Too much for one pax I feel but I can't resist. Simply love their herbal soup and lots of veg and mushroom

Fresh fish! but the rest of the dishes were just alright.. Not the best of all, but its a good try if you are around the vicnintg

We ordered calamari (taste flour more than sotong), harcheong chicken, spam fries(too salty) and lastly pizza, which is the best for the evening.

I still love this place for drinks than for food! Be it coffee or alcoholic drinks

I don't normally go for beef options but I was very intrigued by the Japanese-style pasta options here. Opted for the sukiyaki-sauce based pasta topped with thin slices of beef, mushrooms, leeks and a raw egg. The base was on the sweet side and definitely more sweet than savoury, but I quite liked this interesting twist from the usual tomato/cream/evoo styles. Will definitely be back to try the other items here (the omu soufflé yes 😍).

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for someone who just return to sg after mths away, this is one of the best comfort one should seek for ..

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They may be a little pricey than your neighbourhood japanese restaurant when it comes to sashimi. but definitely fresher and thicker ..

tried yuzu katsuO - oh man , nope nooo no yuzu no tuna ..

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Mos Burger is my preferred fast food choice and hence, i decided to give the cafe version a try. Nothing really special, just options of don.. much prefer their burger menu ..

salmon don - verdict - so so only

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Serve at cold/room temperature.. XXL beef portion (and rice if you order a set) beef slices are tender and juicy, nicely cook .. slurp.. it’s really too much for me, u should opt to share a set ..
tried their bbq beef tongue - one of the recommended dish too.. Different from what we expected - they are thicker and chewy..


Unlike the usual yong tau foo, you get to choose. This comes in a set. $6.00 with the special sauce vegetables (sauce a bit salty to my liking). This is the nearest i can find to Hakka style Yong Tau Foo - meepok like noodle with mince meat. Koo kee has many branches everywhere..

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the more authentic kind, they also offer the fried type. The menu here is a little different from the store in Beach Road.

The sauce a little similar to satay sauce .. 3/5 ratings


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