft &pretty fluffy! - if i dont sound like I'm making any sense, pls go try it for yourself! HAHA.

The Ispahan one has similar texture, but with the thin brown baked layer on top (like your usual traditional swiss rolls!). THE ROSE FLAVOUR WAS SO ALLURING. SO LIGHT YET PROMINENT. The jelly is the crux, cos it is lychee flavoured and has thin slices of the fruit in it! IM LOVING THIS SO MUCHHH.

Anyway, both flavours of the rolls are seasonal special, alongside another mandarin orange meringue one. Like what the lady assured us, the cakes are light. The cream isn't cloyingly sweet nor too thick. As for the drinks, the honey ILT is pretty passable. Coffee is quite good thou! But imo, i would think hot tea goes best with those delicate rolls.

Adore the vibe of this cafe too, my perfect hideout on a random weekday afternoon ♡

Ordered my almost-turning-into-a-staple: Flat White.

It is rich in the taste of the milk, or rather could I say that the milk actually overwhelmed the espresso. This was lacklustre and not what I was expecting.

Given that they do sell their own batches of beans, I expected way more. Would probably give the other branch nearby another go next time! *Fingers crossed*


Never heard of this cafe and I just happened to pass by before hitting my boxing gym!

Got the iced latte ($5.5) and IT'S REALLY GOOD STUFF. Exudes slight floral notes and also slightly acidic. The space looks simple and good to chill/do some work!

P/s: I just realised they're sister outlets of atlas coffee!

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