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The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium

Prawns were very good. Pasta had a pretty decent texture. But bottarga sucked. Bitter with terrible flavour, I couldn't bring myself to even finish half of it

Not to mention they charge the same as a CBD pasta wth


Also I saw the pizzas, the dough looks limp so definitely no reason to visit

This place is insanely understaffed. For a 50 per pax place it's unthinkable that you have to keep calling the waiting staff for literally anything from ordering to filling water, and paying the bills. And sometimes to no avail

Don't be fooled by the apparent popularity of the restaurant. They're packed from people who are eating the buffet, and really it doesn't seem like the crowd appreciates good Italian food

Food review:
The gelato is the best thing here. But that's not saying much. It's quite a decent version, although that's the bare minimum you expect from a place of this price.

What a waste of time, effort and money. Avoid like a plague


Pasta bite wasn't right, the pesto was pathetic as well. Only can taste mint, hardly the complexity pestos are meant to be.

Lousy. A little bit of crisp, hardly enough. The dough was very chewy and not fluffy, quite tough also. Flavours of toppings were pathetic, lacking umami, freshness and creaminess. Esp the salami taste was sorely lacking, what is this monstrosity?

Come on bro

The crust still isn't good.

However the rest were still great. Still the best Parma ham I've had in Singapore, but this time the balsamic was abit too much. Lol. Guess they saw my previous review on how they didn't have enough balsamic


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Idk if they have a lunch set but their lunch promo is that several of their ala carte items are 10-15% cheaper than during dinner

This was mad delicious. The creamy mentaiko sauce was full of mentaiko umami, yet remaining very creamy and somehow light enough, not jelat. I don't usually have cream pastas but this, I couldn't help spooning over and over even after I was done w the pasta

Pasta has bite but wasn't al dente. Ikura is bitter, not good

But overall, I haven't had a better mentaiko pasta yet.

Must try

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Good crunchy but too dense

Accompanying ricotta is too dry, even with the olive oil, and too plain

Their signature. The taste is quite different from Lino's version, because the dough is different. Still very good, needs a bit more of the basil sauce

Very quiet place tho, there's only 3 tables during a weekday lunch

The scarmoza pizza was quite mild, thankfully we added the salami for more umami and saltiness

Their crust is damn special. It's almost a little pastry like, super crispy even in the middle, but the external ring is too chewy and not blistered much

They have a 1 for 1 pizza until end of may as part of Les Amis group's event

Because they didn't write the alcohol thing on the menu, which is a nice gesture

I only had the lemon zest ricotta inside, which is decent but nothing special. Since I don't have cannoli at all idk what's normal, but as a filling I felt it's abit dry and abit too dense.

There's alcohol despite the menu's wording!!!

A decent version, nothing special so very overpriced

Here's what's annoying. The price of the items have risen sharply compared to just 6 months ago. Furthermore, the menu changes every 3-6 months. Not sure if it's reflected on the website

Nonetheless this is still V good, for Singapore standards. Strong thick shellfish base, slightly chewy rice. The prawns were decent but not great. Served it's purpose well enough

Overall, well executed. Worth a try if you're someone who likes this, it's probably better than most versions out there

Only the most annoyingly accurate, the most painfully truthful reviews.

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