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Tried And Tested_brunch

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Hearty and decent food. But nothing amazing. Tiramisu is worth trying.


This tastes really yummy. Abit pricey but the portion was big and satisfying. Definitely a place to chillax~

This tastes really yummy. Abit pricey but the portion was big and satisfying. Definitely a place to chillax~

I think this place suits vegetarian! Our fav was the hummus and the cauliflower dish. Both which are suitable for vegetarian~ Nice alternative to the typical brunch food

I had high hopes for this place after reading the raving reviews. Upon reaching, I was disappointed (but not surprise) tt I had to wait an hour for a table for 2. I hang around at a nearby cafe, determined to try out this place.

When i finally got the table, the decor and food matched my expectations. It’s a nice kafe, serving brunch items different from the typical 1001 brunch places out there.

Then why the negative review? because the wait staff is terrible. I’ve been to many popular brunch places. but this is the first one tt explicitly came to tell us to leave as ‘they have a long queue waiting’ TWICE. My friend wasn’t even done with her coffee. Prior to that, they kept asking us if we r done with our food so they can clear the plates (our plates were not empty). There was no mention of time limit when we were waiting for the table. and no mention tt they need to have the table back when we ordered the coffee. I had to leave after 1.5 hours in the so-called cafe.


Double the ice-cream, double the joy~

Place is quite small though and only 1 staff who had to handle taking orders, collecting money, clearing tables, preparing waffle and scooping ice-cream...

Really felt like summer. cause. so damn hot. during noon.

Thankfully food was the saving grace. Had the Shakshuka which was paired nicely with the sourdough bread. Eggplant hummus was also a crowd-pleaser.

Indoor seating, even with no air-con may still be a better option.

There was a new menu, with items like a cai bowl and other delicious sounding stuff. I went for the pesto pasta and it was pretty good. Can be jelak after awhile as they are very generous with the cheese, so share with a friend :)

Went on a sat weekend. Very lucky to get a seat within 15min as the crowd started coming in after that.

Food is interesting and different from other brunch places. Tasted pretty good so definitely worth a visit.

[+] when it was served, we thought that it was fit for a champion!
[+] comes with a decent amount of mushrooms 💛, maple bacon, sausage, brioche, cherry tomatoes, beans and scrambled eggs
[+] I liked the maple bacon, makes the dish less boring
[+] heard the coffee is good!
[-] everything was decent and safe so there was no ‘wow’ element
[-] at $24++, it is quite pricey. But well, most brunch places are around this price range now

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You'd be surprised by how many times I've been disappointed by this seemingly simple dish at other restaurants, but the one here was really good! Crispy shoestring fries (that retained its crisp even at the very end) came wonderfully flavoured with the distinctive truffle flavour, and topped off with a generous heap of parmesan shavings. At that price, the value is unbeatable, and we never fail to order this as a starter whenever we come.

The pancakes ($16) were warm, soft, fluffy, moist and buttery at the same time and they complemented the berries and berry sorbet very well too!

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