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Tansy's Japanese (Singapore)

Tansy's Japanese (Singapore)

Japanese food reviews in Singapore
Tansy .
Tansy .
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Absolutely worth it at only $8.80! Portion and taste all on point. Only open during lunch time and dinner time. Be sure to check before heading down to avoid disappointment!

Most of the rolls are priced at $2.80. Easy filling with about 2 rolls for a not so hungry tummy. Quick satisfying meal for those in a rush. Reasonably priced for the portion. Can get them to cut into pieces or just munch into the roll!

Unagi with egg and rice, $9+. You can also find some mushrooms and peas as well. They do not charge gst but they do charge service charge. Head over during the weekdays and you will not have to worry about getting in a queue.

Salmon Don with the fish roe at $13+. Thick slices of salmon sashimi and generous serving of roe on top of the huge serving of rice. Tamako is pretty generous on its serving size and the people who served us are very friendly too.

Pork with egg and rice, together with some mushrooms - $8+. Tamako is a very cosy place to enjoy some reasonably priced japanese food. It has its own regular customers whom likes to patronise them for a homely meal.

The char siew slices were thick and the sauce went well together with the perfectly done egg yolk on japanese white rice. This bowl costs $19 during dinner, but it is cheaper during lunch time 1130-3pm.

This bowl costs $23 at times other than lunchtime which costs $19. The truffle taste is pretty mild, overwhelmed by the sweet sauce on the foie gras. The foie gras melted in my mouth and it was so satisfying. The egg was done perfectly which goes really well with the beef slices. Recommended for a first timer at Tanuki.

Hitsumabushi @ 26.90++ at Man Man Japanese. Arrived at the entrance at about 9pm on a Wednesday, and there was a queue of about 5? But we managed to enter abt 10mins later. Place is pretty cramped as it is a small place and seats were placed pretty near to each other. Only about 5-6 seats are in front of the kitchen where you can see the chef doing the work. Unagi is really fresh and the sauce is good too. The broth comes in a flask and i finished the broth! It goes so well with the rice and unagi and diy freshly grinded wasabi, together with the seaweed spring onion garnish. I never eat wasabi elsewhere for i dislike the taste, but the fresh wasabi was really good. It isn't too pungent for my taste. And i finished up all the wasabi! Try it for if you detest wasabi!

You order the premium bara chirashi don at Sushiro and you get a mountainful of sashimi! When this was served on your table, you don't know where to start eating from this bowl of goodness! Definitely worth the price (less than $30). The sashimi is fresh and big in chunks. And the flavouring is just nice. Albeit alittle too much for a female eater.. but should be just nice for a guy. Head down early on a weekday evening and you wont have to take a long time to get a seat!

This is just one of the many appetizers. Omakase within budget ($80 before gst) for a very awesome experience. We get to sit right in front of chef teppei preparing every dish for us all. I felt more like i was watching a show instead of dining.. he was more than a chef, also an entertainer just to make this omakase experience a very wonderful one. Only downside is that the seats are alittle too cozy. Bear with the space and enjoy the dinner! Definitely recommend this to first timers, make an advanced booking online to get a seat. Check out their fb page!

Try this before you try other dishes on the menu. The sauce is just nice for bowl of noodles. Very tasty and flavourful. It is a very simple dish made from simple ingredients, yet tastes more than just simple. They even advised that we have to mix for 20 seconds to get the best flavour. After which if you have sauce/meat left, u can get a mini portion (2mouthfuls for guys, 3mouthfuls for girls) of rice from them for the finale!

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