PRICE: $15.90+ for lunch buffet

TIME LIMIT: 90 mins

- Have to write our orders on a paper, pass to the staff and wait for them to take the ingredients/banchan for us. Luckily we went during lunch hour, not full house, staff were attentive
- Choice of 3 types of korean fried chicken
- Sadly didn't get to eat ice cream because we had passed the 90-minute limit. Bill was served immediately. Would be better if staff actually reminded us that our dining time would be up soon and asked if we'd like to be served our ice cream. We were not the only buffet diners who didn't get to eat the ice cream.
- The meats were well marinated and flavorful
- Shrimps are the only seafood option (on our lunch menu)
- Side dishes were nice
- Free refillable cold korean barley tea

WILL WE RETURN? It's our second buffet here. But will probably try the opposite rival shop next time for comparison.

BILL: Premium dinner buffet for 2 comes up to be $148.02 after GST and service charge
* Inclusive of free flow drinks and Ben & Jerry's ice cream

* Indoor and outdoor seating available
* Various types of dipping sauce
* Good variety of hot and cold drinks
* Cooked food such as fried rice, sushi, soba, gyoza, chicken skewers, mixed veggies
* 8 flavours of Ben & Jerry's ice cream
* Unsure of what is the wagyu beef grade but still a good experience trying wagyu beef dishes we never had before such as ox tongue, wagyu beef tataki and even wagyu beef tartare
* Service is good; our empty ingredient plates were promptly cleared by the polite Filipino staff
* We stuck to the 90-minute limit and stopped ordering and barbecuing when the time was up. We continued to sit for a while more, drinking and eating ice cream and there was no pressure from the staff for us to leave. Appreciated that.
* It did get a bit gelat towards the end though
* Pork cheek fillet was superrrr fatty and tough to chew
* Enjoyed the wagyu beef short plate and scallops the most


PRICE: $65++/adult -> $32.50++ after the 50% app discount for 8.30PM timeslot

* Drunken prawns (seriously fresh and big prawns)(soup is not that impressive tho)
* CRABS. Salted egg/Chilli/Black pepper/pumpkin
* Sambal seafood
* Baked scallops in wasabi cream
* Tiramisu (you CAN taste the alcohol. And omg those liqueur chocolate balls.)
* Curry popcorn (shiok)

* No salmon sashimi when we visited (they had other fish tho)
* The Lobster Bao wasn't available that night
* No soft drinks. Only iced water, coffee, tea.
* Staff will start clearing the food just before 10PM

Very polite and attentive. Clears the plates very fast.

* AVOID the bamboo clams! The shells were too crushed and SUPER SHARP. My gums got pierced by one piece of incredibly thin and sharp broken shell. It was quite a bloody mess. Thank goodness they have restrooms within the buffet restaurant.

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BUFFET PRICE: $13.80++ during weekdays 11.30AM to 5PM

♡ Assorted flavours rice cake (esp the purple and yellow ones)
♡ Fish cake, Korean style (almost just like the ones we had at the pojangmacha in Seoul)
♡ Wide range of sauce (including jjajang sauce)

1) When you're 3/4 full with the tteokbokki, start to boil down the soup base until just the right amount for frying your kimchi fried rice.
Remember to add loads of seaweed and sesame oil.

TIME LIMIT: 60 min
They are very strict on the timing. The staff only came to remind us 5 minutes before our time was up. Would be better if they remind in advance, say 15 minutes? So that we could pace ourselves. Cos who's really watching the time so closely when you're enjoying a meal and chatting right? Anyway we totally had to wolf down our big portion of fried rice. And thankfully did not get charged $10 for food wastage cos we wiped the pot clean.

At this price, yes, likely.

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PRICE: Lunch $12.90++/adult after 50% Eatigo discount
*Had to top up $4 for tomato soup

TIME LIMIT: (Supposedly) 90min


VARIETY: Alright for its price

BILL: $32.50 for 2 x adult lunch buffet after 50% Eatigo discount and GST+service charge, inclusive of $2.99++/pax pop-up for free flow drinks

* DIY pandan waffle section
* Desserts incl. Sticky rice
* DIY Thai papaya salad section
* We did not stink as badly as with other mookata places
* Thinly sliced meats
* Nicely marinated meats
* Cooked food section had quite a spread

* No crayfish during lunch
* Salted egg soup base wasn't a good idea at all haha. Should have opted for safer choices like Tomyum/chicken/beef soup

WILL WE RETURN? For the same price, yes

PRICE: $15.90++ for lunch, inclusive of drinks and ice cream

TIMING: Until 5pm

- Quality of meat is above average
- Variety of other dishes below average
- Only 2 ice cream flavors

Weekday lunch buffet $16.90++, Top up $7 per table of less than 3pax to add collagen hotpot, 80 mins limit


PRICE: $18.80+ weekday supper buffet (after 10pm), $5 for soup base (choice of 2)

TYPE: Make your selection on the order sheet. Items will be served in mini plates/baskets. No time restriction.



🏆CH's Top 3 Korean BBQ Buffet🏆
PRICE: $23.90+ weekday dinner buffet (ala carte)
$18+ for a bottle of soju


BBQ TYPE: Burning charcoal

SELECTION: Amazing beef, chicken and pork • Free flow of Korean side dishes including japchae, potato salad and kimchi • Lettuce wrap • Mad awesome fluffy liquid egg that flows out of a golden kettle • Peeled garlic

No seafood. No mushrooms.

PRICE: $15.90nett Qoo10 voucher (Mon to Thur 11am to 5pm), Top up $2.90++ for free flow drinks each

SERVICE: A little laggy for a Thursday ~2pm. But at least the food came soon after placing our orders.

Seriously a good deal. Had 3 bowls of japchae, tried each of the wings, had all the sides we wanted to try, and the very nice bulgogi fries.

PRICE: $22.80 nett

HIGHLIGHTS: Crayfish • Oysters • Prawns • Well-marinated spicy lean meats • Scallops • Thai fish cake • Instant noodles • Vermicelli • Variety of sauces (sesame oil, fish sauce, chili padi, minced garlic etc etc) • 1 Potong ice cream per diner

VENTILATION: No Aircon. Airy ground level foodcourt of an industrial building.

FORMAT: Self-service. No tomyam soup option. No drinks.

PARKING: HDB carpark opposite is cheaper

SPECIAL LOVE FOR ❤️: Greaaaat value for money • Great service



[Places & Price$] A non-believer of long, descriptive essay reviews without pricing reference.

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