Maxing Out On Mexican

Maxing Out On Mexican

Featuring Vatos Urban Tacos (South Beach), Afterwit - Mexican Taqueira, Papi’s Tacos, Chimichanga (Little India)
Dex Neo
Dex Neo

I really enjoyed this quesadilla! Filled with moist, tender chicken and cheese then topped with sour cream and a light, spicy sauce, it was pretty simple but still very satisfying. Be sure to ask for their trio of spicy salsa sauces in squirt bottles to amp up the flavours on everything! If you’re lucky, you’ll also get a seat by the counter where you can watch Papi himself prepare all the food (and nab yourself some extras from the man). 🙌


But I got these AND the Barbacoa Pork Tacos at $17 thanks to Burpple Beyond! The Baja Fish Tacos are one of my favs here; crisp batter with moist, flaky fillets of fish makes them a clear winner between the two.

We also got one of their massive frozen margaritas to share. The Grow a Pear ($30) was delightfully refreshing with a frozen passion fruit slushie margarita base and the pear cider pouring in.


At Afterwit, they have a wide range of seven different taco fillings to pick from like Cajun chicken, duck a la mango, sriracha tuna. So it made sense to just get our hands dirty by trying most of them with their option of six tacos! 🙌

The garlic mayo shrimp was the best of the lot with decent sized shrimp and tasty garlic mayo. 🍤 The lime butter crab 🦀 worked quite well too but you might just want to stick to these items as some of the other combinations didn't really work.

A place to consider if you're eating with Muslim friends as they're going to get Halal certification soon too but do order the right things as there are some hits and misses!


I would say my exposure to Mexican food has been pretty minimal – limited to the typical tacos, burritos and such. But I do know how tasty Mexican food can be! With explosions of sweet and sour, spicy and tangy! 🌯

Chimichanga sort of delivered on those promises? Haha, it was not bad – definitely some hit and misses. My quesadilla had some good, tasty beef in it but it did get jelak after a while. We also had the trio of tacos🌮 ($10) which had good range of yummy fillings but the soft taco skin itself disappointed.

Overall I'd say for the price it was quite worth it but if they could improve on these little things, it would make a world of difference! 💃


Sticky, crispy, sweet, spicy. All things you'd want when ordering fried chicken in a basket. The fried jalapeños were a nice touch and added a nice zing to each bite.
It was after eating this and commenting that this was better than any Korean fried chicken we've had that it clicked and we realized Vatos is actually from Korea!

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Chilli lime prawn tacos and Galbi short ribs beef tacos.

Don't be fooled by the mound of fresh vegs, beneath that is a gold mine of juicy beef and moist prawns.

The beef tacos were the clear winner between the two. Perfectly marinated and bursting with juice, it was a chaotic mess with bits and bobs falling out everywhere; but we didn't care. The prawns were flashed fried but still remained plump and tasty but unfortunately were sorely outnumbered by the amount of beef we had (each taco had like 2 prawns?)

Prices are pretty alright as long as you avoid the Margaritas. All in all a great experience at Vatos!

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