Featuring Matchaya (Icon Village), Misato, Sanpoutei Ramen (Isetan Scotts), Gyoza-Ya (Robinsons Orchard), Kinsa Sushi, Ramen Champion (Changi Airport Terminal 3), Milk & Honey Gelato (Bukit Batok HomeTeam NS), Machida-Shoten (Japan Food Town), Menya Takeichi (Suntec City), Fish & Chicks (Cineleisure)
Alvin Li
Alvin Li

I'm kinda frustrated that the xlb at Terminal M eluded me again. Is it ever available, I'll have to check the posting history. Anyway, I'm here for Kakigori flavour #2 Houjicha, meaning roasted green tea.

The cream, resembling the snow capped mountain that is Fujisan, is amazing, complementing the snow like shaved ice. Buried within the dessert is pieces of flat mochi and houjicha jelly (yums!). Adding the syrup towards the end added another dimension to the kakigori. What's next?

Unfortunately, they don't have my matcha Brûlée toast, not even royal milk tea toast, what...? Ended up having to sate the craving with the normal version, but we still gobbled everything up anyway.

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Went for off-peak on a weekday so the lunch crowd had dispersed, this is within CBD.

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Baristart opened to much fanfare in Sapporo with it's instaworthy interior and barista art (get it?). They use brown jersey milk from cows in Biei, Hokkaido. The location didn't make the list for my trip back in 2016, but it's probably going to be listed for the next one.

I had the flat white and Chestnut and Mont-Blanc Parfait as my lunch was still digesting. Both were great and special mention goes to the dessert, with many layers and complexity but blends harmoniously.
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They don't have Brûlée Toast that day so I got the royal milk tea kakigori.

Upon ordering, I was told to inform the staff at the dessert station when I'm ready. Of course I'm ready!

I spotted the staff across the open kitchen preparing my dessert and wondered how come he took much time to stack it. My question was answered when I brought it to the dining table.

The texture is incredible, and the white creme is amazing. I was tempted to pour that lil jug of royal milk tea concentrate down my throat but my better half advised me to drizzle over the kakigori instead.

#burpplesg #burpple #ramenchampion #changiairport #terminal3 #kakigori #かき氷 #royalmilktea #ロイヤルミルクティー

This is one memorable trip, firstly being, I'm sick, and yet I'm out of the house, all the way to Chjimes, in a down pour and soaked from knee down.

Luckily, the meal warms (not meal worms) you up from within, and they present with a side dish consisting of rice cooked with said clams.
The shoyu and shio versions are recommended here, as the rest will drown out the clam essence.

Are we done here? Unfortunately not, as another branch opened in Great World, using oysters now. But that's another trip for another day.

As we left, we noticed some noteworthy places to check out, like Hvala.

#burpplesg #burpple #konjikihototogisu #konjikihototogisusg #chjimes

Located at an ulu place next to Dulwich College, I just want a nice ice cold lemon tea to cool down. Saw Hokkaido Milk Ice Cream, or was it gelato, does it matter?
Apparently it's still Christmas on 1st January, not that I mind.

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Continuing our mission to try all Keisuke concepts, Champon King was next. We still have the burger and now the new sukiyaki place. The latter we will schedule to next year, because not going while it's still so hyped.

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I continued on from the menu, trying to recall what I had before. If not, I can just order again.
You are paying for the ambience and the amazing quality of food.

The black garlic bread was unexpectedly good, it tastes like brown sugar slapped on the brioche.
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It has got nothing to do with magic mushrooms I swear ;) Even though the display shows fries and drinks, they don't serve sets, so all are added up as ala carte. Refusing to fall for that, I just top up with mushroom soup.

Truffled mushroom burger with truffled mushroom soup? Checked.

The provolone cheese blanketed my medium doneness burger perfectly and was gone on an instance.

I might have to go Omakase again for my medium rare burger 😅

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Another reason is maybe of the J Passport mailers, showcasing chargrilled chicken used in their oyakodon, a little different from the usual oyakodon whereby the chicken meat is cooked together with the dashi broth.

It's comfort food, and their vegetables are fresh, very fresh in fact. The cod fish is really good!

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😂😂 But with many other souffle pancakes on our sunny island, you can always find an alternative.
Riz Labo Kitchen of Omotesando in Shibuya Tokyo gave us wobbly soft pancakes. It was opened till 20 October 2018, taking over Bar Nippon until 5pm.

I knew I'm going to find time to come here once, so I had to order the Uji Matcha version. The base for all their pancakes is the same for plain, chocolate and limited strawberry.

The pancakes wasn't clogging at all. In fact, it was very light! Something I can tackle on my own.
So, what if you want to have it again, must I fly to Tokyo for this? Rumours have it that Ms Kazu Tsurumura have decided to set up a permanent fixture here after the pop up! It will be housed in Habitat by honestbee at Boon Leat Terrace in Pasir Panjang. So, what are you waiting for?

#burpple #burpplesg #rizlabokitchen #ujimatcha #宇治抹茶パンケーキ #あずき

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This inaugural visit is late by years, because we are often put off by queues and crowds and there are just too many options in the vicinity.

The lunch sets are generous, fresh and in good portions. A return visit is in the works to bring my parents here.

#salmonmakiroll #asparaguspork #shiokmaki #kohgrill #burpple #burpplesg

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