Me, You And Brunch

Me, You And Brunch

Brunch places that are actually worth paying for
Amanda Jayne
Amanda Jayne

Lunch's at @ollella_singapore today! The amazing little cafe is now serving up salmon choux platters. It's a healthy, tidy lunch served at the Jalan Besar cafe for just $15. You get creamy, homemade mushroom soup, thick with bits of chopped mushroom, little cheddar choux puffs to go along with the soup, a well-stuffed salmon chouquette in their signature crisp choux shell, and served with a sweet chouquette of your choice. As always I went for the apple cinnamon. Y'all don't know my love affair with that tasty little Pom-Pom looking dessert! It's good, wholesome food, their sweet, crusted chouquette stuffed to overflowing with fresh salmon that is complemented by a sweet, peppery creamy sauce. My god, it was an amazing surprise to bite into this innocent-looking puff. One bite and woosh! The pepper hits and the sweetness of the sauce floods your mouth before leaving the rich ocean flavour salmon is famous for. Leafy greens add a delicate crunch and refreshing taste that keeps the rest of the flavours from overwhelming your tastebuds. The only sad thing is that the slider-sized puff is slider-sized. Hahaha I want more! Omg I just found out the creamy sauce in the salmon chouquette is so delicious cause they added a touch of.. CONDENSED MILK. Oh. My. God. YES.)

Crisp, crunchy fries (just the way I like them) topped with heart-stopping spicy, coconutty rendang gravy chock full of minced beef. Ooey cheese and eye-popping sour cream. This hearty bowl is just the cure for a lazy, sad afternoon.

The table next door is having it
A brekkie plate all brightly lit.
The temptation starts from down below
And my hunger starts to grow.
"Fuck this shit", I say to myself,
All day breakfast here I come.
I flip the menu to Customised Brunch
And order my favourite bacon to munch.
The @thelokalsingapore does it really special,
Their bacon's super fried like the devil
Thin and crispy right off the plate
Perfect for that breakfast date.
Then I top it with the everyday classics,
Mushrooms, scrambled eggs and sourdough toast
(To be honest they were pretty ordinary, nothing to boast)
But wait, to give it that Lokal twist,
I add in some delicious smoked fish.
Oh my gawd, that smoked mackerel,
Soft and salty, all natural
That slab of buttery-soft, flaky heaven
Made my brekkie that much decadent.
So as you go about your dinner,
Contemplate this quiet winner.
Maybe tomorrow after your fine brekkie
You'll be sitting on the loo shitting coffee. 👍🏼 P.S Cause that's what happened to me after I ate so much. HAHAHAHA


Food maketh me write good.

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