Egg-xciting! 🍳

Egg-xciting! 🍳

From any types of egg to all other breakfast finds :)
Aileen Marie David
Aileen Marie David

Finally paid a visit to this ulu cafe Whisk & Paddle. Place is nestled within/near a park giving off a very relaxing scenery while eating. Lucky that we didn’t have to queue (there was a surge of diners just a few minutes after we arrived)

Ordered this very bright plate of Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict ($14.80++) with a side of Thick-Cut Bacon (not in photo, $3.50++). Waffles are very good - soft and fluffy with a crunchy exterior. The poached eggs are done well with the oozing yolk. Smoked salmon is a bit bland, but good thing I have the bacon with me helping to up the salt. Could be a bit more generous with the hollandaise as well.

Will reco the place for the ambience (very family-friendly too, btw), food I’ve tried is good but nothing too special. Would need to try other mains on the next visit :)

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Quite late on this Eggslut hype train, but finally managed to luckily get a seat without queuing. I ordered the Fairfax ($12) which seems to be priced at a higher end if you just think of an egg sandwich. (Directly from the menu), this is a cage-free soft scrambled eggs and chives, cheddar cheese, caramelized onions and sriracha mayo in a warm brioche bun.

Being a sucker for creamy eggs, I enjoyed the egg filling a lot. I think that the sriracha mayo upped the taste as well. What I didn’t enjoy, and maybe an unpopular opinion here, is the extremely greasy bun. Yes, it’s warm and very soft, but lol it’s very oily.

Psychologically not enticing as it feels like I’m drinking raw egg, but taste is not bad. Almost purey hazelnut taste with just a hint of subtlety from the egg

It is interesting but wouldn’t try it again. Taste could be tiring after a few bites. Annnd raw egg + raw tuna for someone with a sensitive tumtum is not an ideal combination 😅 the egg white is very fluffy though and really cute 😂

Really messy to eat. But pretty decent given that it’s supposedly insta-worthy only lol

They finally have foooood! 💕 tried their Cheese Omelette and Bacon for $6.50! The omelette is just right. Didn't get to taste the cheese much but it's still nice. Bacon is always good 😁 you got to try their ice cream ($3.9 a scoop)!


Was craving badly for some breakfast set around lunchtime and thankfully there are places that serve breakfast all day! Loved this big breakfast set from Arbite ($18+).

Aside from the bacon, I was super looking forward to eating the scrambled eggs as it looks so creamy and both didn't fail. Didn't need to add any seasoning as it is on point for me. There was a slump of veggies tho beside it (tomato and basil salad) which didn't entice me physical-wise, but tastes surprisingly good. I was very hesitant to try it at first (non veggie lover 🙋🏻) but finished it all 😅

Their mushrooms were the best too, being not too dry. Loved the toast and the mini jar with butter and kaya that it comes with, so cutesie. The potatoes were quite hard tho but still equally seasoned.

Service was good and fast despite having a full house, ambience is nice. :)

Was supposed to try their pork chop buns, but so hungry and went for Salted Egg Pork Chop Rice ($8.90) instead 😅 it is affordable given the taste and amount of serving. Porkchop was quite dry and chewy but the salted egg sauce compensated for it. The taste was really strong (in a good way) and you might get fed up of it in the long run 😅 - finished my dish still though! Pairing it with their Macau Milk Tea ($2.8) helped :)


It's a big brekkie for me and my friends! Got this American Breakfast at IDR 66000++ ($7++ only!). With toasted bread, chicken sausages, herb-topped tomato, hash brown, fruits and egg! The eggs were the best 😍 they cook it on the spot, and it's very salivating seeing how the scrambled egg gets cooked slowly ❤️❤️ Would suggest to get the breakfast buffet (IDR 110000++ - buy 1 take 1 for weekends) as most of the selection is worth a second (or third 😁) round.


Silogs are one of the most popular breakfast meals in the Philippines. A combination of one dish, sinangang (fried rice) and itlog (egg). The silog can come with longganisa (sausage-like), beef tapa (sirloin), or anything - name it! Got one of my faves, Bangsilog (RM10). - note how we just suffix silog to anything haha.

The milkfish (bangus, thus the name) is marinated well with soy sauce and vinegar and was deep fried. It kinda has the taste of home that's why I love it ❤️

It is really a good thing to have a nearby Filipino restaurant in my place - relieves homesickness! You could try to visit on weekend nights as they have a live band playing Filipino music. Service is something they should work on though (slow ☹️).

Other defaults I order: lechon kawali (but you might find this very very oily), avocado shake


Ordered one of their signature dishes (RM12.80) - has chicken sausage, chicken bacon, pancakes, salad, and eggs of your choice plus a glass of teh tarik. Nothing too special with the plate served though, I must say.

Well to be fair, serving is quite as big as the picture - and I think this is a good price for such size. Eggs are cooked good, pancakes are a bit too thick (not my kind of pancake), the rest is so so.

Good place for a quick breakfast fix. Place is big and clean; servers are very attentive too.

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Bacon lover! 🥓 🇵🇭|🇲🇾|🇸🇬|🌎 IG: @reemuuh.eats

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