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The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium

As good as before, there's this sourness which I didn't like, not sure if it's cos we waited awhile for utensils or there's something wrong today. Otherwise the guanciale was abit more fatty than previously

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Cannot taste the mushroom at all. It's completely ricotta inside. Very disappointing


The round pasta balls have some bite but it's not particularly good, the pork stew isn't the shredded pork you expect, rather it's a tomato base that's pretty good but there's very few pieces of pork, quite a bit of pork skin


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Creamy, the thickest burrata I've ever had. The Parma ham is abit too thick though, so there's about too much chew and necessitates more burrata.

Pretty good


During lunch, it's not as hard as during dinner, but this is still bad despite having some sort of cake like texture.

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This ain't no spicy salami but it's still a quintessential Neapolitan pizza, I was still floored when this arrived(first).

In no uncertain terms, this is the best Italian restaurant I've ever been to. When I was eating, I went through my entire list of Italian restaurants I've visited from when I started posting on burpple(and that's 60, most of which are good places in Singapore's Italian restaurant landscape), and convinced myself against all odds that this really bested every one of them, quite easily actually. To me this is representative of good Italian cuisine, very few ingredients but each one is good and the result is simply phenomenal. Sure I haven't been to 1-mich star Italian restaurants but those are very different, you're not getting pizza and pasta there in the same way as you do here.

If there's one place that's in the same league, it's casa nostra but that's almost 3x the price, plus it's one slice by one slice so it's less satisfying.

Verdict: The standard of the food I had today is the pinnacle, but from the reviews I poured through on burpple and Google, it seems like their service is inconsistent. We didn't have any problems but it seems that generally if you try to make special requests it can be quite a hassle. Food came quickly on a Thursday night but apparently it can take about an hour(I guess if you're a huge group that's usually when you suffer, but then again that's really on you imo). Also I tried the best things here possibly and it's highly possible not everything is this mindblowingly good. But to me it seems like the reviews are very extreme and majority are great, so I'm inclined to think that it's more of inconsistency of specific staffs rather than the whole team. Moreover make sure it's the bald tall Italian chef(I'm guessing head chef) who's cooking the pizza, otherwise I'm guessing whoever else is the reason for any pizza complaints

The crust is really wonderful. Textbook if there ever is one, it's airy yet there's a bit of chew and bite, plus it's crisped up on the circumference. My best friend usually doesn't eat crust, but he finished all of it

But the filling is even more impressive in my eyes. The cheese base was good but my oh my, the spicy salami was absolutely mindblowing. It's got depth ofc, and given how it's been slightly crisped up, the oils just lend so much complexity to the pizza. Pair that w the funk from gorgonzola and it's next level.


Godly. This is the first proper carbona I've ever had. No cream, yet full of flavour. The sauce is super thick and creamy, it's almost entirely egg yolk, yet it's not lacking in savouriness(which is something the carbonara without cream I've had thus far are found wanting). Pasta was done properly al dente, which is harder than what we are used to here, but still very enjoyable.

The guanciale was so incredibly impressive, each piece was packed w umami and beautifully salty, but not overly so.

If I had one complaint, it would be that the guanciale could have been crispier but otherwise, the dish was perfect in my eyes. Esp the dreamy guanciale w such a satisfying bite


A well-executed squid ink pasta, the squid was cut into too small pieces to enjoy properly tho. Taste was quintessential, not the seafood base type that's very good as well. It's quite oily though

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The focaccia was average but the ingenuity comes from the aubergines. It's baked with balsamic and has all the sour notes yet comes with a fuller body.

I've never been a fan of balsamic vinegar+ olive oil cos I feel the dip lacks body but boy was I blown away by this. Certainly an upgrade over tradition, and that's something that's incredibly rare

Must try in my eyes, I'm very biased

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There was a mistake and we were made to wait quite long for this.

However this was delicious. The chestnut paste was soul-warming w its mild spices, and it was quite voluptuous. Shell was soft and had just a bit of crisp. The vanilla gelato's hint of citrus was excellent with the tart, and the pine nuts rounded out the dessert w aroma and texture.

For 20 bucks, this is what you expect.

We went on a Friday lunch and we arrived at 1153? w hardly 3 groups before us. Do come for lunch they're not very packed at all, second seating at 1pm+ so you're very safe if you come at 12.

Overall this place is exactly like atas places nearby, theres a disjunction between where it is and what it wants to be. The decor is that of a mid tier restaurant, yet you're paying about 100 a pax before drinks, and so the service is at that level(in that they're changing your cutlery and dishes every course). But the staff are dressed casually. Just feels like it's atas wannabe, but can't afford to because it's such a non-atas area

When it comes to the food, things were of high quality but when it comes to taste, not everything impressed. Come with managed expectations, esp if you had to book your dinner 3 months in advance. You're not necessarily going to enjoy every course

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Now this really impressed me, in fact it's the first wow moment of the meal. The fish scales had such an unreal crunch. It's such a solid, yet airy crunch. Truly perfection in terms of texture. Fish was flaky

The other stunning part is the sauce. It's full of clean and sweet crunch and other textures from veggies inside, and overall the sweet vegetal flavour brought much freshness to the dish

Must try, surprisingly it's not the pasta imo

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Only the most annoyingly accurate, the most painfully truthful reviews.

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