Pigging Out

Pigging Out

Featuring Wild Honey (Mandarin Gallery), Tim Ho Wan 添好运 (Westgate), L'Entrecôte The Steak & Fries Bistro (Duxton), La Braceria Pizza & Grill, Sunny Korean Cuisine (One@KentRidge), Meldrum Walk
starmist @06
starmist @06

This is a special platter of mac n cheese from Four Seasons Hotel (1/3 seen in picture) and it is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC.

The top is caramelized and insides were gooey oozy macaroni with a great amount of cheese that didn't feel too heavy. The platter was for about 20 people yet 12 of us polished it off.

Just thinking about it makes me salivate. Not sure about the pricing as it was bought by a staff. 4.4/5

#fourseasons #macncheese #pasta

This is the BEST DUCK I've ever eaten! It's even more fantastic than Fong Kee which I love.

The place is Restoran Ya Wang in JB, 28 Jalan Segget, close to City Square Mall.

The duck meat is smooth and tender, with a relatively thin layer of fat beneath the skin. There is more meat than bones, and the meat slides of the bones easily. The herbal taste is light and (surprisingly) complements the duck.

I'm not a fan of duck but I will definitely go back to JB soon to have it again!

Can't recall the price but it's less than SGD15. 4.5/5 *****

#duck #Jb

Singapore's ramly burgers has nothing on those in Malaysia, for obvious reasons.

Had this in JB at one of those roadside stalls along a stretch of eateries. It took us A LOT of searching, and eventually found it by accident. That was after a full dinner.

The special burger was soaking wet with the hot sauces. Be prepared to get messy. Meat was soft and tasty. Utterly delicious and only RM 5.50.

4.1/5 would go JB again just for the ramly.

#ramly #burger #jb #ramlyburger

Crunchy picked gherkins and grilled buttered sourdough from Do.Main.

I didn't know what to expect, actually. 😂 It was my first time having this and the duck rillette was very flavourful and tasty. Sourdough was hard and crunchy, complemented the duck.

$18 and 3.7/5


They slice the steak for you, for easy dining. Once you're done with the first round, they will serve the rest of the steak.

You can ask them to set the gravy aside in a bowl. Personally I prefer my steak to not be drenched in gravy, but this is not too bad, though at times overpowering. Still, it's steak and they did it just right (I asked for medium rare), so, yum.

The fries are refillable and addictive. Didn't touch much of the salad as I'd wanted to focus on the steak.

$32.90 and 3.8/5

#steak #lentrecote


I had breakfast for dinner. :D

Okay, let's talk about this. I had it twice and it still blew me away. I know, I know. Every hipster cafe has this. But this was utterly delicious! The bread, OMG, I don't even like bread to begin with but they made the bread crunchy, crispy, soft and fluffy... Man, if you give me this bread, I'll have it every day. Bacon was juicy and seasoned well. Baked beans were not the usual canned beans, yum! Mushrooms om nom nom. Eggs were fluffy but could do with a tad more salt (it's just me). Sausage was a little hard but it could possibly supposed to be like that. 😂 Skipped the tomato because I was too full by the end of the meal.

$28.00. Pricey but worth the occasional splurge. 4.5/5

#wildhoney #alldaybreakfast #englishbreakfast


If memory serves me correctly, Pepper Lunch used to have numerous strips of beef surrounding the rice for the Beef Pepper Rice. This time, it was three pathetic strips by the side of the rice. And it seemed that because I ordered the additional egg, the beef was lesser than less. Taste was still good (how bad can it change to??), but my advice is: go to a different branch. $7.60 and 3.7/5.

#pepperlunch #beef #hotplate

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That means half burrata cheese served with Parma ham (30-month) and Italian cherry tomatoes.

Yum. Everything comes together for a wonderful palate. Fresh and orgasmic. I got a thang for cold cuts so this is perfffff.

$24.00 for a platter. 4.2/5

#labraceria #coldcuts


Look at these. I mean, just look at these. I never had char siew baos like these until Tim Ho Wan. And then there is no looking back. Crispy on the outside, piping hot and tasty on the inside, these are great. $6.50 for three. 4.2/5

#timhowan #dimsum

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This is my benchmark for army stew as it was where I first had it. I like it because of what is in it: a huge pot of stew, comprising of mushrooms, tofu, sausages, luncheon meat, kimchi, baked beans and more. You will have the choice of either two bowls of rice or two crowns of noodles. Choose from chicken, pork or seafood army stew. No rice cakes, which is fine by me since I don't like them. It is filling even for two people with big appetites and can also be shared among three females. Level one at One@KentRidge, all the way at the end of the corridor. $29.90 for that, with two drinks (water chestnut, calamansi, lemon tea). 4.3/5

#korean #armystew #stew

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