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The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium

A good one. The mascarpone was tasty. I don't take alcohol but my dining partner said the alcohol was weak here

Worth getting if you're alr here.

For this location it's pretty pricey tho. The starters are easily close to 30 which is abit crazy, even tho the pastas are similarly priced. 1 starter 2 pastas and 1 dessert set us back 60bucks which is abit crazy for somewhere not located in the city. Maybe cos Japanese expats are rich. I guess you pay for tha ambience tho because the Italian manager is very loud and keeps speaking Italian so you do feel it's authentic

The egg pasta has the right texture(if a little bit soft) but the Ragu didn't impress.

Centre was strong in cream flavour but the sides were too thick. Olive oil was good as mentioned but the tomatoes were tasteless

Overall it's decent

I have to say the Japanese crowd wasn't a good omen but the food was surprisingly legit

The gnocchi were tiny, it's curd like and takes a few bites to dissipate. The gorgonzola sauce was legit tho, it's strong and creamy but not overly funky at all, most cheese lovers should find this easily acceptable. Somehow their walnuts were super fragrant too and everything played well tgt. Simple but delicious

However the food is damn hot idk why. Took more than 5mins before it's at an edible temperature

Meh. Crust was hard and centre was dense. The olive oil and balsamic were good tho

They have another pizza style focaccia but I think most reviews here discourage ordering anything remotely resembling a pizza in this restaurant

PSA no more warm chocolate dough

Very good vanilla ice cream, super soft cake like date pudding, and salted caramel makes this a textbook rendition that's very very satisfying. I had this item twice, 3 days apart

PSA they serve white truffle fries here, oh god it just takes 1 table to stink up the entire restaurant and ruin the experience for everyone

The flatbread wasn't crispy except for the sides, so the soft slightly soggy texture rlly limited it's potential

Tomato base, quite good and the chittara rly was solid, worth the add-on

Overall good standard

Small portion but V generous seafood. The tomato taste of the sauce was strong and it's acidic but that's rounded out. Risotto texture was alright, on the softer side. Seafood was fine too

Overall not bad, but the seafood flavour in the sauce could have been stronger

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The sauce may be free of cream, however the sauce is still wrong. I think there's a misconception about creamless carbonara, anyone can throw egg and cheese tgt, but true carbonara has a particular creamy umami, not empty sourness which is common amongst the creamless carbonara here

Overall, we didn't have a pleasant experience here at all. Music was way too loud, they had this very shaky table, and the service was not attentive at all. Apart from once, we had to call them over for everything from refilling water to clearing plates. What's crazy is that we were literally the first table indoor and the only table for quite a while, so I'm really not sure what the service team was doing


So obviously mushroom soup isn't necessarily available every day

They don't sell half portions, they split one portion into two for 2 pax. Honestly this is enough for one pax

Well tbh this is a slightly above average mushroom soup. The thickness is appropriate, but the flavour isnt superb. The roasted mushroom is pretty decent tho, but each piece is too small

The base of chicken stock and the sweetness of the crab flavour makes this the best crab stock I've had for a risotto, or in fact maybe ever. Most crab stocks are pathetically weak or fishy

Some of the grains is a tad undercooked in the middle, however the stock carries and this is still amazing.

The fishiness of the average quality roe doesn't help, but the fried onion things do

Must try, I srsly can't recall another good crab stock

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Only the most annoyingly accurate, the most painfully truthful reviews.

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